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Drive Your Business Forward with ServiceNow App Engine Capabilities

App Engine Studio | Binmile

App Engine Studio

Make the most of your IT expenditures and guarantee seamless integration throughout the company with App Engine Studio, a low-code visual app environment that fuels business growth. Engage developers of all skill levels with the ability to create business-critical workflow apps from scratch or templates. With App Engine Studio, businesses can innovate quickly, converting ideas into superior end-user experiences.

Flow Designer | Binmile

Flow Designer

Simplify your workflow and streamline your business processes with Flow Designer. With this easy-to-use tool, you can automate tasks, route approvals, and integrate systems with ease. Businesses can automate processes and create custom workflows without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

App Development | Binmile

Application Development

Unlock the full potential of your business with custom application development. Our team of experts can help you design, build, and deploy custom solutions that meet your unique needs and drive your business forward. Leverage full-stack development capabilities and an application structure that is pre-built and ready to use. Enhance citizen developers' abilities and work together to boost productivity.

Virtual Agent | Binmile

Virtual Agent

Improve customer satisfaction and reduce support costs with Virtual Agent, an AI-powered chatbot that can handle routine inquiries and provide quick resolutions to common issues. Get features such as personalized experiences, conversational interfaces and virtual agent designers and redefine your support experience.

Predictive Intelligence | Binmile

Predictive Intelligence

Harness the power of machine learning to predict and anticipate customer needs with Predictive Intelligence. With this powerful tool, you can deliver personalized experiences that drive engagement and loyalty. Businesses can automate routine tasks with AI and improve efficiency of their workforce with ease.

Performance Analytics | Binmile

Performance Analytics

Gain insights into your IT infrastructure and optimize performance with Performance Analytics. With real-time monitoring and analytics, you can identify issues before they become problems and take proactive measures to ensure optimal performance. Alternatively, businesses can use real-time analytics to anticipate trends, organize resources, and constantly improve their business workflows.

Studio IDE | Binmile

Studio IDE

Create and manage custom applications with ease using Studio IDE. With a powerful set of tools and a user-friendly interface, you can build and deploy applications faster than ever before. Our Studio IDE features allow you to publish your apps from a central platform and manage source control and code debugging.

Agent Workspace | Binmile

Agent Workspace

Empower your support teams with Agent Workspace, a unified platform for managing customer interactions. With a 360-degree view of customer information, your agents can provide fast and accurate resolutions to customer issues.

Service Portal | Binmile

Service Portal

Improve self-service and enhance the customer experience with Service Portal, a customizable portal for accessing IT services and support. With an intuitive interface and self-service options, you can reduce support costs and improve customer satisfaction. Create engaging mobile friendly experiences with an easy to use portal framework.

Now Mobile | Binmile

Now Mobile

Stay connected and productive on-the-go with Now Mobile, a mobile app that gives you access to IT services and support anytime, anywhere. Make progress in the departments of IT, HR, facilities, and other departments with a customized employee experience using a single mobile app. Use pre-built procedures for common use cases with smooth data integration. Additionally, companies can brand their apps by including their own logo, color scheme, splash screen, and other elements.

Automated Web Testing Services | Binmile

Automated Test Framework

Ensure quality and reduce development time with Automated Test Framework. With automated testing, you can quickly identify and resolve issues, streamline your testing process, and deliver high-quality applications faster.

Customize Applications & Workflows to Meet Unique Business Needs

ServiceNow App Engine is a low-code development platform that allows businesses to quickly and easily create custom enterprise applications without the need for extensive coding expertise. With App Engine, businesses can build applications that are tailored to their specific needs, automating workflows and streamlining processes.

ServiceNow’s App Engine enables businesses to bring new enterprise apps to market in half the time and one-third of the cost of traditional development methods. Low-code development feature allows for faster prototyping and testing, reducing the time and resources needed to bring new applications to production.

Binmile is a ServiceNow implementation partner, assisting businesses with their App Engine development projects, from ideation to deployment. Our team of experts help identify areas where custom enterprise applications can be beneficial and work with businesses to design and develop solutions that meet specific needs. Our experts provide expert guidance on low code best practices to help businesses create applications that are efficient, effective, and user-friendly. Our team of experts assists businesses with testing, troubleshooting, and deployment, ensuring optimal application performance.

Unique Business Needs with App Engine | Binmile

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Make Smarter Business Decisions with App Engine

ServiceNow App Engine empowers businesses to bring their custom workflows and applications to production quickly, with best-practice guidance and templates, all within a holistic low-code development experience. It enables businesses to collaborate, manage, and govern low-code app development, set development guardrails, apply standards, and check for compliance all in one place. With App Engine, businesses can accelerate process automation, delight users with modern unified experiences, and amplify their apps with AI and analytics.

App Development | Binmile

Rapid Application Development

App Engine enables rapid development of custom applications and workflows with low-code tools, saving time and money while accelerating digital transformation initiatives.

Streamlined Processes and Workflows | Binmile

Streamlined Processes and Workflows

By automating repetitive tasks, App Engine streamlines processes and workflows, improving efficiency and productivity while allowing employees to focus on strategic initiatives.

Enhanced User Experience | Binmile

Enhanced User Experience

With its user-friendly low-code designer, App Engine allows businesses to build custom applications and workflows that meet their specific needs, leading to higher adoption rates and improved customer satisfaction.

Integration with Other ServiceNow Products | Binmile

Integration with Other ServiceNow Products

App Engine seamlessly integrates with other ServiceNow products, allowing businesses to create end-to-end workflows that span multiple departments and functions.

High Degree of Customization | Binmile

High Degree of Customization

App Engine provides a high degree of customization, enabling businesses to tailor applications and workflows to meet their unique requirements and address specific pain points.

Built-in AI and Analytics | Binmile

Built-in AI and Analytics

App Engine provides built-in AI and analytics capabilities that can predict issues, make smarter business decisions, and help people get work done easier and faster.

Use Cases Showcasing Our Expertise

Ready to revolutionize the way you build enterprise applications? Discover the power of ServiceNow App Engine today and take your business to the next level.

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