React Native to Solve Business Complexities with Cross-platform App

React Native emerges the top most solution for business enterprises looking for functional app that runs well on popular mobile platforms.
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The popularity of handheld devices powered by Android and iOS apps is increasing at a fast pace.  Business enterprises invest heavily in creating business-centric apps to tap the market and catch customers on mobile phones to entertain a much wider audience on multiple mobile platforms. Consequently, cross-platform apps take center stage. A cross-platform app solves the intricacy of changing customer behavior and customers’ need to serve them where they are. One of our leading clients in product development, product strategy, and digital transformation space is getting the added benefits of cross-platform apps to tap the payments market and let its customers pay digitally. Read the content ahead and find out how React Native delivers value to business enterprises and solves intricate issues.

Choosing React Native as the Right Mobile Technology for Cross-Platform Apps

While cross apps bring infinite features and possibilities, the bottom-line is selecting a specific mobile technology for mobile app development among different options available around. In the above mentioned case study, we delivered a unique solution through a custom app using React Native.

Before React Native, developers had to create two separate apps for iOS and Android platforms. This trend resulted in more complex development processes and higher expenses. Now, this framework helps cross-platform app development teams build apps using the same codebase across iOS and Android. It, ultimately, reduces time and development costs. This open-source framework boosts the development of cross-platform apps. Here, choosing the right app means having an app that solves problems and makes business processes easy.

For example, the client asked us for a highly scalable application: robust in performance, seamless in user experience, and developed with a vision. Moreover, it should meet the demand of mobile users while maintaining quality. To get such a cross-platform app, we chose React Native to fulfill all business needs of time and cost management.

Measurable Outcomes of Using the Open-Source Framework

React Native is an open-source framework for building cross-platform mobile apps that developers use to build user interfaces. An app developed with this framework functions like an Android and a native iOS app and creates a beautiful user experience (UI). It makes mobile app development easy for both developers and companies. Consequently, such apps help in saving valuable time and overhead costs. There are lots of benefits of using a React Native framework for having quality business apps.

For example, we developed a cross-platform app for the payments market, especially for the services that were recurring and highly local. We preferred React Native for its various features, including cross-platform capability, faster MVPs development, User Interface (UI), declarative style, highly readable ability, reusable codes, class performance, agility, efficiency, and speed. The best part of using this framework was that it let developers code once and apply anywhere. As a result, we gave the client what he was exactly looking for. These were the added benefits of using React Native for having performance apps. These include:

  • iOS and Android supported
  • Optimal performance
  • Code reusability and pre-developed components
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Modular architecture
  • Increased stability and reliability
  • Strong performance for mobile environments

The mobile application was developed by experienced developers with the idea of being vocal for local. It also empowered digital payments and digital transformation at the local level. Our solutions helped the client save time and cost that he was supposed to invest in making separate apps for Android and iOS users.

Summing Up

The finding of a Developer Survey on the impact of React from a business perspective reveals that about 54% of tech teams prefer to React as a JavaScript framework for regular web development use. Besides, 74.5% of developers find React as the most workable web framework. React Native also emerges as the top most solution for business enterprises looking for a functional and performing app that runs well on popular mobile platforms. This unique framework simply solves business complexities of time and cost management with cross-platform apps with loads of features.

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May Sanders
Content Contributor

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