Handling Risk with Confidence and Risk-informed Decisions with ServiceNow GRC

Find here how ServiceNow GRC can make a big difference to your business growth with an adequate response to business risks in real-time.
ServiceNow GRC Solutions

Many companies find it hard to make the most out of inefficient processes and siloed work models. This failure results in high costs, lower productivity, poor satisfaction, and compromised decision-making. ServiceNow Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) module helps individuals and business organizations manage policies, identify risks, assess the right assets, create controls, and conduct audits. GRC has platform capabilities for making cross-functional integration, process, and communication simplified. GRC software, a combination of different apps, allows companies to integrate and manage IT operations and manage core functions into a single integrated package. Read here more on how ServiceNow GRC responds to business risks in real-time and renders lots of benefits to business enterprises.

Respond to Business Risks in Real-Time with GRC

Every organization faces business risks at any level. These risks prevent the organization from communicating effectively, gaining real-time visibility, improving business resilience, and increasing productivity. Generally, managing directors, audit teams, compliance officers, IT teams, reporting auditors, and risk officers are GRC users who play functional and technical roles. ServiceNow GRC emerges as a great tool to transform inefficient processes into an integrated risk program across the organization. Through continuous monitoring and automation, GRC apps help you in:

  • Delivering a real-time view of risk and compliance
  • Improving decision making
  • Increasing performance across your organization

Highlights of GRC Features

Emergency Response Management feature

This feature helps organizations streamline and automate activities during an emergency. It lets you mobilize your business continuity efforts in the odd times of natural disasters and pandemics.

Automate and manage feature

This feature automates and manages standard, procedure, and policy life cycles. It also monitors for compliance uninterruptedly. ServiceNow offers a single platform to make all compliance efforts more transparent, organized, more straightforward, and highly reliable.

Risk Management feature

The feature of risk management in ServiceNow GRC enables organizations to appropriately prioritize and respond to risks with fine-grained business impact analysis. This feature makes a big difference when it comes to responding to business risks in real-time, especially with integrated risk management.

Audit Management feature

The best part of this unique feature is that it uses risk data to prioritize and scope audit plans. In addition, it successfully automates cross-functional processes. GRC gives businesses an edge when it comes to reducing audit costs, improving efficiency, and minimizing overall risk.

Vendor Risk Management feature

Another unique feature of GRC lets organizations monitor, detect, assess, mitigate, and remediate risk continuously in vendor ecosystems. We know how important the security of sensitive systems and data is and their risk and compliance posture. So, it is vital to assess your vendors regularly and mitigate all issues proactively.

Read more: How Organizations Can Use ServiceNow To Grow Business.

Summing Up

Remember that a strong, well-planned, executed, and maintained GRC program could offer a business limitless opportunities to grow and scale. Professional ServiceNow consultants help you get ServiceNow apps that connect the business, security, and IT with an integrated risk framework.

When it comes to extracting the best out of ServiceNow GRC, you can opt for ServiceNow GRC Implementation, migration, development, advisory, consulting, support, and testing services from experienced ServiceNow consultants.

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