SimInvest mobile app

FinTech Mobile App for Indonesian Investment Giant to Cater to Millennial Retail Investors


SimInvest is a mobile app from a Jakarta, Indonesia-based securities company. Siminvest is a subsidiary of Sinar Mas Group founded in 1938, and one of the largest conglomerates in Indonesia. It is one of the brokers that brought a revolution in the Fintech community in Indonesia. We, at Binmile, helped the client with SimInvest mobile app for stock and mutual investment targeted at millennial retail investors around their requirements.

• Vertical: Finance Industry
• Technology stack: React Native, MySQL, GoLang, and Google Cloud
• Time duration: 6 months
• Team effort: 10 technology experts

FinTech app product

A Snippet of case study

Challenge: The client wanted to have a user-friendly online platform that connects it with the Millenials. It also expected low brokerage charges and have a schedule of educating users.

Solution: Binmile helped SimInvest develop a fintech app from scratch to cater to the changing needs of generation Y.

Benefit: Binmile technical understanding, resources, and tech stack helped the client perform well in the capital investment market with a unique and user-friendly SimInvest fintech product.

Scope of work: Product conceptualization; architectural roadmap, web app development for Android and iOS; API development and integration; UX/UI strategy and designs, and DevOps strategy and automation

Prime challenges addressed

The client had quite an experience working on desktop applications. It felt the need to connect with the Millenials to create user-friendly online platforms with low brokerage charges. Binmile addressed the following challenges.

• Designing an app that millennials can use easily
• Creating an architecture that up scales
• Creating new features as well as maintaining the old ones
• Migration from Alibaba Servers to Google cloud platform
• Tracking the user with the help of big data analytics
• Monitoring real-time results

Binmile also had to cater to data management, data security, API integration, API customization, and deployment issues.

Binmile solutions for SimInvest mobile app

We are experienced and have a team of experts that provides unique solutions to unique problems. We resolved every issue through intensive research, dedication, and development.

• React Native for developing iOS and Android apps with one codebase.
• Automation with CI-CD for delivering new builds to QA to Product to Playstore/AppStore
• Data analysis using Amplitude, Google Analytics, etc
• Tracing production errors and fixing them.
• Code Push Integration for faster deliveries, the user doesn’t need to update the app, the updated code
• An agile methodology using Jira to plan, execute and deliver

Binmile employed the best practices for secure and safe data storage and coordination with stakeholders in Bahasa. APIs were integrated with the frontend for having a seamless user experience and check issues. Binmile also utilized DevOps practices —CI/CD pipeline, Continuous Monitoring, and Continuous Testing—for seamless deployment. We employed these practices to develop a fully functional mobile app.

Overall business outcomes

• Hassle-free investing experience
• Star points collection and redemption
• Availability of quality research material to make informed decisions
• User-friendly and convenient platform for millennials
• Simplified investment process
• Barriers to communication eradicated
• Real-time monitoring for users
• The strategic advantage with migration to Google cloud platform

About SimInvest

SimInvest, a part of Sinarmas Group, is a reliable and trusted investment partner for every investor in Indonesia. It plans to launch a platform for investment in the capital markets as part of the millennial lifestyle.

The SimInvest mobile app provides you a “one-stop platform” to place investment orders for funds in mutual and stocks. Investors can download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.