Top Five Mobile Testing Challenges Testers Need to Overcome

Mobile testing challenges that testers face are audience needs, uneven mobile ecosystem, automation, network conditions, and browser matrices.
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There is a mobile application for every need and a probable competitor for every app. The job of mobile testing becomes essential, especially when the market is flooded with mobile apps. Mobile app testing is all about testing the quality and consistency of the mobile app for everyone in different aspects. It is not easy to build an app for a specific device in the maze of different operating systems, screen sizes, and mobile configurations. The growing number of mobile devices and apps enables app development companies to use modern frameworks and tools to reduce development efforts. But, testers face many issues while testing mobile apps when thinking of making a mobile app consistent for end-users. Read here more on significant mobile testing challenges concerning mobile app testing and how to manage them.

Most Astonishing Mobile App Challenges

The Uneven Ecosystem of Devices, Platforms, and OS Versions

There are many mobile platforms, devices, and OS versions. Moreover, iOS and Android platforms come with different versions, enriched features, and capabilities across other devices. They also create different testing fields for the app testers. When it comes to testing an app on Android, testers need to choose from many devices and compatible OS versions. With diverse testing options, it is not easy to test apps.


Go for a time-tested approach of detecting the issue with emulators to solve the challenge of dealing with multiple OS and devices. You better replace emulators with real devices with some restrictions. Try to get output on the latest OS versions.

Understanding What Your Audience Needs

Generally, testers prioritize key performance parameters of the app that are the same for a majority of apps prevalent in a niche. But, every app caters to unique audience needs and problems. So, testing should focus on helping end-users, improving their user experience, and matching their expectations.


While evaluating apps and picking up strategies and tools, it is mandatory to understand the expectations of target users and competitors. Moreover, app testers need to find design and development mistakes. It will help them get the app in good shape competitively.

Automation vs. Actual User Testing

With the availability of emulator tools around, automation testing helps testing teams evaluate mobile apps replacing the real devices across the platforms. Surprisingly, emulators also have their own shortcomings as they cannot fully replace the actual devices when it comes to testing output and capacity. Actual device testing with the targeted OS version is still exceptional in terms of efficiency.

test automation company


Simultaneously, mobile emulators and simulators are necessary testing tools for regular Regression Testing. They can’t be removed completely. So, keep them as a substitute option and concentrate on using actual device testing.

Network Condition Diversity

Generally, developers and testers opt for the best network speed and coverage while working for a targeted audience in an app project. On the other hand, users rarely use and access the app in multiple conditions: slow, poor, and lightning-fast network connectivity. Here, the prime challenge is to know if the app performs flawlessly in all network conditions or offers any other value creation option.


Testers try their best to test the app in different network conditions. It will be good if the app comes with offline access so that users can control the irrespective of the network conditions. Here, strategies like progressive lazy loading or local device caching can make a difference.

Large Browser Matrix

Using a browser matrix is an important step in the mobile app testing process. Testers target maximum browsers along with their versions while testing mobile apps. End-users may feel good with regular browser update, but it is a nightmare for the mobile app testers. If app testing is done with the older version of the browser, it may create a ruckus for users using the updated version of the browser. So, it is vital to be updated with newer versions for performing frequent mobile app testing cycles.


Here, cross-browser testing for web apps can do wonders. When testers opt for online mobile app testing tools, they keep their infrastructure and browsers updated. It is better not to go with tools that are slow and not feasible.

Summing Up

There are many mobile testing challenges apart from the above types that testers face while performing mobile app testing. Testers can never anticipate what sort of issues they are going to come across. So, mobile app testing strategies like functional, user-experience, security, interruption, and performance testing let testers ensure a quality output with better performance, security, UI, and value. You can take help from a qualified mobile testing company that can overcome all challenges and give the most effective mobile testing solution.

Get the most out of mobile testing with certified testers.

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