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Unique React Native Components for Cross-platform App Development

Developers, get amazing apps with React Native components like Element, Base, Bit, Ignite, or Paper for smooth software and app development.
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Nowadays, cross-platform apps are in much demand because they are compatible with multiple operating systems. hat is precisely why companies offering React Native app development services are earning massive popularity in the market via effective cross-platform app development. React Native is a superb framework for software and app development for multiple platforms with a single code base for Windows, iOS, and Android. Facebook, Skype, Walmart, Instagram, and UberEats are some leading names that banked upon React Native to have amazing apps. Read here more on top React Native components that contribute is safe and smooth software and app development.

Why React Native for App Development

React Native, a JavaScript-based app framework, allows app developers to develop natively generated iOS and Android apps. You can create a React Native-Based app for different platforms with the help of the same codebase. It uses native components in place of web components (React). React Native makes platform-specific versions to share code across platforms easily. Also, it leverages one team support for more than one platform, carrying a standard technology. Look at some interesting reasons why you should prefer React Native for app development.

  • Cost-effective over other frameworks
  • Cross-platform
  • Easy bug detecting with a single codebase
  • Easy to develop the app
  • Enhanced and customized app user experience
  • React Native community and libraries for seamless development

Top React Native Constituents for Software Development

If you are ready to develop your app with React Native, you need to know what components in React are vital for app designing. If you go through platform guidelines, you will find the following components highly useful for creating a robust business app. These components include:

React Native Elements

Famous as a cross-platform UI toolkit, React Native groups some open-source UI components at a specific location. The elements of React Native come with unique themes that developers can change in the runtime without reloading the app. It has general-purpose UI components for the overall user experience and app design. Hence, it lets business enterprises focus on logic quickly and develop attractive apps with a unique visual appearance.

React Native Base

Available in the utility-first library, React Native Base helps developers develop a uniform design system across iOS, Android, and Web platforms. It is easy to access and can be used for having a better app experience. The element of Theme Ability helps you personalize the theme and component styles of the app. Some React hooks through the ARIA allow developers to access design systems swiftly. Some of the benefits of NativeBase include:

  • Naturally Beautiful with attractive components
  • Multi-Platform support to customize app properties
  • Accessible and offer the box effect
  • Customizable themes as per-app requirements

React Native Vector Icons

Ideal for buttons, logos, and nav/tab bars, Vector Icons from React Native is easy to extend, style, and integrate into app development. It lets you find your choice components that match your exact needs. Some of the benefits of using Vector Icons Component include: Highly intuitive for designing; faster icon importing, and simple to extend, style, and integrate.

Material Kit of React Native

Entirely coded with the app template, React Native Material Kit enables developers to develop apps quickly and efficiently. Developers get the freedom of choosing and mixing with over 200 component variants, including inputs, navigations, buttons, cards, etc. You can easily manage and modify color variation inside the theme file. Some prime benefits of using React Native Material Kit include Documentation, expo.io + iOS/Android, Google Material Design, and Open-Source Fonts.

React Native Bit

React Native Bit tool is component-driven that you can use for faster app development. Being an extensible toolchain for systems, it makes things happen in favor of developers when it comes to comprehending, testing, maintaining, and collaborating on app development projects. With Bit component, developers can create components outside an app and utilize them to constitute multiple apps. Moreover, it enables developers to alter the functionality of components in the app.

React Native and startups | Binmile

React Native Paper

React Native Paper is a set of production-ready and customizable components for React Native mobile app development. This component lets you customize features easily. You can also utilize the theming support when switching between light and dark modes. The following are some benefits of using React Native Paper:

  • Fast and interface
  • Free and open-source
  • High-quality-compliant material design libraries
  • Pivotal use-cases for app development
  • Responsive and reliable on both platforms

You can also hire experienced React Native developers having the right skills to add interaction that suits almost every use-case design using React Native Paper.

React Native Ignite

The famous boilerplate React Native Ignite is ideal for app development as it is a set of Infinite Red’s thoughts on patterns, layout, and stack in a single location. The tool helps developers save their maximum development time. It also contains:

  • AsyncStorage and flipper-ready
  • MobX-React-Lite and MobX-State-Tree
  • React Native and TypeScript
  • React Navigation 5

Summing Up

Although there is a long list of React Native components used by developers, the best available UI components of React Native are mentioned above for your upcoming software development project. Fully utilizing these components in a project to get the best possible results may require a deeper expertise in the framework with effective working knowledge. Businesses can opt to outsource their projects to an adaptive React Native app development company to get better results.

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