Is It Cost-Efficient to Outsource Software Development for React Native App Development?

This write-up makes readers aware of the reasons to build mobile apps based on React Native and some reasons to outsource software development, like mitigating overall cost.
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Businesses are always poised to make investments that can translate into profits. Be it their product, service, or any equipment, they are willing to spend their hard-earned dollars on anything if it can benefit their organization in the long term. Take, for instance, a cross-platform mobile application. Most business owners want to develop multiple applications for various platforms using a single codebase as it helps them save cost and time for app creation to a great extent. Fortunately, multi-platform app development frameworks like React Native fit their bill. But what if one wants to drive down their app development cost to a deeper level? In that case, they can plan to outsource software development services.

Such services guarantee a lot of advantages that interested business owners can leverage during their app development process. One such benefit of taking the plunge to outsource software development services is cost efficiency. We will gain deeper insights into it in this content ahead, but let’s start with:

What is the React Native development cost?

React Native development costs can differ big time depending on the complexity of the application and the resources required to create it. Generally, building a React Native app can set you back by a few thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. However, once you grasp the cost of developing a React Native app and find methods to lower your expenses, it will be a cinch to boost your return on investment and ensure the success of your RN app development project.

What are some supporting stats to encourage cross platform app development?

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To truly understand the effect of React Native on mobile app cost reduction, let’s take a comprehensive look at certain statistics and references:

  1. As per a global data and business intelligence platform, a total of 42% of mobile app developers worldwide utilized React Native for creating mobile applications in 2020. It is a testament to the upsurging popularity and acceptance of React Native within the developer community.
  2. One of the giant merchants in the world hire React Native developers for its mobile app creation. The company further stated that they have accomplished roughly 95% code sharing between their Android and iOS platforms, leading to massive cost reduction and faster time-to-market.
  3. In a report published by a prominent code help and mentorship platform, React Native development accelerated the entire app creation process by 30% compared to the conventional native app development process. This enhanced efficiency ensured considerable cost savings for organizations.
  4. A popular holiday home rental company also relied on React Native for its mobile app building. By doing this, they noticed a 10% drop in development time, resulting in significant cost savings and the ability to assign resources in a more efficient manner.

By sailing through these statistics and some real-world success stories, you must have perceived that React Native delivers plenty of benefits to businesses that are looking to create smartphone applications. Now, let’s see some reasons to outsource software development services for your react native app development.

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Why is it Necessary to Tap React Native for Cross platform App Development?

The biggest reason for taking React Native into consideration for building mobile apps is that it is quite cost-efficient compared to other app development methods. Yes, React Native has gained ground to a big extent of late as a solid framework for cross platform app development.

With its potential to develop apps for different operating systems using just one codebase, React Native provides wads of pros to businesses that are looking to come up with cost-effective and efficient mobile applications. Let’s see how choosing to outsourcing IT services can prove to be a wise decision from a monetary point of view:

How to Outsource React Native Development?

Outsourcing can be a cost-effective decision for you as it allows you to hire React Native developers at a lower rate than you would spend in your home territory. Besides that, when you choose to go with outsourced software development services, you get access to a broader talent pool and can pick experts who align well with your project requirements.

1. Team size

A larger team can complete a given project in a short timeframe, but it can also require more resources and translate into higher costs as per top outsource software development companies. Although allocating more resources to a project team may seem a logical decision that will prevent your project from crossing the deadline, it may not always emerge as the most effective approach.

In fact, Brooks’ Law principle in software development clarifies that deploying more resources to a project that is already running late will only consume more time for completion. According to the top outsource organization out there, it is based on the idea that as the number of people working on a project upsurge, the coordination and interaction required to keep them working becomes even more complicated. As a result, the overall progress of the project will slow down to a certain extent.

2. Team location

The location of the development team also affects the cost to outsource software development. For example, software developers residing in nations with a higher cost of living, such as the US or Western Europe, will generally be more expensive than nations with a lower cost of living, such as India or Indonesia.

3. Team expertise

The simplest example to mention here is that a team with more experience and specialized skills can work on a project more quickly and efficiently, leading to lower overall costs. On the flip side, a team with less experience or specialized skills may need more time and resources to reach project completion, translating into higher costs. Therefore, it is advised to sign a contract with a top outsource software development firm only after carefully considering your project needs and preferences.

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The bottom line

Planning to outsource software development makes sense when you don’t have deep pockets to support your React Native app development. Since RN is a cross-platform app development framework, you can expect your outsourced service provider to complete your project on time and without attracting too much expense. Thus, taking such plunges will not just improve the time-to-market of your product, but will also ensure higher profit down the line.

Frequently Asked Questions

React Native development outsourcing refers to the practice of hiring external development teams or agencies to build mobile applications using the React Native framework. This allows businesses to leverage the expertise of external professionals for app development.

React Native development outsourcing is suitable for a range of projects, including:

  • Cross-platform mobile app development
  • App maintenance and updates
  • Migration of existing apps to React Native
  • Prototyping and MVP development

Finding reliable providers involves:

  • Researching and vetting potential outsourcing partners
  • Checking portfolios and client reviews
  • Assessing expertise in React Native development
  • Communicating project requirements and expectations

React Native outsourcing involves hiring external development teams or agencies to handle the design, development, and maintenance of mobile applications using the React Native framework.

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