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A Tale of Two Global Brands that Upgraded to Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

From Pinterest to ZEE5, MakeMyTrip to Forbes, and Starbucks to Flipkart, all global brands have witnessed an increase in overall traffic, conversion rate, revenues, and user engagement rate after moving to a new standard called Progressive Web Applications (PWAs). These brands understood the status of disruption and acknowledged the growth of mobile usage over the years. They implemented PWAs to improve the performance and offer their targeted audience an enriched user experience and engagement through the mobile web. PWAs are web-like apps that reproduce the features of native desktops or mobile apps. Read the success stories of two global brands and find out how the PWA technology helped them get immense benefits.

Leading UK clothing brand

Owned by ASDA Walmart, is a leading UK clothing brand. The brand upgraded its website to a Progressive Web App (PWA) and saw a 31 percent increase in mobile conversion.


ASDA George realized revamping an outdated mobile solution to view higher consumer expectations around the mobile shopping experience. To improve the offer for mobile customers, the brand focused on a mobile-first approach, design, speed, and functionality.


To meet the challenge and enhance the mobile experience, the brand opted for building a Progressive Web App. The brand worked with a UK-based digital experience company to evaluate customer journey. With PWA deployment, the brand was able to realize the benefits immediately. The PWA best practices helped the brand improve speed, reduce web page load time, increase conversion rate, and get more views per visit.

• 3.8x – Faster average page load time
• 2x – Lower bounce rate
• 31% – Increase in Conversion Rate
• 20% – More page views per visit
• 28% – Longer average time on site for visits from Home screen

Now, the brand can offer a more secure end-to-end shopping experience for customers, allowing them to stay in touch with the brand while offline. Ultimately, it helped in creating a native app-like experience on the web.

OLX – The largest online destination for classified ads in India

OLX provides a common platform in high-growth markets with pulsating online marketplaces for buying, selling, or exchanging used goods and services. The India-based classified ad platform moved to PWA for boosting re-engagement on the mobile web by 250%.

OLX gets 90% of its traffic from mobile devices via the mobile website and native app. The higher mobile-web bounce rate and slow-loading pages were a matter of concern with poor mobile web experience. OLX adopted PWA technology for having a faster-loading, immersive, and app-like experience.

For re-engaging mobile web users, the PWA technology helped OLX taking advantage of re-engagement capabilities, including the “Add to Home screen” prompt and push notifications. It also improved the interaction rate and dropped the bounce rate. Ultimately, OLX gets improved web page quality, improved monetization, enhanced CTR, and faster page loading.

• 23% less time until the page is interactive
• 80% lower bounce rates
• 146% higher CTR on Ads
• 250% more re-engagement

“In 2016, we re-invented classifieds mobile experience with the release of the new OLX App and its PWA. Building a new platform, we leveraged innovative technology and deep consumer understanding to roll out improved and forward-looking product changes that make the online classifieds experience safer, simpler, and social. Mobile being the first screen to theinternet for millions of users in India, we wanted to ensure that not only app-savvy users but people comfortable in using mobile websites can feel the same experience while using OLX. The PWA version feels like a natural app on the device, with an immersive user experience,” says Amarjit Batra, CEO, OLX India.

Summing up

The success stories of and OLX are just a beginning. There are lots of benefits that business enterprises can have after updating their sites to PWAs. PWAs make a difference as a progressive web app that is fast, responsive, cheaper to build. Here, business enterprises need to take help from progressive web apps development companies that ensure comprehensive business-oriented PWA solutions.

Get ready to have a greater engagement with updated, secure, reactivable, app-like, and linkable features through PWAs.

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