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Top 7 Nodejs Frameworks Developers Should Adopt in 2024

Check here a list of the top seven Nodejs frameworks that mobile and web app developers should try in 2024 for better outcomes.
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Node.js is a popular and fast server-side web app platform that offers app developers the ease of building scalable solutions for web apps. It is a trendy and open-source JavaScript runtime framework with cross-platform features to create codes outside the browser. That is why its popularity is increasing rapidly. Established brands like BBC, Walmart, Netflix, Uber, PayPal, GoDaddy, and Twitter have made the most out of the framework. The following factors make Node.js special: Clean and concise codebase; superb for agile development and prototyping; vast ecosystem for open-source libraries; good for enterprise-scalable apps, and JavaScript-based nature. Read more about top Nodejs frameworks that developers should try to get the best out of their software and app development projects.

Nodejs Pros:

  • Flexible and efficient nature
  • Suitable for building small, fast, and scalable apps
  • More rapid synchronization abilities for event-based apps
  • Ideal for serverless and microservice-based apps
  • Unique for handling and processing multimedia data
  • Smoother handling of asynchronous input and output
  • Suitable for backend app development
  • Faster time to market without delay
  • Runs on the host node; easy integration with C++ libraries

Nodejs Cons:

  • Specific works with the floating decimal point
  • Not ideal for working with highly loaded threads covering CPU

Unique Nodejs Frameworks for Enhancing Development Pace

According to a StackOverflow 2021 developer survey, the Node.js framework was ranked as the 6th most popular technology. It means the framework can solve different purposes. Look at some of the top Node.js Frameworks that developers can use to increase the pace and accuracy of their mobile and web app development projects in 2024.


Hapi.js is secure, trusted, and reliable framework developers use to create scalable and robust apps with out-of-the-box functionality and minimal overhead. The best part of this framework is its utility for JSON API development.

  • Used for – Websites, HTTP proxy apps, and API servers
  • Key features – Code reusability, configuration-based functionality, error handling, implement caching, input validation, integrated architecture, logging, and no external dependencies
  • When to use – Developing secure, real-time, scalable, and social media apps and creating proxies and API servers
  • Who uses Hapi.js – Artifakt, Beam, Commercetools, Main Stack, and Taggun


Socket.io framework establishes real-time, bi-directional communication between servers and clients. It consists of JavaScript Server and JavaScript client library. Moreover, it is compatible with languages like C+, Swift, Java, Dart, .Net, and Python.

  • Used for – Broadcasting; chat apps; error and event handling; internal; logging and debugging, and several namespaces
  • Key features – Adding ‘real-time’ ability to an app; auto-reconnection support; encoding of messages; instant messaging and chat, and outstanding reliability and speed
  • When to use – Gaming apps and real-time analysis functionality in apps with basic HTTP or HTTPS protocols
  • Who uses – Alibaba Travels, Justmop, Patreon, Plaid, and Trello


Nest.js is a server-side app framework to make developers’ lives easier and enhance overall productivity. Developers prefer to use this framework to structure better and organized codes.

  • Used for – Writing clearer and reusable codes; loosely-packed apps, and codes with higher-level constructs
  • Key features – Easily extendible to use with other libraries; fully code using pure JavaScript; well-maintained and detailed documentation; exposes the frameworks API for using 3rd party modules, and properties of functional, object-oriented, and functional reactive programming
  • When to use – Writing scalable, testable, and loosely-coupled apps and making the right balance between flexibility and structure to manage codes
  • Who uses – Adidas, Capgemini, Decathlon, and Roche


Express.js is a minimal and flexible app framework, and it gives developers the freedom to experiment. Developers get a lightning-fast setup plugin with it, and it is very robust for agile development and rapid prototyping.

  • Used for – Hybrid, multi-page, and single-page apps
  • Key Features – Build RESTful APIs faster, faster server-side development, MVC architecture for support, and support for NoSQL databases
  • When to use – Making enterprise-grade browser-based apps and creating web apps and services swiftly
  • Who uses – FindHotel, Okay, Omnipresent, SiHub, and TheDoe


Koa.js is an open-source web framework to create a robust and expressive platform for APIs and web apps. The framework offers an extensive assortment of efficient methods to optimize server making process.

  • Used for – Frontend, hybrid, and backend systems
  • Key features – Built-in catchall to save website crashes; modern and future-proof; smaller footprint, and uses context (request and response objects)
  • When to use – Creating a server and routes; handling errors and responses
  • Who uses – BrainHub, Bulb, LetzChange, and Paralect


Sails.js is a real-time MVC framework of Node.js that renders complete support for web app development and data-centric API style.

  • Used for – Building enterprise-level apps, frontend apps, and backend apps for controlling HTTP requests
  • Key features – Auto-generated REST APIs, compatible with frontend, and real-time functionality support
  • When to use – Building data-centric APIs and real-time apps
  • Who uses – Brainhub, Created Informed, People Grove, Redox Engine, and Tutor Platform


Running on all operating systems, Adonis.js is a Node.js MVC framework that delivers a stable environment for writing server-side web apps. Adonis.js provides Node.js developers with Laravel like features and abilities.

  • Used for – Building a web app or API servers
  • Key features – APIs and session-based authentication system; extendable app layout; heavy accent on security; powerful ORM to secure SQL queries, and sanitizing and validating users’ inputs
  • When to use – Developing an MVC tool and migrating from PHP to Node.js
  • Who uses – DORMshed, Dotgroup, FindUp, Nina, and Zelo

Wrapping Up

The modern competitive market is filled with new Node.js frameworks, and you can use them as per your specific app development needs. They help you accomplish your app development project at a faster pace. Companies and organizations looking to initiate their web app development projects can choose a Nodejs app development expert with skills and experience in using all mentioned-above framework types.

Simply, try any of these Nodejs frameworks to make your app development initiatives effortless.

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Arun Kumar Sharma
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