DevOps Automation to Mechanize Entire DevOps Pipeline

DevOps automation means technology addition for performing tasks with reduced human support. It fills the gap of feedback loops between operations and development teams, from accelerating processes to scaling environments to building continuous integration and continuous delivery deployment (CI/CD) workflows. The outcome of DevOps Automation helps in faster deployment to applications in production. Automation is an essential part of DevOps practices that amalgamates software development and IT operations to curtail the systems development life cycle (SDLC) and offer continuous delivery with high quality. Read this content to know more about the benefits of deploying DevOps Automation and its prospects in 2021, along with top automation tools.

Remunerations of deploying DevOps Automation

When it comes to knowing what DevOps processes you can automate, the entire DevOps pipeline matters the most. This pipeline has containing continuous integration, continuous testing, and continuous deployment processes that you can automate. Using automation with the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach helps IT teams offer self-service capabilities and distribute preapproved resources and configurations.

By mixing automation with application programming interface (API)-centric design, IT teams can deliver resources faster. This automation process also supports concept, development, testing, and deployment options. Automation in DevOps ensures faster speed, accuracy, consistency, reliability, delivery. This unique practice helps you

• Remove manual errors, dependency, and latency
• Empower team members with efficiency
• Increase frequency of releases and number of deliveries
• Reduce the lead time and Provides faster feedback
• Enable speed, reliability, and consistency

DevOps Automation in 2021

Like previous years, the focus of software and web development will be automation and chaos engineering.

“Everything automated – Build, deploy, test, infra and release. Single line of going to Production with required quality gates. Faster, Repeatable, Customizable and Reliable automation is key to the success of any project. Chaos engineering – Very critical aspect in today’s hybrid infra world. System behavior and Customer Experience are tightly coupled, the sooner you test this and better experience you provide to your customers,” says Nikhil Bhandari, Group Development Manager at Gibraltar India Development Center.

At local, national, and global levels, numerous web development companies are ready to accept greater automation in their infrastructure environments due to the significant advantages of a DevOps approach they get. To make this happen, one needs to automate the entire pipeline with the proper integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The AI and ML will help organizations detect where blockages or capacity issues occur. Overall, it is all about making DevOps pipeline smarter by anticipating problems and delivering potential solutions.

Top DevOps automation tools

Primarily, the DevOps team maintains widespread gigantic IT infrastructure classified into six categories, like configuration management, deployment automation, infrastructure automation, log management, monitoring, and performance management.

• Amazon Web Services (AWS) for infrastructure automation
• Chef for configuration management
• Jenkins for deployment automation
• App Dynamics for performance management
• Splunk for log management
• Nagios for monitoring

Summing up

You can make the most out of the DevOps pipeline by automating workflows of continuous integration, continuous testing, and continuous deployment in SDLC. If you are interested in automating your DevOps workflow, we at Binmile Technologies can help you. You can connect with us at – [email protected]


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