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Know the Actual Mobile App Development Cost in India

Nowadays, mobile apps have become a great resource to communicate with customers, serve them, and generate revenue. With a large number of Android users active globally, business enterprises smell an opportunity to reach new and existing audiences and cater to their needs with the help of Android apps. According to data from Statista, a leading research platform, Android users can choose between 3.48 million apps that available on the Google Play store as of the first quarter of 2021. On the other hand, Apple users can choose an iOS app from 2.2 million apps. About 97 percent of apps in Google Play are available free of cost. It means Android app development can solve many business purposes. When it comes to Android apps, the cost factor matters the most. Read more on the estimated mobile app development cost in India that entices mobile app enthusiasts.

App development cost = Total development time x hourly rate

Cost of making in India apps for Android & iOS platform

If you develop a mobile app in-house, you come across lots of issues and understand the complexity of app development. Things become intricated as time rolls on. Look at some factors that certainly increase or decrease the cost of app development. These include:

• Building app for a single or multiple platforms
• Offline (no internet-dependent) or online (internet-dependent) app
• Number of features added to the app
• Development approach (native, mobile web, hybrid, etc.)
• Backend infrastructure and connected APIs
• Number of the screen and visual elements
• The complexity of the backend process
• UI, animation, and other special effects
• Hiring of app development agencies based on locations

When you start searching for how much app development may cost you or mobile app development costs in India, you get different responses. Basically, the cost of a good quality app ranges between $50,000 and $300,000+ per platform. The app’s price increases with factors, like app type, number, complexity, functionality, and design.

• The cost of a simple app with a basic User Interface and must-have features – $40,000 to $60,000
• The cost of a medium complexity app development project – $61,000 and $120,000
• The cost of building a complex or custom app project – $120,000+

Cost based on the type of mobile apps in India

All mobile apps are not the same, so are their functionality and uses. These apps solve different purposes, and every project is unique with different requirements, contexts, and technology stacks. Let’s look at a tentative cost estimation that fits various mobile app development needs, more or less.

Basic app

A basic app can be a calculator, local game, SMS app, or audio/ video player. It comes hardly with 5-6 screens where you do not need a backend for a network connection. These days, basic apps are not common as most apps are operated with the Internet.

App Cost: Under $15,000
Timeline: 1 month

Data-driven app

Calendar, weather, stocks, and maps are examples of a data-driven app that consumes and processes only specific information. The cost of such an app can rise as they may need some backend work.

App Cost: More than $15,000
Timeline: 1-1.5 months

Authentication app

McDonald’s Loyalty App and Google Drive are the best examples of authentication apps. Here, you need to log in with a one-step procedure to have full app functionality. The inclusion of new features increases the cost of such apps. You should hire a team with vast experience developing authentication apps with login functionality.

App Cost: $60,000+
Timeline: 3-6 months

Social networking app

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Yummi are the most suitable examples of social networking sites where social interactions, chats, and information exchange are expected. Here, you need regular support from a backend infrastructure. Such apps start from a first basic version or an MVP with some core features.

App Cost: $60,000 – $300,000
Timeline: 5-9 months for ongoing project

E-Commerce app

Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, and Alibaba have established themselves as eCommerce players, and they serve a wide clientele with their relevant apps. The e-commerce app needs a well-planned backend and admin panel to manage catalog pages, payments, users, orders, or inventory with a complex infrastructure.

App Cost: $60,000 – $100,000+
Timeline: 6-10 months for ongoing project

On-demand app

Uber, UberEATS, and Postmates are popular on-demand apps that satiate specific needs or wants. Like eCommerce apps, on-demand mobile apps also need functionality like login, chats, calls, payments, delivery, user feedback, and more. The cost of developing such apps rises with the development timeline.

App Cost: $70,000 – 100,000
Timeline: 5-7+ months

Marketplace app

TripAdvisor and are unique examples of a marketplace app that owns features from on-demand and e-commerce services. Demand and supply is the central concept behind this sort of apps. These apps need interaction in user experience, and their process consumes time. So, the cost rises.

App Cost: $300,000+ (web platform)
Timeline: 9+ months

IoT & Hardware app

Beacons, Amazon, Dash Buttons, and WeMo define IoT and hardware apps connecting physical objects with technology. Such apps are like smart tools, including medical tools, pet collars, and home assistance devices. You should estimate the cost of developing such apps after reading comprehensive documentation for app development.

App Cost: 60,000+
Timeline: 3-6 months

Summing up

When it comes to getting direct control over increasing app development costs, app development companies in India offer an effective technique to curb increasing app development. These include:

Create a product specification document concerning tech stack and app features.
Prioritize essential features with the team at the initial level.
Develop an MVP with new features and test in the initial development phase.
Also, go with the best app development company that gives value to your investment.

If you are looking for the actual mobile app development cost in India, you need to get estimations from leading mobile app developers.