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Choosing the Best ITSM Tool to Harness IT Resources: ServiceNow vs Ivanti

Find how ITSM tools make things happen for business enterprises. Also, consider ServiceNow vs Ivanti to get the right tool for your IT needs.
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Business enterprises of all sizes and types expect to churn the best out of their existing resources without inflating risk and costs. Many IT service management (ITSM) software products simplify workflows and tasks concerning quality IT service delivery and management. ITSM simply relates to how the IT team manages different activities and processes and activities needed to design, build, deliver, and support IT services. It is directly associated with the end-to-end delivery management of these services to customers. When it comes to picking the best ITSM tool available in the competitive market, companies find it hard to decide because all products don’t overcome real business needs. Here, we will compare two popular ITSM products: ServiceNow vs Ivanti. This comparison will make things easy for you.

Why ITSM Matters the Most

ITSM is more than basic IT support as it covers all forms of technology in a workplace, like hardware and software devices and apps. It is mandatory in the modern business culture to manage the ever-increasing complexity of modern infrastructures and continually make core IT systems and services fully operational. That is why IT teams employ robust ITSM tools to smooth workflow, increase production, reduce intricacies, and get the shared outcome. Prime benefits of working with an ITSM software include:

  • Business continuity assurance
  • Business inefficiencies reduction
  • Consistent IT service delivery
  • Support for business efficiency and operations

The future of ITSM software looks bright. According to the findings of a global research company Statista, the global IT service management (ITSM) software market was valued at 1.9 billion U.S. dollars in 2016. It is likely to reach 2.3 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. The ITSM market has shown improvement in the last few years.

ITSM software products are made for all business types. Some people believe that small businesses may not require an ITSM tool to get all tasks completed. On the other hand, big enterprises and mid-sized organizations rely upon a rigorous ITSM tool for managing their IT resources.

Ivanti or ServiceNow: A Candid Comparison

Generally, ITSM tools come with the following features: Agent workspace, asset management, cost management, change management, request management, configuration management, continual improvement management, DevOps, incident management, knowledge management, performance analytics, predictive intelligence, problem management, process optimization, reporting, service level management, vendor manager workspace, and workforce optimization. All these features ensure you get ITSM solutions for automating workflows.

ServiceNow ITSM

Cloud-based servicenow ITSM solution is a pioneer that enhances user experience and increases business productivity by delivering resilient services. It lets you scale workflows and manage IT services. With artificial intelligence (AI) feature, it enables you to drive automation and accelerate technology changes yourself via chatbot technology. Some of the key differentiators of the tool include:

  • Faster consolidation of disparate tools into an interactive system
  • Shared data analytics with reliable IT service workflows
  • AI-assistance to boost the efficiency of agents.
  • Auto incidents assignment to the right team
  • Consistent employee service experiences
  • Automated support for requests with virtual agents
  • Built-in dashboards and machine learning
  • Real-time analytics for decision making
  • IT management capabilities
ServiceNow Automation | Binmile

Ivanti Neurons for ITSM

A flexible and cloud-optimized ITSM helps you renovate your IT service delivery, automate workflows, eliminate manual efforts, and utilize available resources efficiently. Basically, it delivers the flexibility and functionality that a business enterprise needs for its overall growth. Some of the prime differentiators of the tool include:

  • Simple incident management system
  • Knowledge management capabilities
  • Web-based self-service tool
  • Role-based dashboards
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Streamlining the management of complex environments
  • Configuration and change management capabilities
  • Problem, availability, and release management
  • Service level, event, and financial management

Your Verdict

You can opt for an Ivanti or ServiceNow implementation specialist to make the most out of your workflow automation needs. ServiceNow specialists offer ServiceNow solutions for product consultancy, implementation, software development, and workflow automation.

Ivanti Neurons for ITSM can be an excellent choice for adapting and scaling your business needs effortlessly. ServiceNow ITSM, a single cloud-based solution, is empowered by platform-native AI, improves user experience, productivity, and solves complex issues quickly. Using easy-to-use dashboards and reports, Ivanti ITSM streamlines the IT service delivery and management process. On the other hand, ServiceNow ITSM comes with loads of features that make your IT future-proof with a single cloud platform.

Before you jump to any conclusion, you better analyze the two ITSM tools’ features that fit your IT service needs.

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