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Cloud Adoption as a Money-Spinner for Global Industries

Find here details of cloud adoption statistics and the benefits of adopting cloud techniques and trends for a business enterprises.
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Businesses of all sizes, geographies, and industries are embracing cloud services at an unprecedented rate. Like last year, both public and private cloud adoption has increased as more and more companies are showing interest in adopting the cloud for professional purposes. From collaboration to data availability, flexibility to greater agility, and cost savings to faster outcomes, there is a long list of business benefits that all business enterprises can avail of with the right cloud adoption strategy. Read the content and find out how cloud adoption emerges as a goldmine for all business types as per the reports of an Infosys survey. Also, read cloud adoption statistics and cloud adoption benefits that can help enterprises get a significant competitive edge.

Infosys Survey Reports Cloud Adoption as a Goldmine

According to a new survey conducted by Infosys Limited, business enterprises smell an ample opportunity with the increased adoption of cloud technologies. This increment renders an opportunity worth over $400 billion in various industries like financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, and retail. The study includes six big countries the US, UK, France, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand. It was a cloud radar study by the global brand, and the study involves around 2,500 respondents in these six countries.

“The survey from the global brand Infosys revealed that effective cloud adoption brought in up to $414 billion in new net profits per annum for businesses. “There’s a strong correlation between the bottom lines of corporations and cloud transformation. It’s good to see that we are able to add direct value to the bottom line of enterprises we work with, and this study has proven that we have a phenomenal opportunity,” says Narsimha Rao, EVP and head of cloud, infrastructure, and security services at Infosys.

There is a strong profit link to enterprises that prefer to use the cloud to rapidly bring new solutions and services to the market. The same applies to the company that likes to leverage automation and AI to build new cloud-based sources of revenue. As per the survey, enterprises can get the best out of cloud-fueled profit boosts if about 60% of their IT systems get cloud technology. Again, 60% profit can be availed by businesses if they adopt AI and cloud together. Here, cloud technology experts can help enterprises transition to the cloud. Interestingly, several enterprises have boosted their cloud adoption, and many are looking to adopt cloud technologies.

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Business Benefits Imparted by Cloud Adopting Trends

The key findings of the above-mentioned survey show the growing value of cloud adoption and the business benefits of going with cloud adoption strategies. Business enterprises of all sizes and types can make the most out of cloud consulting services to address their varying business needs with efficiency and speed. Have a look at some of the most common advantages of moving to cloud adoption strategies that allure business enterprises of all sizes and types. These include:

  • High speed, agility, and quick development without the dependency on on-site hardware limitations
  • Automatic software updates and integration with CI/CD pipeline
  • Efficiency and cost reduction using cloud infrastructure
  • Data security from breaches and cybercrimes with advanced security features
  • Scalability to minimize risks concerning different IT needs
  • Better collaboration across the teams simultaneously
  • Backup and restore data without capacity constraints
  • Faster recovery from disaster in multiple locations
  • Mobile access to corporate data via smartphone and devices
  • Data loss prevention with complete data security
  • Total visibility, access, and control over sensitive data
  • Stay ahead in the competition with cloud adoption benefits

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Summing Up

The survey findings of the cloud adoption statistics clearly show that cloud adoption is a $414-billion goldmine for companies. That is why cloud consulting services are seen as a bolster to check how companies can invest and use technology. Cloud technology is a big boon for all established, small, or medium-sized companies. But, the prime question is how they can make the most out of cloud technology. When it comes to picking up the suitable cloud adoption framework, tool, and service type, cloud, and DevOps experts give you an edge.

A professional software development company helps you define, execute, and manage your cloud adoption journey. Remember that strategic cloud adoption and migration are vital for achieving data security objectives in the cloud efficiently.

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