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About Trepp

Trepp is a well-known provider of data, insights, and technology-based solutions to the real estate, finance, and banking markets. It is the most reliable intelligence partner in the industry, which is widely known for its market clarity. They provide primary and secondary market participants with the solutions and analytics required to ramp up their operational efficiency, information transparency, and most importantly, investment performance.

About Trepp Case Study | Binmile

Enhancing Operations: Resolving Production Challenges Through Refined Testing Processes

Trepp Case Study Solution | Binmile

Assisting Trepp in Streamlining the QA Process to Reduce the Time to Delivery

Although Trepp is a leading provider of data, insights, and technology solutions in the world, they were facing several issues in internal operations, such as data collection, processing, and distribution. Due to this, they approached Binmile and asked to provide a solution that would enhance their key operations. The team at Binmile first ran the project through the Discovery phase, where they found out that they don’t have a well-defined QA process in place and that is triggering major issues mainly. To deal with this, our testers established and started a well-organized QA process which mitigated existing issues to a great extent.

In addition to this, Trepp was facing issues with repetitive functional tasks, which were automated by Binmile’s testing experts along with other verticals. We developed monitoring scripts, incorporated effective practices into the CI/CD pipeline, identified specific incidents, and automated the entire execution process for each environment.

Trepp Case Study Solution | Binmile

Helping Trepp in Mitigating Production Bugs by Automating the Regression Suite

The client wanted to rest assured that their clientele doesn’t come across any bad experiences when using their application. To resolve this concern, we carried out the process of production monitoring, which helped us learn about errors in the application before potential and existing customers of Trepp noticed the same. Not just that! In order to make the testing process more efficient, our testing professionals automated the whole regression suite, especially for business-critical scenarios. Owing to this, the Return On Investment improved and production bugs reduced to a great extent.

Beyond that, we also fixed performance issues, which we got to know in advance by performing load testing. Hence, the performance of the application enhanced big time.

Trepp Case Study Solution | Binmile

Fulfilling Trepp’s Need For Regression Speed Improvement by 5X Using HyperExecute

It was the need of the hour for Trepp to speed up their regression testing process so that they can release their app with new and updated features as early as possible. That’s when Bimile felt the need to implement a LambdaTest product, i.e., HyperExecute. With the use of this most innovative test execution platform, the client experienced an outstanding transformation in their testing process. This AI-powered test execution framework analyzed the execution time of each test and divided them appropriately across the testing grid based on the identified patterns. Once HyperExecute recognized the tests that took the longest to complete, it deployed more resources to those tests, translating into a significant reduction in their execution time. In short, the scenarios in which the test execution was taking 3 to 4 hours to complete, that time was reduced to 10 to 20 minutes per test, decreasing the execution time of regression by 80%.

Moreover, the conventional approach of testing required sending the execution command to LambdaTest’s cloud for execution, which consumed more overhead time in terms of request and response cycles. But, after the intervention of HyperExecute, the code is now copied to LambdaTest’s cloud directly and executed within its own container. Doing this eliminated the time wasted in sending commands and waiting for complete execution, making a sizeable reduction in time in the overall testing process.

Trepp Case Study Solution | Binmile

Performing Functional and Integration Testing for Trepp’s Application to Validate All Functionalities

For the client, it was essential to check whether all features were working properly or not. So, to help them disappear this concern, we performed functional and integration testing for Trepp’s application and automated scripts at several levels, like smoke, sanity, regression, and monitoring. Additionally, our experts performed all the important tests within the monitoring scripts that observed the production environment while factoring in all the validation checks within the regression scripts.

Binmile also automated the execution process for each repeating functionality using some popular DevOps practices through Jenkins and GitHub Actions. Furthermore, our testing personnel have carried out Continuous Monitoring through the Opsgenie tool for incident management and Continuous Testing for smooth deployment.

Listed Below are the Top Tech Stack Used for Automating the Application’s Functionalities

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Atlassian Jira
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GitHub Desktop
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Windows 11
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The Binmile-Trepp Association Helped Achieve Exceptional Results Showcasing:

80% Regression Execution Time Reduced

90% Production Bugs Mitigated

70% Performance Issues Decreased

65% Time to Delivery Minimized

40% ROI Improved

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