7 Top Factors Influencing Offshore App Development Cost in 2024

The blog explains the factors that affect offshore app development cost to empower you to avoid unexpected costs and delays for smoother and streamlined app development.
Top Factors for Offshore development cost in 2024 | Binmile

The digital transformation has compelled every mobile app development company to focus on building app development services. Whether it’s a well-established giant or a start-up, all intend to build a highly functional, engaging, and secure app. The other question is how to bring it to life and this question becomes even more challenging if you have a strict budget. Therefore, businesses strategize on how much to invest and what are the factors that can impact the app development cost. Understanding how to lower the app-making cost and how to stay without compromising the quality is crucial for sustainable growth. After all, it would help if you did not rush to start a project and weigh all factors that affect the cost first.

Outsourcing software development is another way businesses are utilizing this cost-effective approach that also allows for better resource dispersion. It comes with several benefits other than saving money and other resources. It gets you a dedicated outsourcing software development team to work on app development while you focus on other core activities. So how do you go about it? What are the factors you need to keep in mind that can impact your offshore app development cost? This blog will offer a comprehensive list of factors influencing your app development cost. In addition, we’ll also share some useful tips on how to reduce software development costs and avoid hidden ones.

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Factors Affecting the Offshore App Development Cost in 2024

How much does it cost to outsource an app development?

The tentative app development cost can range somewhere from $25,000 to $150,000 and can also exceed $300,000 in the case of customized complex apps. In this list, we’re sharing an estimated range of custom mobile app development costs depending on several factors. So let’s discuss them in detail:

1. Project Complexity

The more intricate and featured app project leads to higher app development cost. Since complex apps require more work, they cost a lot. So, to save money well, it’s important to find the right mix of usefulness, functionality, and ease. In addition, you can always go for MVP development to test the future of your app.

  • Simple projects: $10,000 – $50,000
  • Moderate complexity: $50,000 – $100,000
  • Highly complex: $100,000+

2. UI/UX Features

The cost of outsourcing on demand App Development services can be affected by what kind of design or elements you want your app to have. Complicated designs and complex user experiences might need more time from the outsourcing team. This can lead to higher costs in making these things. Find a balance between making an attractive user interface and not costing too much.

  • Simple design: $5,000 – $15,000
  • Moderate complexity: $15,000 – $30,000
  • Highly intricate design: $30,000+

3. Geographical Location

Where your software outsourcing development services partner is located can have a big effect on your app development cost. Rates change in different areas, and knowing these changes is very important. But we recommend you not only think about the price but also the quality of work and ease of talking when picking an ODC.

  • Low-cost regions (e.g., Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe): 30% to 60% cheaper than expensive areas.
  • Mid-cost regions (e.g., South America): 15% – 30% cheaper than expensive areas.

4. Skill Set and Experience

The skills of the people who make it relate directly to how much it costs. With a competent and skilled set of developers or designers, you may be required to spend more, but their expertise can streamline the app development process. Therefore, focus on balancing and selecting a team that matches your project’s needs and budget.

  • Junior developers: $20 – $50 per hour
  • Mid-level developers: $50 – $100 per hour
  • Senior developers: $100 – $150+ per hour

5. Technology Stack

The choice of software technology stack affects both performance and costs. Be mindful while assessing the specific needs of your app and select a technology stack that aligns with those requirements. A well-suited stack ensures efficiency and can prevent unnecessary expenditures on features that might not be crucial.

  • Basic technology stack: $5,000 – $20,000
  • Mid-range technology stack: $20,000 – $50,000
  • Advanced technology stack: $50,000+

6. Project Timeline

Time is money, and this holds in app development costs. It’s simple math, the longer the app development timelines, the higher the costs due to the need for more resources. Plan a realistic and well-structured project timeline, this not only helps you manage expenses but also ensures the quality of the final and effective product development.

  • Normal Timeline: As estimated
  • Accelerated timeline: 20% – 50% higher costs

7. Post-Development Support and Maintenance

This aspect is often overlooked while developing an app development cost strategy. However, maintenance and support help you keep your app free from performance or security-related issues. Therefore, consider these continuing costs when planning your app project as a full support plan helps your app last and do well.

  • Standard support and maintenance: 15% to 25% of the starting cost for development
  • Advanced support and maintenance: 20% to 25% of the starting cost for development

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Other Hidden App Development Costs To Consider

A few other hidden cost factors to keep in mind while deciding app development costs are:

  • Functional Costs: Third-party integrations. SMS or push notifications, geolocation, or payment gateways.
  • Admin cost: The development of an admin panel and custom APIs to manage the app’s operations, content, and user profiles.
  • Infrastructural costs: The paymentfor server, CDN, and integrations.
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How to Reduce App Development Cost: 5 Best Practices

Outsourcing app development involves delegating the creation, design, and maintenance of applications to external teams or individuals. This strategic practice allows businesses to tap into specialized skills, streamline development processes, and often reduce costs by leveraging global talent.

Implementing these best practices can contribute to a streamlined and cost-effective outsourcing app development process.

Here are 5 best practices to help reduce outsourcing app development costs:

Best Practice to Reduce App Development Cost | Binmile

  • Clear Project Scope and Requirements: Define what the project includes and needs before working with a partner for outsourcing. A clear and complete plan helps avoid misconceptions, lowering the chance of extra tasks or costs during creation.
  • Choose the Right Outsourcing Partner: Finding the right offshore development services partner is very important if you want the development process to go smoothly. We recommend you pick places to live that fit your money plan, don’t lower quality but match the cost of living.
  • Flexible Project Management and Agile Approach: The agile method stops expensive fixes and makes sure the project stays on schedule. Additionally, this makes it possible to grow little by little, be more open to changes, and use resources effectively.
  • Optimize Technology Stack: Try to avoid extra code complexity and costly features that you don’t need and pick a set of tools that matches what your project requires. Of course, having a good technology stack makes the development run smoother without spending too much money.
  • Effective Communication and Collaboration: Giving regular updates, listening to feedback, and talking clearly can stop confusion, doing so reduces the chance of mistakes that cost a lot of money or need doing again.

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Wrapping Up

To thrive in this digitally-dominated landscape, mobile apps continue to be a key focus and development objective for growing and aspiring businesses. However, the debate between app development cost and quality is at odds between different top app development companies as these are two factors that decide the success or failure of your app. Still, understanding the costs involved in designing and developing a mobile app will reduce software development costs and help you make a better business.

When you understand the key considerations for estimating app development costs, you not only optimize your resources but you do more. Getting insight into factors affecting app development cost also helps you ensure the success of your apps while staying ahead of the competitors. Organizations cannot fully comprehend business needs and recommend cost-effective, scalable, and reliable mobile without a proper strategy.

However, app development services require not only significant investment but also technical competencies to translate ambitious ideas into strategic applications. This is where you need an offshore software development company to help you quickly turn app visions into reality with seamless user experiences.

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