Intelligent Solutions to Overcome Selenium Test Automation Challenges

Selenium testing is full of benefits to developers and end-users. Find here how to overcome Selenium test automation challenges effectively.
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With an increasing variety of browsers and devices, end-users consume content at an unprecedented rate. That is why software and app developers prioritize creating content flawless across multiple devices. It is rare to test content on individual browsers. The automation of workflow is mandatory to avoid monotonous tasks of cross-browser testing. When you think of web automation testing, a long list of frameworks is introduced to you. Selenium leaves a big impression as a superb tool to automate this process. Read the content and find out the top challenges and limitations that one is likely to face during automating Selenium testing.

Solving Various Selenium Test Automation Challenges

Selenium needs no introduction as the software automation testing tool is widely used as a portable framework for web automation testing. Selenium automation testing experts use programming languages like Java and Ruby. It is also concerned with wrapping Selenium testing scripts in the testing framework. Other aspects of Selenium testing are integration with testing tools and automation with data/keyword-driven and hybrid approaches. Like other testing tools, Selenium also has its pros and cons. Selenium automation testing services providing companies face the mentioned below challenges. Read how experts overcome these challenges with practical solutions.

Testing challenge: Management of prompts or web-based Alert pop-ups
Selenium solution: Selenium WebDriver functions well on windows and controls web-based alerts with the help of switchTo Method.

Testing challenge: Appropriate testing of dynamic content
Selenium solution: Deployment of the Explicit Wait practice to offer webpages enough time before they interact with elements.

Testing challenge: Testing Flash Apps properly
Selenium solution: Employ Flex Monikum to make swc files and accomplish them with app source codes. Connect the app to the Selenium IDE to record the test.

Testing challenge: Mobile testing performance
Selenium solution: Deployment of Appium tool to offer expertise in mobile testing

Testing challenge: Insufficient reporting facilities
Selenium solution: Selenium solutions will help in trend analysis and reporting. 3rd party tool integration to capture sharing reports and browser screenshots.

Testing challenge: Inefficiency in multi-tab testing
Selenium solution: Selenium testing experts know how to deploy switchTo method to ease multi-tab testing.

Prime Selenium Testing Services

Selenium testing matters the most when it comes to getting the best out of any software or app. Software testing experts use the testing tools to detect errors and correct them before the software product comes into the market. The following are some common Selenium testing service types that you can opt for having a 100% testified product.

Selenium Automated Functional Testing – This accurate functional testing automation is done using Selenium to uncover many operational flaws that testers overlook during manual testing.

Selenium Automated Regression Testing– Regression testing is ideal for software testing. It lets testers check if any new flaws are included in the software app when correcting the old ones.

Selenium Browser Compatibility Testing – Selenium tools also matter the most when it comes to testing the browser compatibility of the software application.

Automated Framework Creation – Creating an automated framework is common in this service type to identify the software app’s flaws. Moreover, this service helps clients develop a framework and correct identified deficiencies within a quick turnaround time.

Integration with Test Management Tools – The app’s integration with test management tools matters the most while executing the software testing process for apps. Testing experts can help you with error-free and flawless integration with test management tools.

Key Benefits of Selenium Testing Services

Selenium testing helps both the app development team and end-users of the software app. The following benefits of Selenium automation testing include:

  • Open-source automation testing tool
  • Easy to implement, learn and use
  • Constant updates available
  • Easy language and framework support
  • Clients get multi-browser support
  • Support across different operating systems
  • Parallel test execution
  • Reduced time to market

Automation saves you time and effort and reduces errors in the process of developing a web app. Although Selenium is a popular framework for automated testing out with loads of features, the tool can also make developers face some challenges and restrictions when creating automated tests. Known as a cloud-based product, the Selenium testing tool helps you scale your testing infrastructure.

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