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Optimize the core systems, modernize legacy applications and build new digital products. Create, remodel, and manage applications securely across any platform. Stay current with the latest application modernization services, identify which applications to modernize, how to modernize them, and what the expected outcomes are.

Modernize Your Legacy Systems for Future Success

Re-define and accelerate your legacy application with app modernization services. Experience the speed, accuracy, and resilience of new technologies.

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App Modernization Services | Binmile

Enhance Your IT Infrastructure with App Modernization Services

Legacy apps necessitate modernization for digital transformation. This overhaul curtails technical debt, mitigates risks, amplifies agility, and heightens user experiences.

At Binmile, we partner with companies to unleash genuine business value via modernized portfolios and future-ready features. Our center of excellence thoroughly assesses portfolios and strategically charts application modernization.

Leveraging Cloud, Web, Mobility, Blockchain, and Analytics, our modernization drives innovation and scaling. As a leading legacy software modernization company, we offer zero-disruption solutions for enterprises like yours.

Guided by a strategic legacy system modernization approach, we tailor practices for you to harness tech transformation rewards in low-risk scenarios. Your success is ours, and we’re dedicated to ensuring a seamless digital evolution.

Increase Agility & Speed with Advanced Application Migration Services

IT Consulting Services | Binmile

Modernization Consulting

Assess & upgrade legacy systems with expert application modernization strategies. Get detailed improvement guidance & actionable roadmap for maximum value.

Software Reengineering | Binmile Technologies

Software Reengineering

Modernize legacy applications, optimize key systems, reduce technical debt, and boost performance. Re-engineer apps for seamless, low-cost upgrades to improve user experience.

MS Dynamics Cloud Migration | Binmile Technologies

Cloud Migration

Enable cloud application modernization by transitioning legacy assets to agile infrastructure. Achieve seamless migration for cost efficiency and accelerated innovation.

UX Modernization | Binmile Technologies

UX Modernization

Boost user adoption, enhance legacy app UX, and retain customers. Our advanced legacy software modernization services create unique experiences, driving revenue growth affordably.

API Development and Integration | Binmile

API Integration

Automate legacy system modernization for seamless data sharing. Integrate effortlessly with modern API services, even across third-party apps and clouds.

Application Containerization | Binmile Technologies

Application Containerization

Boost legacy software with containerization's isolated execution. Our system integration services helps optimize performance, security, and efficiency without complex migrations.

Financial Times Ranked Binmile as the 45th High Growth Company 2024

Financial Times Ranked Binmile as the 45th High Growth Company 2024

Listed Amongst Top 10 IT & Software Services Provider

Binmile announces its ranking as the 45th High-Growth Company in the prestigious Top 500 High-Growth Companies of Asia-Pacific for the year 2024 compiled by the Financial Times and Statista.

Binmile Helped USA’s Leading Industrial Testing & Inspection Company Improved their Business Productivity by Upto 40%

TAI Services is an industrial test and inspection company that offers chiller testing, flux leakage, and oil analysis services for the Eddy Current Inspections. The company tests chillers and production heat exchangers in all of North and South America and many other locations around the world.

Ever since its inception in 1979, the company has been using Pascal, an imperative and procedural programming language for development. While the language has been obsolete with less support functions available in the market, the company needed to move their current systems away from the language and update to ReactJS.

Tai Services Case Study | Binmile

Improved business efficiency


Improved app response speed with ReactJS


Reduced TAT in customer onboarding

Unbreachable Data Security | Binmile

Want to upgrade from old internal tools to Next-gen apps
that are faster, accurate and more reliable?

Quote Icon | Binmile

Customer Centric, right level of technical expertise, real value for money A number of things which immensely adds to Binmile's portfolio.

Gautam Chowdhary
Vice President Delivery
Gautam Chowdhary

Our Industries

Enhance business agility and cut costs through outcome-focused legacy system modernization across industries.

  • Banking & Finance
  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Energy & Utilities
Banking & Finance Industry | Binmile

Banking & Finance Banking & Finance

Modernize banking tech for secure transactions and efficient services. Empower financial growth with advanced legacy application modernization.

  • Legacy Payment System Upgrade
  • Banking Application Modernization
  • Risk Management Software Enhancement
  • CRM System Revitalization
Custom Insurance Software Development Services | Binmile

Insurance Insurance

Upgrade insurance operations with cutting-edge claims and risk tools. Transform insurance landscape with personalized application modernization solutions.

