Quality is Everybody’s (Developer, Leader, and Tester) Responsibility

Quality is everybody's responsibility in software testing concerning roles of test managers, leaders, engineers, analysts, and architects.
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W. Edwards Deming, a legendary quality guru, says, “Quality is everyone’s responsibility.” There is an old “everybody, somebody, nobody” trap where you entangle yourself if you don’t take Deming’s quote seriously. Another interesting quote from Deming states that “Quality starts in the boardroom.” It means the management is responsible for quality ultimately. Quality rests not only with management but also with everyone in the quality culture. The goal of every team member should be to ship great software on time. Let’s go through the content to check the individual roles of test managers, engineers, analysts, and architects in their collaboration for maintaining quality in software and app testing scenarios.

Quality – Once Upon a Time

In the landscape of the Waterfall model, the job responsibilities of everyone were different, and it was a usual scenario with an older testing approach.

  • Business analysts used to write the requirements
  • Developers used to code the requirements
  • Testers used to test the requirements

We know quality is synonymous with testing. But, many people in the software development process think the quality is restricted to the tester’s job responsibility.

Quality – Present Day

Today, the agile team is the buzzword as it breaks down barriers that divide quality into the responsibility of individuals. Now, quality is not the sole responsibility of testers anymore. Every member associated with the software development product, to any extent, needs to own quality. What makes any agile team fit for the product quality is the mindset that accepts everyone is responsible for quality.

Quality does not come naturally. From testers to developers to leaders, the team sticks to quality quotient at all stages of software development. Actually, quality is built-in, and it is expected that testing detects defects only. On the other hand, the ultimate goal of quality assurance (QA) is to prevent defects, and that is why the team that owns quality is willing to back to it in any way it can.

Different Roles and Quality Adherence

Many people are involved in software product quality, from the lead to the manager and QA analyst to software testers. All have their responsibilities and roles to play, and they produce superb results when they act together as a team.

Test Lead/Manager

  • Define testing activities for testers or test engineers
  • Take all test planning responsibilities
  • Check availability of resources to execute test activities
  • Check testing status in all software development phases
  • Prepare the status report of testing activities
  • Interact with customers and clients
  • Update project manager about progress frequently

Test Engineers/QA and QC Testers

  • Carry out regression testing in sync with coding
  • Decide testing patterns and methods
  • Define priority and severity for each defect
  • Execute test cases and report defects
  • Inform test leads about resource requirements
  • Prioritize testing activities and develop test cases
  • Read documents and understand testing needs

Manual QA engineer

  • Analyze requirements and prepare a query list
  • Conduct a software check manually
  • Conduct exploratory testing
  • List improvements and create detailed reports
  • Participate in test planning meetings
  • Provide feedback to the testing team
  • Verify cross-platform and multi-device consistency
  • Write and execute test cases for finding usability and performance issues

QA Automation Engineer

  • Carry out automated regression tests after every update
  • Release of the new software version;
  • Run performance tests
  • Set the priority for automation scenarios
  • Write documentation on automated testing and tool selection
  • Write test scripts

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Test Analyst

  • Compare results to ensure products meet requirements
  • Curate QA engineers’ work and clarify testing requirements
  • Design test cases and define specific tests,
  • Focus on business tasks along with technical aspects
  • Prioritize testing tasks and monitor the test coverage
  • Schedule test execution and deliver test documentation

Software Test Architect

  • Maintain well-designed and sustainable test architecture
  • Ensure QA engineer and test analyst work efficiently
  • Optimize the testing process
  • Identify technologies and tools aligning with business goals and company infrastructure
  • Monitor testing effectiveness to improve testing practices

How to Build Quality in Testing Teams

There are lots of ways through which you can build quality in the software development process innately. First of all, a healthy relationship among the team fosters an association between QA and development. It is also a great way to break down silos between the two groups. Testers can get better advice and input with the help of scrum masters.

Testers can search for product owners for having a candid opinion for giving and receiving feedback about test cases and defects. The outcome will be building robust and quality relationships between testing teams.

You can also try an opportunistic pairing technique for building quality. This technique may include the tester and the tester; the developer and the developer; the developer, the product owner, and the developer. The best benefit of pairing is eliminating or reducing the need for post-implementation code reviews. It also gives you freedom from rework. Everyone in the team gets better visibility into quality tasks and thought processes. Professional and quality-oriented testing experts work in a team to overcome all testing defects conveniently.

When there is a team, the team members likely get questions on redesigning, focus shifting, planning, risk calculation, sprinting, or test validation.

Overall, quality is everybody’s responsibility, and it engages everyone and enables a team to believe that quality is everyone’s responsibility.

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