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Vue js Front-end Framework Slowly Entering the Developers’ Landscape

Read here more about the popularity, trends, perspectives, and benefits of Vue js app development, front-end framework over React & Angular.
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Last year, Vue js was currently the most demanded JavaScript front-end framework with over 171000 stars on GitHub. It overtook React and Angular in GitHub star rating by a significant gap. Both Angular and React occupy 59500 and 155000 stars, respectively. Vue js is a flexible technology for building modern, agile apps without using a lot of resources. It is a progressive JavaScript framework famous for its main components like constructors, components, directives, and transitions. Although Vue was initiated as a small project, it has fully grown over the years. Thanks to its advanced ecosystem, progressiveness, embeddability, and powerful toolkit. That is why Vue js app development is gradually but indeed entering the developers’ reality. Read the content and find out more about the popularity, trends, perspectives, and advantages of Vue js.

Vue js: A Grown-up Realty

Vue js has made a difference among different web frameworks as a JavaScript library for building interactive web interfaces. From building complicated single-page web applications to highly responsive UIs, this framework catches all eyes. This advanced JavaScript framework stuns with an innovative ecosystem having beneficial third-party elements.

The best part of Vue js is its embeddability. It means Vue can be added to an existing project with enlarged functionality. Hence, Vue is different from other frameworks. Vue is ideally superb for small projects. Being scalable, Vue fits significant works and is seen as a leading framework that is popular. If you are looking for large one-page apps, the constituent elements of the framework give you an edge. It lets you understand server-run applications and apply public APIs to build apps.

In 2018, Vue was the most demanded JavaScript front-end framework with over 110k stars on GitHub. In 2020, it went to 171k stars and was ahead of React Native and Angular in terms of popularity. Still, both Angular and React have just 59500 and 155000 stars, respectively. About 40.5% of app developers prefer to use Vue for app development in the coming years, and about 34.2% are interested in working with the framework. The framework also matters the most when it comes to awareness, interest, and satisfaction ratio rankings.

Vue js Development Benefits

In recent years, Vue js has become a big competitor for Angular and React. With a simplified user interface development, Vue has outshined its competitors in the application development market. Established brands like Xiaomi, Alibaba, Grammarly, Laracasts, and Reuters are banking upon Vue js.

Evan You, the creator of Vue, says, “I think Vue got the highest satisfaction rating among frameworks in the State of JS this year (91.2%) – thanks to our users, and we aim to do even better! Hope we can change the mind of the 568 people who don’t want to use it again.” He added, “For me, Angular offered something cool which is data binding and a data driven way of dealing with a DOM, so you don’t have to touch the DOM yourself.” Have a look at some of the prime benefits of using Vue for app development projects.

  • Vue is like Angular but simpler
  • Vue is like React but faster
  • Vue is lighter and convenience
  • Gentle learning curve with versatility
  • Well-defined and rich ecosystem
  • Functionality, versatility, and ease of integration
  • Lightness, scalability, and speed
  • Convenient developer extension
  • Vuex library for managing component states
  • Small size, handy development tools with detailed documentation
  • Understandable reactivity and advanced customization
  • Simple to start, expand, and adapt

With a tiny size, Virtual DOM rendering and performance, reactive two-way binding, simple file components, solid tooling ecosystem, and community support features, Vue takes center stage.

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Vue vs. Angular and React

When it comes to Vue js app development, front-end frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular catch all eyes. All frameworks have features that attract developers for web app development needs. Here, the Vue framework can be a good choice over Angular and React.

  • Vue is similar to React in using the Virtual Document Object Model.
  • It also focuses on the root library like React.
  • Both are productive and scalable.
  • React has a broader but fragmented ecosystem.
  • Vue supports all additional libraries in concordance with the core of the library.
  • Vue is much easier to explore than Angular.
  • Vue is more productive and easier to optimize than Angular.

React – for a functional programming style
Angular – for previously programmed in Java or C #
Vue – for a more classic development model.

Vue js App Development for Your Next Project

When you need to create high-performing apps, Vue js is the best solution as it is fast, user-friendly, and per the market demands. Vue is a good choice for the long sustain Growth in a competitive market. You can also help leading and certified Indian Vue js app development companies get the most out of the framework.

You can also hire a Vue js developer for your existing or upcoming Vue js app development project that demands valuable, high-performing, and good-quality speedy apps at affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vue js is a JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. It’s suitable for mobile app development due to its simplicity, flexibility, and ease of integration. Vue js allows developers to create responsive and high-performance mobile applications.

Quasar Framework is a Vue js-based framework designed for building responsive and cross-platform applications. It provides a set of tools and components for Vue js developers to create mobile apps that run seamlessly on various platforms.

Vue js software development services refer to the professional services provided by development agencies or freelancers specializing in Vue js—a JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. These services encompass web and mobile app development, consulting, maintenance, and support using Vue js.

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