Top Reasons Why Popular Internet Platforms Embrace Node.js as a Backend for their Apps

Popular internet platforms choose Node.js for backend app development as it comes with unique features and attractions.
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Node.js is a free, open-source, and cross-platform that runs on JavaScript. The framework enables you to build backend development projects efficiently and quickly. That is why developers like the framework for making fast-performing web and mobile apps. Generally, big brands favor Nodejs for web app development, customization, UI/UX, plugin development, and dashboard development projects. Read this content to evaluate why popular internet platforms pick up Node.js as a backend for their apps. Also, find unique features of the framework and application built using the framework.

Features of Node.js for Backend Development

Every developer likes to host an application that lets the user take advantage of multiple features at once. Node.js emerges as a superb platform for developers to create highly scalable apps conveniently. Although Node.js is relatively new, it has some unique features that make it the first choice of Fortune 500 companies over other frameworks. Look at some exciting features of Node.js that developers can’t ignore at all.

  • Asynchronous and event-driven nature
  • Faster conversion of JavaScript code into machine code
  • Full-stack development language
  • Jam-packed module ecosystem
  • Ecosystem contains a necessary database
  • JavaScript framework
  • Lightweight and Non-blocking, I/O
  • Rich library of modules for developers
  • Google Chrome’s V8 Engine bases server-side
  • Utilizes npm package manager

Types of Apps Created Using Node.js.

Node.js is a podium that skilled web developers prefer to use and speed up backend development. Node.js is so popular among various major business enterprises because it is easy, scalable, simple, fast, and community-driven. On the other hand, some developers still hover around the most used JavaScript language. Have a look at some of the global brands that use Node.js for web and mobile app development. These include:

  • eCommerce platforms such as eBay
  • E-learning platforms such as Quizlet
  • Online payment platforms like Paypal
  • online publishing platforms like Medium
  • Real-time chat apps using use Instant texting and Internet relay technology
  • Remote collaboration tools like Trello
  • Ridesharing apps like Uber
  • Single page apps and sites like Gmail and Google Maps
  • Social Media apps and platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Streaming apps and services like Netflix

Why Node.js for Backend Choice?

Node.js is extremely fast for speeding up web pages. It is used for UI development. The UI development is the prime reason why companies see Node.js as a superb app development platform. Moreover, Node.js is feature-abundant. When it comes to checking the benefits that global brands ensured after moving to Nodejs backend solutions, look at the solutions that gave big players a competitive edge.

  • Node.js helped LinkedIn cut down on server resources drastically. It made LinkedIn run 20 times faster than its Ruby on Rails.
  • Nodejs was used to build the UI of Netflix. The modularity of the framework stimulated Netflix to make the platform almost two times faster.
  • Uber utilized Node.js for three main reasons: fast processing speed, ease of error-checking, and continuous development.
  • Trello went for the Nodejs framework for updating information with the capacity to hold many open connections at once.
  • PayPal software team made the most out of Node.js by unifying the developer experience and building server-side and client-side with JavaScript.
  • NASA used the microservices feature of Node.js to move its enterprise to the cloud.
  • Node.js enabled eBay to maintain live connections to servers for about 200 million users per day.
  • Medium took help from the framework to share code between the server-side and client-side and speed up deployment times.
  • Groupon banked upon the framework for having higher scalability and resource reduction.
  • Walmart relied upon the framework for its user interface and an orchestration layer that contributed to creating APIs.

The best part of NodeJs is its ability to make eCommerce sites highly functional and bear a heavy load. If you runs an eCommerce website and are dealing with slow loading times and high CPU usage, your eCommerce website needs support from server-side scripting. The framework can easily handle large and complex websites. Thanks to its event-based, non-blocking technology. An experienced Node.js web development company can help enterprises get unique web and app solutions for their backend needs.

Finally, Node.Js-based apps are highly efficient and scalable. It also comes with a rich module ecosystem and fast data processing. That is why it offers loads of advantages to backend developers.

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