Cross-browser Test Automation for CMBS Player

Improved quality, no maintenance overheads, and happier engineers with a comprehensive end-to-end cross-browser test automation on the cloud platform using Lambda Test.


The client is an industry-leading US Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS) player who faced challenges in ensuring quality standards as it rolled out new features in its web application. The client had an ongoing project, and it offered its services via business apps to deliver the timeliness, accuracy, and breadth of specialized information to help people make better decisions. The client wanted to confirm that its apps function smoothly on various platforms in a fuss-free manner. The client contacted Binmile Technologies to get an instant solution to overcome the same challenges. Binmile overcame all challenges using a comprehensive end-to-end cross-browser test automation on the cloud platform.

The Challenge (Client needs)

The client provides solutions for banks, insurance companies, opportunity funds, government agencies, and dealers, so it needs various interfaces to interact with CMBS, CRE, and CLO applications.

As per the client’s business needs, there was a need to test the smooth functionality of more than 20 applications on different platforms, including operating systems, desktop, and mobile browsers. The engineering team had to ensure the same by deploying high-quality releases at a very high velocity.

The testing team, at the time, was getting frustrated due to the issues with their automation testing. The client thought of the automation testing using GRID, but setting up environments, platforms, end-to-end regression testing suites, dependencies, and package management could take several weeks or even months. Main points of challenges include:

  • Ensure UI of web application suite works flawlessly with various browsers
  • Time-consuming and on-demand scalability issues
  • Dedicated DevOps team required
  • Limitations to run parallel sessions at scale

The Solution

To resolve the above problems of app testing and address the challenges of app performance, the client chose Binmile to offer a cloud-based testing service. Moving to the cloud infrastructure and dedicated service with ‘LAMBDA TEST’ helps build and run tests to get better coverage. Consequently, the development team focuses its attention on crafting a robust end-to-end suite.

Browser Support

QA can perform automated cross-browser testing with Selenium scripts on 2000+ browsers. LambdaTest help in evaluating how well web applications render when accessed through a variety of different browsers.

Language and Framework Supports

Selenium Grid supports all the languages & frameworks that are compatible with Selenium. QA has the flexibility to use Java, C#, Java Scripts, PHP, and most popular frameworks like JUnit, cucumber, Behat, NUnit, Robot, WeddriverIO, NightWatchJS, mocha, and JestLibrary.

Operating Systems & Mobile Devices

More than ten desktop operating systems and six browsers having the latest versions are available for product testing. Moreover, if you go with your mobile application’s responsiveness, more than 40 mobile devices with Android and iOS versions are ready.

The Impact (Outcome)

  • The client gets improved quality, no maintenance overheads, and happier engineers.
  • Lambda Test’s elastic cloud of browsers allows the client flexibility to add capacity when required, without any maintenance overheads or resource constraints on their Continuous Integration (CI).
  • The client builds apps and tests much quicker.
  • Today 700+ automated and parallelized test cases are run on the client’s CI infrastructure.
  • Lambda Test features like the screenshot, visual testing, and console logs helped simplify the bug-detection process, boosting the overall code quality.
  • Engineers can perform root cause analysis or diagnosis on their test in case something went wrong.
  • Engineers can also monitor the total time and effort spent on running tests and use the insights to optimize their test suite, making it more reliable.
  • The client is swiftly moving towards the ideal state of software testing with a high coverage test suite, accelerated release frequency, and happier engineers.


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