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About Medical Transportation Company

Medical Transportation Company is a tech-backed Non-Emergency Medical Transportation service provider that offers different types of vehicles for patients’ traveling purposes. There are times when patients want to visit a clinic or hospital for some treatment, like Dialysis, CT scan, MRI, X-ray, etc. for which they need a well-equipped van. That’s when they reach out to the Medical Transportation Company to rent out various types of cabs, such as Ambulettes, Stretchers, Wheelchairs, Sedans, and many more. They have expertise in door-to-door medical transportation and are licensed by the Department of Transportation & PUC. All the drivers they employ are verified through background checks and motor vehicle record checks, ensuring a safe and secure journey for every individual. Their main goal is to establish long-term strategic partnerships with healthcare businesses and insurance companies to emerge as the most successful transportation company in the NEMT industry. 

Advancing Mobile Applications: Expanding a Medical Transportation Company's Footprint in the NEMT Industry

Assisting A Medical Transportation Company in Establishing A Successful Business Model

The Medical Transportation Company had an existing app, but that was not feature-rich and sufficient to support growing business operations. In that case, they reached out to Binmile and shared their concern. That’s when our developers took the plunge to build a web app and mobile app from scratch including four main parties, i.e., Patient, Service Provider, Super Admin, and Driver. A Patient is someone who needs some sort of treatment, for example, Dialysis, for which they need a cab to go to the hospital from home and then come back home. Since such treatment doesn’t require emergency service, people schedule the service delivery in advance, confirming the date and time. They can choose to opt for the cab service a fixed number of times every week or every month based on their needs and preferences. The distance traveled from home to hospital, and hospital to home is considered as 2 Trips or 2 LEG. And if the customer goes to the pharmacy from the hospital as well, then it will be deemed to be 3 Trips or 3 LEG. 


Then comes the Service Provider that is the Medical Transportation Company itself, operating as a SaaS-based Multi-Tenant System. Next is Super Admin who works on a subscription model concerning trips per month and type of service required. The last one is the Driver that is owned by the Service Provider and functions through mobile app operation. Keeping all these parties in mind and their contribution to seamless service delivery, we developed the best-in-class app for the NEMT industry by restructuring their existing business model.     

Helping A Medical Transportation Company Build A New Application From Scratch

The main challenge with the existing application of Medical Transportation Company was that it was not scalable and secure. What else? There were latency issues too with the application which was making it difficult for the business to expand to a great extent. After becoming aware of such a situation, the experienced developers at Binmile decided to create a new app for the client that would include the integration of some state-of-the-art technologies, like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Post the creation of a new mobile application, it became a breeze to match the pace of growth in business.  

Meeting A Medical Transportation Company’s Need to Boost Profit Margin & Security

Since our client was adamant about experiencing the enhancement in the business, it was our duty to fulfill their expectations. That’s why we worked extensively on various things, such as Route Optimization, Driver Behavior, Trip Analytics, and Revenue Forecasting along with HIPAA compliance. In the case of Route Optimization, suppose a driver has the ability to carry 3 patients. In that case, they can plan the journey in such a way that they can drop all the patients at different locations on time. This helped in getting more trips and increasing profits while also saving costs to some extent. 


Apart from that, we created a system to monitor the behavior of drivers to ensure the complete security of patients. For example, the system can check if the driver is using the phone, experiencing fatigue, coming across any distractions, or sleeping. Next, Trip Analytics gives deeper insights into patients’ movement, like origin and destination zones, diversion routes in peak time, corridor usage, and many more. Lastly, Revenue Forecasting enables the prediction of a company’s future quarterly and annually by factoring in historical data, sales pipelines, and market sentiment. Above all, we also worked on HIPAA compliance to protect the sensitive health information of patients.   

Introducing the Cutting-Edge Tech Stack Contributing to Excellent App Development for A Medical Transportation Company

The Binmile & Medical Transportation Company Partnership Reached a Remarkable Milestone, Resulting in:

87% Business Growth Increased

70% Revenue Generation Upsurged

66% Patient Experience Improved

80% Data Security Incidents Reduced

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