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Artificial Intelligence Vs Intelligence Automation | Binmile

AI has gained plenty of ground in the last few years following its positive impact on various industries. Experts believe that Artificial Intelligence is one of those game-changing technologies that will not just boost the efficiency and productivity of organizations, but also free intelligent professionals from routine mundane jobs. But, what’s this term IA? Just to let you know, IA stands for Intelligent Automation whose main work is to track repetitive tasks, automate them, and make employees focus on more innovation and strategy-centric chores. But the question comes, what is the main difference between AI vs IA?

AI mainly focuses on training machines to think and work like human beings, while IA is a proven process of automating tasks that are usually done manually. Also, AI falls under the umbrella of automation, but not all automation refers to AI. Instead, AI is a subset of automation and it should be treated the same way. Let’s take this journey of AI vs IA comparison further, starting with:

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a widely popular technology that allows businesses to reconsider how they gather and process data and take advantage of the resulting decision-making insights. It taps powerful datasets and computer science tactics to address different issues. Artificial Intelligence includes multiple subfields, like deep learning and machine learning.

Some of the examples of artificial intelligence involve:

  • Digital assistants like Siri and Alexa
  • Robo-advisors
  • Email spam filters
  • Netflix recommendations
  • Smart cars
  • Conversational bots

What is Intelligent Automation?

Intelligent Automation is all about the combination of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and business process management with advanced technologies, such as:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Process mining
  • Intelligent Character Recognition
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Analytics

This leads to the development of an end-to-end process that can think, learn, and adapt without physical intervention by humans. Be informed that IA is also called Hyper-Automation or Intelligent Process Automation sometimes.

A battery of businesses rely on Intelligent Automation to streamline and scale decision-making that eventually speeds up digital transformation. IA has a multitude of use cases because it:

  • Frees up personnel
  • Enhances operational efficiencies
  • Simplifies complicated processes

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Now that you got a basic understanding of AI vs IA, it is time to proceed further with:

How Can IA Benefit Businesses in the AI vs IA Comparison?

AI Vs IA | Binmile

Intelligent Automation is something that acts as the foundation for every digital transformation strategy out there. It’s not just about removing sluggishness from the process, but also how firms can offer exceptional service to employees and consumers. IA is one of those abilities that enables entities to connect today’s workers to the future of work. Thus, if you lack a robust strategy for expansion in AI and automation, you are already losing in the competition.

A leading growth acceleration company revealed a report of late titled “Intelligent Automation’s Value Spreads Beyond Cost Savings,” where they mentioned that IA could free up something around $132 billion in economic value in the USA alone. With this, you can understand that Intelligent Automation is the technology of the future and it is a useful solution for businesses of all sizes. Once implemented, Intelligent Automation can aid in:

  • Streamlining your work processes
  • Improving your productivity
  • Saving time and money

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How Can AI Benefit Businesses in the AI vs IA Comparison?

Once you deploy the right Artificial Intelligence technology, your business can reap a lot of benefits, such as:

  • Save time and money by automating routine processes and activities
  • Boost productivity and operational efficiencies
  • Avoid mistakes that are usually caused by humans
  • Make quicker business decisions based on the results received from cognitive technologies
  • Obtain a massive amount of data to generate quality leads and expand your customer base
  • Utilize insights to forecast consumer preferences and provide them with personalized experiences
  • Ramp up revenue by identifying and increasing sales opportunities
  • Grow expertise by enabling analysis and rendering intelligent advice and suggestion

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Post you have wrapped your mind well around the AI vs IA comparison, it is time to pay attention to:

How Can Organizations Save Costs Through Artificial Intelligence?

GenAI for Insurance Complaint Management

One of the biggest pros of using Artificial Intelligence in an agency is the opportunity for cost savings and improved efficiency. As per a recent survey carried out by a global management consulting firm, Artificial Intelligence can grow organizational efficiency by up to 40% and drive down operational costs by up to 30%. And once you have automated repetitive tasks and streamlined business processes using AI, it can free up employees’ time to perform more strategic and creative jobs. Additionally, AI can enable businesses to make data-driven decisions, resulting in more accurate predictions and reduced risk.

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How Can Organizations Save Costs Through Intelligent Automation?

You might have automated multiple tasks, including sending customer orders from an eCommerce site to a system that manages shipping information. But what if the data sent to a transportation firm keeps it in a silo or in an isolated place?

It will become an uphill battle to explain to clients why their package was not delivered on time or not at all in a few cases. As a result, the concerned customer may take the plunge to shop somewhere else the next time, leaving you in a huge loss. That’s where Intelligent Automation comes into the picture. It has the ability to address abnormalities that emerge in day-to-day business operations and help in ceasing the threat of customer churn.

In short, Intelligent Automation must be made a part of your IT budget. When you leverage it in the best possible way, it will pay off in terms of:

  • Lower costs
  • Happy consumers
  • Staff focused on what they do best

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Up until now, you must have understood the differences between AI vs IA completely. However, if you want us to throw a bit more light on each of them, here is a comparison table you must gaze at:

AI vs IA: How Does the Former Stack Up Against the Latter?

Artificial Intelligence Vs Intelligence Automation | Key Differences | Binmile

Key Takeaways

So, it’s clear that whether it is Artificial Intelligence or Intelligence Automation, both can contribute to business growth in terms of efficiency and productivity. We hope you comprehended the dissimilarities between AI vs IA well and how each of these can impact businesses once adopted. Right? So, if you are looking to utilize your workforce in the finest possible way and assign monotonous tasks to ones who can perform them extremely well, it makes sense to implement the aforementioned technologies across your organization.

And if you are not sure about which technology to select among AI vs IA for implementation purposes, you can also get into communication with the topmost AI development company on the web.

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