Bill McDermott on ServiceNow Growth, Performance, Model, & Competition

Read here Bill McDermott thoughts on ServiceNow growth, workflow experience, expansion, Q1 performance, innovation, and competition.
Bill McDermott on ServiceNow Growth, Performance, Model, & Competition | Binmile

ServiceNow is a superb cloud-based platform to automate workflows and processes within organizations around the world. Since ServiceNow Chief Bill McDermott held the reins of ServiceNow, the workflow automation company has touched new milestones. Read the content and find out what ServiceNow boss Bill McDermott thinks about ServiceNow growth, workflow experience, expansion, Q1 performance, business-model innovation, and competing in a SaaS landscape.

Five Unique Quotes and Sayings from Bill McDermott Interviews

On Taking the Company Forward Through to 2026

“Why are we beholden to an organic growth strategy? Because we’re growing faster than any other SaaS company in the world at scale. And we’re doing that with the best free cash flow margin profile in the business. Therefore you have to say to yourself, why is this working so well? And I think it’s working so well because of the architecture – of one platform and one data model fitting so neatly into IT, employee, customer, and creative workflows. I always say, we’re making a market. No one has to lose for us to win. We are also making all those 20th century systems of record…work better, by taking the workflow across the enterprise. So really organic growth is the path forward. If we [acquire] it’s done on a tucking basis, not by buying revenue like other [vendors]. We want a clean, pristine platform for our customers to prosper on.”

On Winning New SaaS Landscape Against Rivals like Salesforce or Atlassian

“It’s very clear to me that we’re playing a different game. Nobody has to lose for ServiceNow to win. We are a platform company. We are a better-together story. If you look at our company, 17 of our top 20 deals came from multiproducts into a real [packaged] solutions company. What you’re seeing is ServceNow having one architecture, one platform and one data model. There’s a reordering of the competitive landscape that’s taking place, not because we are eating anyone’s lunch but because we’ve defined a brand-new market. Perhaps others might get nervous about that. But they shouldn’t be. Because all of their solutions integrate into our platform anyways. And there could be more cooperation if everyone just adopted the ServiceNow platform.”

On Business-Model Innovation

“As I think about our platform and the role it plays in this economy, the option of having ServiceNow really drives incredible business-model innovation. Because if you look at companies like Disney reinventing themselves with Disney+, if you think about employee experiences where the employee now is in many cases being hired into a company and never actually physically meeting the people that hire them—but they need to have their tools and all the things to do their job and have self-service at their fingertips so they can be productive—all the way through to people building new applications on a platform because things are changing so quickly. All of this and more has just really put digital transformation at the center of every CEO’s agenda.”

On ServiceNow’s Q1 Performance

“Digital transformation was a business imperative pre-COVID with $7.4 trillion of projected spend over the next three years. Post-COVID, digital transformation will accelerate, and ServiceNow is the workflow standard for digital transformation. And most important, the Now Platform—the platform of platforms—has become the standard for workflow-design experiences. We never stopped pushing. We will not slow down… We delivered a strong Q1, beating guidance and consensus. We have shown we can deliver.”

On Workflow Behind Every Experience

“Cloud consumption stayed high as customers relied on the Now Platform as a workflow workhorse. Around the world, we see that customers who are farthest along in their digital transformations are better equipped to manage this crisis. Companies lagging behind are realizing that they now have a burning problem: accelerating digital transformation has become a business imperative. And behind every great experience is a great workflow. Today, that matters more than ever, and the power of the Now Platform has become self-evident to customers in this pandemic. They are leveraging the Now Platform to quickly deploy workflow apps that enable better crisis management and business outcomes.”

On the Expansion of Now Platform

“The connected enterprise side was good from an IT perspective, but then when we look at the adoption, it tends to be a lot in the manufacturing areas. So this is leading us down a path of having a much more vertical focus as well, where people are coming to us saying ‘we appreciate what you’ve done for human resources or IT, but this is the part of the company that makes us revenue, so what can you actually do to start improving that? A few years ago there wasn’t really that much of a virtualization strategy, it was more everything we do applies to employees or people or customers. But what we’re seeing now is predominantly customer driven, it’s these different industries coming to us and saying ‘we think there’s something more we can do with the platform in those areas, if we give you the expertise can you help build the product?’. So it’s a lot of work with design partners to actually build these solutions, and then with the integration partners to actually look at what they can provide around that as well.”

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Simply take help from experienced ServiceNow experts and automate workflows and processes in different verticals.

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