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About Siminvest

SimInvest is a capital market securities and mutual fund investment application that caters to users right from Gen Z to millennials, and other young professionals out there. This application helps people invest in the stock market from the comfort of their homes, ensuring they create a solid virtual portfolio to accomplish their financial goals down the line. Besides that, SimInvest does help users monitor the performance of their investments, making the most of real-time market data. Every smart investor installs this application on their smartphone because of its ability to provide users with a risk-free approach to investing in shares and mutual funds.

Mutual fund app development | Binmile | Siminvest

Elevating Product Experience: Optimizing App Performance, Security, and Compatibility for Seamless Operation

SimInvest App | Binmile

Ensuring Compatibility of the SimInvest App with 100% of Smartphones in the Market

For the development of SimInvest’s application, the team at Binmile adopted the Agile approach, where a basic prototype is developed first and then the rest of the features keep getting added. So, when the app was being developed, the client wanted to get the product tested parallelly in order to meet their quality expectations. Once the basic app was ready with newly integrated features, it was Binmile’s accomplished testers who had performed functional testing, and sprint testing, and released all stories along with the development.

They maintained the testing speed with the development team to achieve the CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment) pipeline on each sprint. And to accomplish such goals, Binmile’s QA engineers aligned and created a high-quality testing team. Post that, they created an automation suite and adhered to agile principles for simultaneous development with the development team and attained all the testing deadlines. While doing this, Binmile testers also executed a wide range of tests, including but not limited to Automated Testing, Integration Testing, Regression Testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing, Environment Management, Feedback Loop, Continuous Improvement, etc. By fulfilling these responsibilities effectively, our testers played a significant role in ensuring the glitch-free operation of the CI/CD pipeline and in delivering optimal-quality software releases to end-users.

SimInvest App Performance | Binmile

Examining the Performance of the SimInvest Application Depending on the Number of Users

Following the application’s creation, the client prioritized performance concerns, prompting Binmile’s testing team to assess the SimInvest app thoroughly. This involved analyzing performance from various angles. Initially, analysts selected a Performance Testing Tool to evaluate how the application performs under a load of 100,000 users, excluding trading activities. Subsequently, they examined the app’s behavior under the stress of 100,000 users engaging in trading activities. Lastly, the team scrutinized the app’s performance with 1.5 million concurrent users, focusing on data response times and the API’s ability to handle timely information exchange. In essence, the overall performance of the SimInvest application during trading and regular usage was thoroughly examined to ensure seamless operation under all circumstances.

SimInvest app testing | Binmile

Meeting SimInvest’s Need to Identify the Loopholes in Security Policies and Preventing Mishappenings

During the testing phase of the SimInvest application, the client emphasized the critical aspect of security, ensuring that potential users would not fall victim to any fraudulent activities. To address this concern, Binmile’s seasoned testers conducted a thorough review of the entire application, uncovering several vulnerabilities that could potentially lead to serious consequences. One such vulnerability involved the possibility of a malicious actor gaining access to a loyal customer’s account and exploiting the available balance in the demat account in various ways.

For instance, they could invest in shares where the customer has already invested, thereby increasing the value of those shares, ultimately benefiting the fraudulent actor. Additionally, the scammer could even delete the account, causing significant harm to the consumer. To mitigate these risks, we diligently identified and resolved the loopholes, ensuring the complete security of the SimInvest application. Furthermore, we raised another concern with the client regarding the absence of set attempts for OTP insertion and validation during the login process. The client is currently deliberating on this matter.

Performing System Integration Testing | Binmile | SimInvest

Performing System Integration Testing For SimInvest Without Automation

Addressing the client’s concern about the stability of the application following the integration of new features, we conducted a comprehensive assessment of the compatibility between current and newly added features. This involved identifying numerous scenarios where the application could potentially encounter issues. Subsequently, we meticulously implemented and tested these scenarios, making necessary adjustments wherever required. Throughout this process, our priority was to focus on testing for scenarios where the application was more likely to fail rather than those with a higher chance of success. As a result of our efforts, the application now runs smoothly without any issues, whether users are engaged in trading activities or simply navigating between different web pages to gather information.

Shown Below are the Top Tech Stack Exploited for SimInvest’s Overall Testing

LambdaTest Icon | Binmile
Atlassian Jira Icon | Binmile
Atlassian Jira
Python Logo
Mutual Efforts by Binmile and SimInvest

The Mutual Efforts by Binmile and SimInvest Yielded Notable Achievements, Ensuring:

80%Bugs Resolved

90% Security Tightened

70%Enhanced User Experience

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