Helping Indian Vendor with FinTech App Solutions for Seamless Payment Settlement

Read the case study to know how an Indian app development company helped a finance industry player get a digital fintech app solution.
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PeLocal aims to revolutionize the way merchants receive and manage payments for the services provided to consumers, bridging the gap between merchants and consumers. Leveraging the power of intelligent digital technologies, Binmile helped PeLocal get a competitive edge with the most viable FinTech app solution.

  • Vertical: FinTech industry
  • Technology used: React Native, Python, React JS, HTML3, HTML5, and PHP
  • Time duration: On-ongoing
  • Team effort: 8 technology experts

A Snippet of Case Study


Need for payment settlement on the same day via payment gateway and earning credibility in the market. Lack of customer knowledge regarding product features and product utility in the weak network.


Binmile helped PeLocal client develop a quality Fintech app from scratch, ensuring consistent support and assistance.
Benefits: Binmile tech stack and technical acumen helped the client perform well in the finance market with a competitive product that is user-friendly and economically suitable for both merchants and consumers.

Scope of Work

Product conceptualization; UX/UI strategy and designs; mobile app development for Android & iOS; web development; API development and integration, and DevOps automation

Words of Praise (Testimonial) from PeLocal Client

“They are reliable, professional, & responsive! Binmile not only understands our business but also quickly implements FinTech solutions to address immediate challenges. They work with high integrity and prioritize our business needs. It’s been a pleasure to work with such a great Team.”

Prime Challenges

  • Need for safe and secure storage of user data
  • Scalability with the incremental release of new features
  • Numerous API integrations needed
  • Business requirements needed the amounts to be settled to the customer’s bank account directly
  • Sharing of payment links to the customers
  • Solution design and implementation to keep the product cost in check

Binmile took all challenges and gave the client exactly what it was looking for in the competitive market.

Binmile Solutions

  • Custom API developed with PayU to cater to the unique business need.
  • Background jobs set up to automate the sending of thousands of different payment links to the customers.
  • DevOps automation for seamless deployment with time and cost savings.

Overall Business Outcomes

Being vocal for local, PeLocal successfully promoted local merchants with the Fintech app, a one-stop solution for financial transactions.

  • Simple payment and customer management
  • Hassle-free digital payment solutions
  • Best payment experience from anywhere
  • Automated payment collection
  • Manage your revenue on the go

FinTech app product

About PeLocal

Pelocal App is the Best Payment Collection Solution. It helps you collect payments from anyone and anywhere, be it a one-time payment request or monthly recurring payment. The app comes with the following unique features

  • Sending F11SMS/Whatsapp/call reminders to customers
  • All modes of online payment accepted
  • On-boarding within 15 min
  • Zero maintenance
  • 24/7 support
  • Best in industry transaction rates
  • Same-day settlement in bank accounts
  • Customer record management

Chennai, India-based PeLocal is a happy client of Binmile Technologies and is satisfied with the FinTech app solution.

We like to go the extra mile with our clients.

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