Binmile Forges Long-term Partnership with ServiceNow

Binmile Technologies forged a technology partnership with ServiceNow for ServiceNow implementation, sale, resale, and subcontracting modules.
ServiceNow Partnership | Binmile

Recently, Binmile Technologies forged a technology partnership with workflow automation giant ServiceNow for ServiceNow implementation, sale, resale, and subcontracting modules. Binmile helps customers attain outcomes like enhanced efficiency, cost savings, and balanced staffing levels when it comes to understanding your business goals, building the roadmap, streamlining the process, and leading you to success. It means Binmile offers an exclusive set of value propositions and expertise in collaboration with ServiceNow in order to deliver custom solutions involving ServiceNow consulting, licenses, turnkey solutions, and mobile applications.

ServiceNow is an excellent tool for optimizing processes and creating workflows in a digital environment. Business users can access data and workflows by working with certified partners.

“We are pleased to join the ServiceNow Partner Program. Our partnership with ServiceNow will assist companies in maximizing the influence and return on their digital transformation investments. This unique alliance will enable customers to recognize and focus on processes for automation, create digital workflows, and optimize processes for more seamless digital operations,” added Avanish Kamboj, Founder and CEO of Binmile.

Understanding a ServiceNow Partner

A registered ServiceNow partner builds, certifies, tests, and sells apps or integrations through the ServiceNow store. A certified partner also offers business solutions and training to streamline the IT, employee, creator, and customer workflows. Working with a registered service partner ensures smooth, hassle-free implementation and delivery of value immediately. Binmile works closely with business enterprises of all sizes and types to transform their business with ServiceNow advisory, implementation, and support services.

Generally, a certified ServiceNow partner is a registered vendor that frequently meets a predefined set of qualifications reassessed by ServiceNow. Registered, specialist, premier, and elite are four different levels of ServiceNow programs. ServiceNow verifies not only the experience but also the expertise of its partners for delivering effective ServiceNow implementations, based on criteria like:

  • Country and regional coverage
  • Customer satisfaction rating
  • Customer success stories
  • Number of authorized trainers
  • Number of certified professionals
  • Product implementation expertise

Reap the Benefits of the ServiceNow Platform with a Registered Partner

There is a long list of benefits that ServiceNow users can have through a ServiceNow partner for projects and implementations. A ServiceNow Partner can assist a business organization of any size and type in maintaining or implementing ServiceNow products concerning IT, employee, creator, and customer workflows. Moreover, there are many benefits of hiring ServiceNow consultants and leveraging their overall experience to make the most out of the ServiceNow platform. Binmile’s ServiceNow capabilities enable IT and business users to

  • address end-customer problems
  • run their business productively
  • and access data and workflows

Experienced Binmile consultants build industry-specific solutions for clients from finance, eCommerce, utilities, healthcare, retailing, education, manufacturing, telecommunications, etc. Now, you can discover the true potential of ServiceNow with Binmile.

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ServiceNow Solutions Offered by Binmile

1. IT Workflow

IT workflows are related to building the future of IT by digitizing workflows on a unified and single platform. IT workflows are essential for automating IT processes and raising employee agility. There are different products and modules in IT workflow that help you connect your enterprise and modernize operations in order to transform your business. These include automated testing framework (ATF), governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), IT asset management (ITAM), IT business management (ITBM), IT service management (ITSM), IT service operations management (ITOM), and strategic portfolio management (SPM). IT workflow modules come to your help when you need to:

  • Create a captivating IT service experience
  • Deliver scalable services
  • Increase productivity
  • Optimize IT service operations
  • Predict and prevent issues
  • Run secure, automated digital operations

2. Customer Workflow

Customer workflow is a unique proposition for going beyond traditional CRM and field service. With the Customer service management (CSM) module, you can quickly drive customer loyalty with linked digital workflows ensuring automated functionality across departments. IT workflow module helps you to

  • create a seamless customer experience
  • scale customer operations
  • optimize field service

3. Creator Workflow

Creator workflow is beneficial for developing connected digital workflow apps at a faster pace using a low-code platform. Binmile offers workflow solutions via Integration Hub to break down organizational silos, manage multiple systems, and simplify the automation process. The creator workflow helps you when you plan to

  • build app faster
  • create a unified app experience
  • enhance visibility into end‑to‑end processes
  • reduce integration costs and complexities
  • safely deliver agile services at scale
  • solve unique business problems

4. Employee Workflow

Employee workflow is a unique way to allow employees to work and collaborate in a perfect environment that improves overall productivity and agility. With the HR service delivery (HRSD) module in employee workflow, Binmile helps you deliver the right experience to employees with improved productivity and streamlined experience. You can also quickly increase operational efficiencies through this module.

The ServiceNow Partner Ecosystem

Generally, ServiceNow offers six different partnering tracks, including sales partners (ServiceNow license resell model), services partners (companies selling ServiceNow services to end customers), technology partners (certification for companies developing solutions on the Now platform), service provider partners (a model for managed services providers), public sector partners (partners focusing on public sector customers), and training partners (partners for ServiceNow training content). Apart from these six options, another Sales and Services Partners program is also related to vertical market specialists.

Reasons to Engage with a ServiceNow Partner

Proficiency with specialization, timely use of resources, return on investment, and time-to-value are excellent benefits of working with a registered ServiceNow partner. The top five reasons to engage with a ServiceNow partner include:

  • When you need an experienced consultant to plan and implement ServiceNow for your organization
  • When you need guidance from ServiceNow module specialists who possess a deep understanding of ServiceNow
  • When you look for ServiceNow developers who bring their thought leadership skills across various industries
  • When you need help from experts for planning short-term goals and getting value by leveraging the platform to its fullest
  • When you look for someone who can ensure long-term commitment to your organization’s success

Points to Consider While Choosing a Registered ServiceNow Partner

ServiceNow recommends that business enterprises use the Now Platform for digital transformation and consult with an experienced partner to ensure long-term success. When deciding on a registered partner, enterprises should choose the right one. These unique points will help ServiceNow users find an experienced partner.

  • First, check the defined process used by ServiceNow partners for rolling out ServiceNow and meeting your business goals, needs, and characteristics
  • Find a ServiceNow Partner who is well-versed in the full ServiceNow suite and can support you as per your changing workflow management needs
  • Ensure your ServiceNow Partner focuses on extensive security features to monitor security throughout your business organization
  • Check ServiceNow partners’ potential experience and service level based on capacity, customer success, competency, and capability factors
  • Assess the ability of the ServiceNow partner to understand the technical aspects of a successful implementation concerning your goals and projects
  • Know the ability of your partner to understand out-of-the-box ServiceNow features and offer configuration solutions for maximum ROI and platform enhancement
  • Know if your registered partner offers full-service support or not when it comes to fulfilling ongoing business needs
  • Find a partner who values transparency in ROI and defines key performance indicators (KPIs)


Binmile is a registered ServiceNow partner for ServiceNow implementation, sale, resale, and subcontracting modules. Business enterprises of all sizes and types can enhance their IT-business landscape by taking ServiceNow solutions from a digital transformation company.

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