Latest Trends that Improve the Frontend Web Development Scenario

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Frontend means the overall look and appearance of digital products. In a digital world, the software’s aesthetics matters the most in terms of brand culture, customer experience, and customer emotional connection with products. Here, a great frontend plays a vital role in enhancing the user experience with lots of benefits. It offers both business enterprises and developers advantages of faster development, enhanced security, real-time programming, responsive features, etc. Find here a few trends in frontend technology that will change the scenario of web development effectively.

Most Popular Programming Language

Without a doubt, JavaScript has led the list of programming languages in terms of usage and popularity.  In 2021, JavaScript offers a range of libraries and frameworks, allowing developers to build beautiful applications and websites. When compared to other languages, JavaScript is made rich with new JavaScript ES2020 features and updates. These features will deliver lots of benefits to frontend developers. These include:

  • BigInt – This feature allows developers to get a more excellent integer representation in their JS code for data handling.
  • Dynamic import – It lets developers an alternative to import JS files dynamically as modules in their native application.
  • Nullish Coalescing – This feature allows frontend developers to check nullish values in place of falsey values.
  • Optional Chaining – This feature permits developers to access deeply nested object properties without thinking of the property’s existence.
  • String#matchAll – This unique feature added to the String prototype is related to Regular Expressions.

The findings of a Developer survey on the impact of React from a business perspective show how React will change the scenario of mobile app development uniquely. It shows that 31.3% of tech teams like to go with React over Angular and Vue for building their mobile app products.


Developers love to create engaging and rich web apps with minimal coding. That is the prime reason why ReactJS is a dominant framework and library for Javascript. This framework’s speed and simplicity make it the first choice of all developers who expect better performance.

After ReactJS, AngularJS and VueJs are gaining popularity for helping developers save valuable time with an MVC architecture, menial coding, two-way data binding, etc.

The survey findings also show that about 54% of tech teams prefer to React as a Javascript framework for regular web development use. 74.5%  of developers responded that React is the most web framework they like to work with. Moreover, React is the framework that about 32% of developers want to learn next.


The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) technology has changed the scenario of app and web development. It helps developers simplify the most crucial steps in app and website development and focus on more high-end tasks. This technology simplifies the tasks of self-learning algorithms, automated testing, and Quality Assurance (QA). The AI technology results in saving maximum time that developers can invest in other high-end tasks. Developers will likely overuse this technology in the coming years.

In this digital age, improving the customization of user experiences matters the most.  Here, AI can make a big difference in customizing UX experience and improving customer journeys through recommendations, suggestions, and search engine results. Here, AI-powered chatbots can help companies improve customer experiences, and customers get real-time outcomes. The growing trend of mobile usage is likely to make way for more progressive web apps (PWAs). The PWAs will meet the demands of modern consumers who love to browse and shop via mobiles. These apps will be a trend in coming years with the following features:

  • Faster load times
  • Streamlined design and functionality
  • Ability to operate with no internet connection

Architecture Style & Design

In frontend technology, micro frontends are a popular trend that took the industry by storm. In the world of nerd herds, micro-frontends are a technique that decouples between teams and avoids too much centralization. Ultimately, it helps the frontend development team make logical decisions. It is a new architectural style where a web developer develops independent frontend applications and later adds them into the whole codebase.

This frontend architectural trend splits the frontend into smaller, independent components. It is essential to have a seamless integration between different teams working on various aspects of your app. Developers will likely adopt this new frontend architecture in 2021. In the UI space, motion design will bring a significant change by offering an appealing customer experience. It will let customers use and navigate a platform with the best user interface in a unique way.

Summing Up

All the above-discussed trends are likely to impact the Frontend Web Development practices with new updates and upgrades in design, architecture, technology, framework, and language. These trends will make things easy for developers and let end users get a better experience.

If you are interested in implementing the latest frontend technologies, architecture, language, frameworks, and UI design into your platforms, get in touch with us today.

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