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A Brief Guide to Web Application Development Cost In India

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a brief guide to web application development cost in india | Binmile

With about 5.038 billion people using the internet, it has become important for companies to make their web presence evident. A good web application helps a business keep the prospective audience engaged and stay at par with the latest industry standards.

Web development is indeed a complex task, which has been made easy by web application development companies. These companies help to streamline the process by offering full-stack web development services. They incorporate the use of tools and technologies that take care of both the front-end and back-end development of any web application.

However, before we entrust a company with the task of developing a website or web application, various factors need to be considered, pricing is the most important of all. It is essential to ensure that the results delivered by the website in generating traffic are worth every penny you have spent developing it.

This article deals with the different aspects of web application development that determine its cost. Read on to learn how much and based on what parameters a custom web app development company in India is likely to charge when you try to avail of their services.

Types of Web Applications

Before outsourcing our web application development task to a company, we need to be sure about the kind of web application we want for our business. There are three main types of web applications that businesses can choose from. They are as discussed below:

1. Single-Page Applications

Such applications have only one page. This kind of application makes navigating the app incredibly effortless because all the functionality is available on a single page. The social media sites like Twitter and Facebook and some Google services such as Google Calendar and Gmail are examples of single-page applications.

2. Multi-Page Applications

As you can figure out from the name, multi-page applications are web-based applications with multiple pages.

Unlike single-page applications, where all the features and functionalities are available on a single page, multi-page applications exhibit features on different pages. When you click a link or button, a new page is loaded. This is the most commonly sought-after choice for web application development.

3. Progressive Web Applications

These web applications look like mobile applications. Users can gain access to all the contents of such web applications through their mobile browsers. One can use technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to build such web applications.

Progressive web applications also exhibit features like push notifications, offline accessibility, etc.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution; different companies have different requirements. Choose the kind of web application that suits you best based on the goal that you want your business to accomplish.

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Factors that Determine the Price of Web Application Development

The cost of web application development depends on certain factors. Without these factors, it will be impossible for web application development companies to come across a fair budget. Listed below are the features responsible for determining the cost factor of a web application development service.

1. The Type of Web Application You Wish to Develop

The cost of your web application development service varies based on the type of web application you wish to develop. You also have to decide the platform that you aim to target.

If you are willing to develop a single-page application that can be accessed through the web as well as through mobile platforms, consider developing a hybrid application. Although this will reduce the cost of web application development, the user experience will be compromised.

Similarly, if you want to build web applications native to Android and iOS separately, you will have to pay more. However, the user experience, in this case, will be much improved. Therefore, whether you are looking for native or responsive website design, services will help determine the amount you must pay.

Users might also wish to incorporate features like offline access, multiple screens, etc. All these features will impact the pricing structure of the web app designing services.

2. The UI/UX Design

The price of your web application development also depends on the UI design, interactive features, graphics, and all of those that can improve the user experience. A custom web application development company will allow you ample flexibility with regard to the complexity of design, the number of elements, animations, and so on.

Designing the user interface is a task that demands a great deal of patience and effort. It goes without saying that the more complex the UI elements are, the higher the price will be paid to the web app development company.

3. The Geographical Location and Skills of the Developer

The geographical location of the developers also plays a key role in determining the cost of the web development services you hire from a company. Web developers in countries like Canada, US, and Australia charge exorbitant rates for web development.

On the contrary, the price is relatively lower in South-Asian countries such as India. Not only this, but a developer’s skills are also important in determining the price you have to pay a web app development company.

4. The Project Size and Timeline

If you are trying to implement a time-sensitive idea, you might have to hasten the process. If the timeline within which you wish the product to be delivered to you is short, the web development company might have to hire a few extra resources to accomplish the task.

Therefore, it is evident that shorter timelines will cause the cost to go up. Alongside this, the size of the project is another factor that helps to determine the amount you have to pay to the custom web app development company.

5. Post-Deployment Costs

The cost calculation for developing a web application should not stop at the deployment of the application; it goes beyond that! How can we forget the cost that goes beyond the deployment of the application, such as maintenance and upgradation costs?

As time passes, web applications might have to undergo several changes in the form of updating integrations and plugins, bug fixing, adding new features, code optimization, scaling, and so on. All these are added under one umbrella term- “maintenance costs.”

While it is impossible to state the exact amount needed to develop a web application in India, based on the factors mentioned above, we can figure out a rough estimate.

Suppose you are adept in your idea of how you wish to develop your business, and you are only looking forward to technical support. In that case, you can hire a professional on a monthly basis and pay something ranging between 1,200 USD to 2,500 USD.

On the other hand, if you are knowledgeable about the concepts associated with web development, you can seek assistance from a skilled professional. You can pay them 12-22 USD per hour. However, these prices significantly vary based on your requirements and the developer’s experience and skills.


With the cut-throat competition, it is important to develop a robust web application and assert your online presence to stay ahead of your competitors. Full-stack web development services include multiple players at different stages, such as business analysts, an architect, developers at different levels, graphic designers, quality testers, and much more.

Binmile is a prominent digital transformation company that can help you develop a web application at affordable rates. Binmile’s custom web application development process easily helps you build secure and scalable responsive web applications that suit your business goals.

Are you ready to take a step toward increasing your market presence on global platforms?

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