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About PeopleStrong

PeopleStrong is a feature-rich, SaaS-based Human Resource Management System that caters to 500+ prominent organizations along with 2M+ users. Apart from that, it delivers a seamless employee experience to professionals using more than 4M devices around the world. The technology used in this HRMS software drives data-backed decisions and agility for businesses while ensuring all personnel get a unique experience. With its mobile-first AI and ML-powered talent operating system, PeopleStrong has been successful in making waves across the globe in the last few years. Their tech capabilities generally cover the entire employee lifecycle, especially ranging from hiring to exit, including Human Capital Management, Talent Acquisition & Management, Payroll, and Collaboration.

PeopleStrong Case Study | Binmile

Unlocking PeopleStrong Productivity: Transforming Operations with Swift Solutions to Production Challenges

PeopleStrong Case Study Solutions

Exceeding PeopleStrong's Performance Expectations: Checking Implementation Status Through Discovery

PeopleStrong had an operational workflow for executing different HR management tasks. However, they lacked a well-defined testing process for new and existing development. Due to this, they were experiencing many production issues one after another, resulting in a terrible user experience. The client got into a conversation with Binmile and requested to fix current and emerging bugs.

A team of seasoned testers of Binmile decided to go ahead with “discovery” first. In the discovery phase, they found that PeopleStrong didn’t have a tangible testing process in place. In short, they wanted to cross the bridge when they came to it. It was Binmile’s testing experts who actually improved the substandard testing process and made the product error-free.

PeopleStrong Case Study Solutions

Boosting PeopleStrong's Success: Solving Production Roadblocks for Enhanced User Satisfaction

During the discovery phase, our testing experts identified specific modules encountering issues. Subsequently, they formulated a proposal based on these findings and forwarded it to the client. Additionally, it was discovered that the Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) had not been established, and the deployment of the Test case management tool was inconsistent. Consequently, test cases were present in certain areas but lacked elsewhere. What’s more? To deal perfectly with the repetitive production troubles, Binmile’s team checked validation, coverage, gaps, and database along with API-level coverage to learn if APIs were properly tested or not. Doing this helped them learn that test cases did not have coverage, be it manual or automation ones.

As a result, they performed functional testing of all the modules based on the coverage. Next, they also made the most of Functional Testing Automation to check coverage and then offered coverage comprehensively. This way, they were able to eliminate all the production issues and analyze those issues along with their coverage in the existing regression suite to ensure that the same bugs do not occur in Production in the future.

PeopleStrong Case Study Solutions

Transformative Collaboration: Binmile and PeopleStrong's Partnership Propels Product Performance to New Heights

Post discovery, the Binmile team found multiple gaps in their system and offered a bunch of services to mitigate the existing issues and bottlenecks.

Services Offered:

  • Functional Testing (end to end)
  • API Testing (automation)
  • Functional Automation Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Business Workflow Testing

Here's the Top Tech Stack Used to Deliver Top Notch QA Services to Our Client

Selenium | Binmile
Atlassian Jira Icon | Binmile
Atlassian Jira
Postman | Binmile
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Microsoft Teams
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Xray Tool
PeopleStrong Case Study Highlights

The Binmile - PeopleStrong Duo Resulted in Significant App Improvements Manifesting As:

95% Production Issues Reduced

85% Process Enhanced

60% Test Case Improved

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