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Famous Companies That Preferred Node.js Development for Their Apps

Explore the versatility of Node.js for web and mobile app development. Unleash the power of scalability and performance for your projects today!
Famous Companies that Preferred Node.js Development for Their Apps | Binmile

Node.JS is a backend technology for building scalable mobile apps and APIs. Interestingly, developers can pair it with Android using Java, Flutter, Ionic, iOS using Swift, and React Native. Node.js overcomes the expectations of business enterprises looking for swift, secure, and flexible web app development. Node.js is a perfect enterprise app development platform for the following reasons: the dominance of Node.js in the IT world, increased developer productivity, adopted by established companies, cross-platform, open-source, command-line tools, and lower costs. Big names like Netflix, Walmart, eBay, and Uber have adopted Node.js. Read this content and find out the topmost brands showing their faith in Node.js development for mobile apps.

Global Brands that Trust Node.js Development

Node.js makes a big difference when it comes to web application development, frontends, backend, servers, API development, microservices, automation, and scripting. It is ideal for chat apps, data streaming, and API on the top of Object DB. With Express.js, Koa.js, Socket.io, and Hapi.js frameworks, Node.js ensure high performance and scalability. Scroll down to check unique brands that adopted Node.js for building their web and mobile apps.


Paypal, one of the major online payment processors, is the best option for sending money, making an online payment, receiving money, and setting up a merchant account safely. Famous for Internet payments, the platform lets its users transact online. Paypal used Node.js for its web app.

  • Node.js preference – Building consumer-facing side of web app
  • Why Node.js – Browser and server apps written in JavaScript; issues of the boundary between the browser and server solved; users’ needs entertained at any level, and unification of engineering specialties into one team
  • Results – Faster time to market with an app that developed with fewer files, codes, and developers


GoDaddy, the Internet domain registrar & web hosting company, is the world’s largest registrar that enjoys the status of more than 20 million customers. The web hosting brand completely revamped its entire backend to a fully open-source infrastructure using Node js.

  • Node.js preference – Revamping of backend and NPM access
  • Why Node.js – Building quality apps, deploying new features faster, writing unit and integration tests, and REST easily
  • Results – 10x fewer servers to host websites, reduced the Time To First Byte (TTFB), better position in Google’s search results, and load handling with only 1/10th of the hardware

Nodejs Application Development | Binmile


LinkedIn, a business-oriented social networking service, manages your professional identity. It also lets you build and engage with your professional network by inviting anyone to become a connection. With 706+ million members, LinkedIn uses Node.js for server-side mobile app development.

  • Node.js preference – Empower the server-side of LinkedIn mobile app
  • Why Node.js – Scaling and faster development
  • Results – 20 times faster app, minimal resources, a few servers usage, and unusual more rapid development


Netflix provides video streaming services comprising movies and television series in more than 190 countries. It is the leading streaming entertainment service with 208 million paid memberships in the world. Netflix uses the whole user interface is built with Node. The company chose Node.js for its mobile app development.

  • Node.js preference – Using the whole user interface, all layers of the stack
  • Why Node.js – Achieving lightweight, modular and fast app
  • Results – Reduced startup time of new app by 70%


American multinational online transportation network company Uber offers its car rental services in over 80 countries globally. The Uber app connects consumers with Uber drivers for hiring a car. On-demand apps like Uber goes for Node.js for its mobile app development.

  • Node.js preference – Building of massive matching system
  • Why Node.js – Faster information processing, faster code deployment, and swift technology optimization
  • Results – Addressing errors and better all-time performance of the app

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Why Pick the Right Node.js Web Development Company?

node.js development company | BinmileWhen choosing the best web app development company with expertise in Node.js, you better stick to the following points for making a better decision. These are the reasons why you should choose this platform:

  • Compatible with various platforms
  • Comprehensive solutions for a full-stack development
  • The flexible and responsible runtime environment
  • Frontend and backend code sharing
  • I/O non-blocking model
  • JavaScript programming language support
  • Running Javascript everywhere
  • Server-side scripts outside of a browser
  • Write command-line tools
  • Easy-to-customize environment

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Sum Up

Whether you are searching for node.js development services or the advantage of cross-platform applications, a competent software development company gives you a big reason to get a competitive edge, faster time to market, and lower costs.

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