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Why React Native as an Exciting Technology Make Developers Going Gaga Over It?

Find new trends and features that make React Native app development exciting and allure developers favour the framework.
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Undoubtedly, mobile apps are the future of all businesses. If you know how to leverage them rightly, you are about to get success and good ROI. Building the right mobile app for your business is essential to get things on your side. There are lots of frameworks around that developers use for making fast and secure mobile apps. React Native is such a valuable asset for app development companies.

According to a 2020 developer survey by research company Statista, React Native is the most popular cross-platform mobile framework used by 42 percent of software developers globally. It means more than one-third of mobile developers use cross-platform technologies or frameworks, not native tools. Read the content and know why new trends make React Native app development exciting and developers favor the framework.

Developers’ First Choice React Native App Development

We know that React Native is a cross-platform development that helps developers building mobile apps using JavaScript language. It is vital for developing applications for both Android and iOS consuming a single codebase and the same design. The prime reasons to choose React Native for mobile app development include a single code base, shorter development time, lower costs, interactive UX/UI design, high performance, and native feel. Look at some interesting facts showing why Flutter app development gives app developers an edge over other app development frameworks.

React Native is a perfect web app development tool that builds high-end applications like Uber and Instagram. When it comes to reusing existing codes for desktop or web apps, React Native app development induces a big difference. Please have a look at some of the aspects that favor Flutter and give it an edge. These include:

  • Minimized development cost and time
  • Simple and easy maintenance
  • Reusable dynamic platform components
  • Easier cross-device user experience
  • Easy third party integrations
  • Hot Module Replacement (HMR) features
  • Support and community assistance

Stunning Features for App Development

Hybrid app platforms are contributing to poising the user experience and development cycle. React Native is globally renowned for building complex hybrid apps with its’ advanced natural features. React Native is alive and thriving. The React Native 0.62 version is loaded with new features and tools, like

  • Flipper – A mobile app debugger to support React Native by default
  • New Dark Features – A new Appearance module for customizing the user’s appearance
  • Upgrade Tool – A new assisting tool to help developers upgrading to the newer versions
  • LogBox – The all-new design of RedBox, YellowBox, and logging capabilities in React Native with concise, formatted, and actionable features
  • New Pressable API – Detection of different types of touchscreen interactions
  • Native Colors – A ready-made solution PlatformColor () for using system colors

When it comes to making React Native more flexible, features like a new streaming model, simplified bridge, and asynchronous rendering capabilities can do wonders. Fantastic performance, rich user interface, rapid action development, and accessible maintenance features make React Native profitable for business enterprises in 2021.

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Why Hire React Native Developers

You are supposed to get a success guarantee when hiring React Native Developers from certified and professional Indian React Native App Development company. From cost-saving to faster time-to-market to a flawless app product, Indian app developers can give you lots of benefits than app developers from a western country. Hiring developers emerges as the best solution if business owners about the involvement of complexity in react native app development services. If you think the cost is the biggest concern, be sure React Native Developers from India professionally commits a cost-efficient choice.

Prototyping, wireframes, and mockups; quality assurance and app testing; app support and maintenance; custom react native app development; integration of AI and ML capabilities, and server-side API integration are some of the services that you can get for making your mobile app a success in the competitive scenario.

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