  • Policy Management Software Refinement
  • Claims Processing System Modernization
  • Underwriting Platform Enhancement
  • Agent and Broker Portal Upgradation
Custom Retail & eCommerce Software Solutions

Retail Retail

Elevate retail experiences with streamlined e-commerce and inventory management. Modernize retail journey, from shopping to backend operations.

  • E-commerce Platform Modernization
  • Point of Sale (POS) System Revamp
  • Inventory Management Software Refinement
  • Customer Loyalty Program Optimization
Education Industry | Binmile

Education Education

Revolutionize education through interactive e-platforms and student tools. Empower educators with innovative classroom legacy system modernization.

  • Learning Management System (LMS) Upgrade
  • Student Information System (SIS) Modernization
  • Virtual Classroom Integration
  • Administrative Efficiency Solutions
Health Care Industry | Binmile

Healthcare Healthcare

Enhance healthcare with EHR upgrades and telemedicine integration. Advance patient care through modernized medical system integration services.

  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) System Upgrade
  • Telemedicine Integration
  • Medical Imaging Solutions
  • Patient Engagement Applications
Energy & Utilities Software Development Services | Binmile

Energy & Utilities Energy & Utilities

Modernize energy distribution for efficient power management. Transform utility landscape with smart asset solutions.

  • Smart Grid Modernization
  • Asset Management Solutions
  • Renewable Energy Integration
  • Remote Monitoring and Control

Why Are We the Most Trusted Legacy Software Modernization Company?

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  • ISO 27001
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Strategic Insights for Transformation

Extract valuable insights, foresee modernization impact, and pave your path to strategic evolution.

ROI-driven Roadmap Creation

Craft a quantifiable ROI roadmap through strategic modernization, enhancing your business journey

Resilient IT Architecture Solutions

Elevate your business's endurance with robust IT solutions, fortified by industry-proven resilience.

Global Infrastructure Access

Access global infrastructure economically via our partnerships with top cloud application modernization (AWS, Azure, Google).

Holistic Modernization Strategies

Acquire industry-grade assets, specialized skills, and global delivery capabilities.

Top Technical Expertise

Empower application modernization with elite technical skills, ensuring quality-centric solutions.

Unparalleled Benefits of Collaborating with Us!

Reduction in System Costs
Enhanced Data Security
Improved System Performance

FAQs on Application Modernization Services

Businesses using legacy systems grow less competitive in today’s drastically changing IT Industry propelled by rapid shifts in technological advancements. This is because legacy software and applications seldom afford far-reaching business benefits, like performance boosts and operational excellence.

Outdated applications barely compete with their modern counterparts on any performance metrics.

Choosing our legacy modernization, therefore, is a viable option for achieving the transformational agility of any outdated system, enabling it to carry out mission-critical business initiatives with ease and efficiency.

Binmile’s legacy modernization specialists evaluate the existing legacy infrastructure, analyzing it for any systematic fallibility, risk factors, vulnerabilities, or malfunctions.

Details about the issues and the extent of modernization required are provided, ensuring our clients get the idea of how we deploy our team of experienced developers, UX designers, and other suitable resources to modernize any legacy systems.

Our specialists work with a problem-solving mindset by developing innovative software applications with enhanced security features, thereby helping businesses get transformational values in their IT infrastructure.

We employ a host of parameters to be able to assess underlying problems in the systems running on outdated applications. Multiple factors are considered, including the complexity of the issues, the workforce required, suitable cloud migration, and so on by our legacy modernization specialists. They are highly experienced in modernizing outdated infrastructure within the scheduled timeframe. Get in touch with our experts for a free consultation about hassle-free legacy system modernization services.

Costs regarding legacy system modernization services differ based on miscellaneous factors, including evaluation of current infrastructure, technology stack, business goals, project scope, and the engagement model a client wishes to choose.

After the evaluation of legacy systems on several quality parameters, a modernization roadmap detailing the right strategies and the cost projections concerning revamping obsolete systems is presented to the client.

We understand that it takes in-depth expertise, experience, and specialization to be able to efficiently carry out cloud migration of obsolete infrastructure.

The good news is, we have experienced legacy system modernization specialists in our team. They specialize in cloud migration of any legacy assets by employing several parameters, including SWOT analysis, evaluating a client’s existing infrastructure, choosing suitable migration strategies, and managing cloud usage, etc.

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