How We Helped PeLocal Penetrate the FinTech Market

PeLocal is a fintech app platform that offers digital payment solutions with the best payment experience from anywhere.
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PeLocal is a fintech app platform that offers digital payment solutions with the best payment experience from anywhere. The app accepts all modes of online payment.

Binmile has been working with PeLocal since 2020 to build a fintech mobile app product from scratch. The app lets merchants collect recurring payments, consumers pay securely and manage their revenue on the go. The app comes with loads of features for making and accepting payments in a hassle-free manner.

The Brief

As the fintech industry was growing at an unprecedented rate in the finance industry, PeLocal wanted to penetrate the market and get a niche in online payment processes for small merchants and their targeted audience. So, the prime need was to build and develop a fintech app that met accessibility standards to comply with Indian finance laws.

The app could help the client grow its stature and help both merchants and consumers manage their finances. The app was initially built with accessibility in mind. As the time rolled on, we added more features to cater to the changing needs of merchants and their targeted audience. So, the prime need was to concentrate on payment settlement on the same day via payment gateway.

Our Approach

From ideation to prototyping, design to development, testing to continuous engineering, we took care of everything associated with the project. We preferred an agile approach to address all challenges related to the app development needs.

Some of the primary needs concerning the app development were numerous API integrations, safe and secure data storage, scalability with the incremental release, the addition of specific features, settlement of money in customer’s bank account directly, and sharing of payment links.

To build the app, we relied on React Native, Python, React JS, HTML3, HTML5, and PHP tech stack. We developed a custom API with PayU to cater to unique business needs. We automated the way to send different payment links to the customers in bulk. We utilized DevOps automation for the seamless deployment of the app along with time and cost savings.

How We Made the Thing Happened?

The client’s motto was to have a one-stop solution app for financial transactions to promote local merchants and bring more customers to its fold. From the business point of view, we stick to the following process of app development stages so that client can get what it needs exactly. The process includes:

  • Winning the project to design and develop the fintech app
  • Product discovery to define client’s preferences for app needs
  • App development and quality assurance – Fintech app production with Continuous Integration: plan, code, build, test (and repeat). Ensuring quality assurance at every app development stage with manual and automated tests
  • Project kickoff and set up – Defining every role in the team, agreement on rules, next steps, and configuring tools
  • UX/UI design to check the look and functionality of the app – Creating a User Journey Map, clickable wireframes, visual user interfaces, and motion design
  • Publishing the fintech app on the Play Store
  • Post-development phase for maintaining the app – Detecting crashes, monitoring statistics, fintech product enhancement, and further development

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The Impact

Right now, the fintech application is fully accessible and available on the Play Store; the PeLocal app offers hassle-free digital payment solutions. It has entered the payment market with a ‘vocal for local’ approach. Now, both merchants and customers can get the best payment experience from anywhere and manage their revenue on the go.

The app is helping PeLocal penetrate the FinTech market that looks for payment collection from anyone and anywhere.

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