Why Ionic Framework for the Development of PWAs

Read why developers and big companies find Ionic framework suitable for developing progressive web apps (PWAs).
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Ionic is famous as a robust cross-platform and mobile app development framework for building native-quality iOS, Android, and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript languages using a single, shared codebase. The framework offers a library of mobile-optimized UI components, gestures, and tools for building fast and highly interactive apps. PWAs are in huge demand these days as they are linkable, installable, discoverable, app-like, and re-engageable. Interestingly, PWAs are easy to access and add from a device like an app. PWAs bridge the gap between mobile web apps and native mobile apps. Read the content and know why developers and big companies hurry to use the Ionic framework for PWA development.

PWAs with Ionic Framework Development for Developers and Brands

Progressive Web Apps promise incredible mobile app experiences with no app stores or downloads. They are reliable, highly optimized, and accessible on the web. PWAs resolve the issue of internet speed, slow website load, high friction, and user engagement. PWAs matters the most to developers and companies with benefits like full-screen browser mode, launch from user’s home screen, push notifications for the web app, and web app install banner prompt. Ionic comes with loads of benefits for both app developers and global brands.

Ionic Framework Benefits for Developers

Since its first launch in 2013 by Drifty Co, Ionic took the business and app development world by storm. The framework has become the first choice of developers as it lets them build quality mobile apps in the least amount of time. Check out the following reasons why Ionic PWAs give app developers an edge. These include:

  • The framework gives developers programming languages like JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS.
  • Developers create visually appealing apps with a combination of programming languages.
  • Developers feel comfortable with a free and open-source framework that comes with cross-platform compatibility and beautiful UI.
  • Developers deploy codes quickly on various platforms.
  • Ionic is easy to move to one platform from other platforms.
  • Angular supports the Ionic framework. The framework is based on Angular’s component API.
  • Cordova plugins enrich the Ionic framework.
  • PWA developers get access to native features (Bluetooth, GPS, and camera) quickly.
  • CLI (Command Line Interface) helps developers program, create, and test apps easily.
  • Faster installation time with CLI.
  • Community support and remote updating

Ionic Framework Benefits for Companies

PWAs have become almost a panacea for the biggest of brands that went for Ionic PWAs. Leading brands expand their business reach and get benefits from their Ionic PWAs. Remember that Ionic PWS runs smoothly even in slower networks. PWAs have become the first choice of global brands like Tinder, Pinterest, BookMyShow, Facebook, Uber, Starbucks, Twitter, Forbes. Switching to PWAs has become highly profitable for brands because Ionic PWAs helped them reach a broader customer base. Have a look at some stats available online depicting the brand success stories of PWA adoption.

  • BookMyShow witnessed a dramatic increase in revenue and experienced an 80% rise in conversion.
  • Flipkart experienced an increase of 50% in the re-engagement rate and 70% in the conversion rate!
  • Forbes garnered a 100% increase in time spent on its PWA app.
  • Lyft served its drivers and riders better in new and emerging markets with their PWA.
  • Pinterest built a PWA and saw a 44% increase in their overall ad revenue.
  • Starbucks PWA expanded its wings and made the experience of ordering faster.
  • Trivago’s click rate went up by 97%. It registered a 97% hike in the user engagement!
  • Twitter registered a 75% increase in tweets, lowered the bounce rate by 20%, and increased the pages per session by 65%
  • Uber utilized PWA to serve customers better and expanded into new markets and regions.

Summing Up

The blog above discusses insights on Ionic PWA development and big players opt for Ionic. Although various app development options are available in the market, the Ionic framework for app development impresses end-users with versatile PWAs. A competent Ionic app development company can give business enterprisers a real edge at the competitive level.

Whether you are looking for Ionic app development or mobile app development with ionic services, contact a professional Ionic app developer. Ensure that the developer knows how to make the most out of the Ionic framework and PWAs professionally.

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