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Assisting Insurance Giant with InsureTech Platform Solution to Amplify its Business

Asego aims to become a leader in the insurance domain and set a benchmark for insurance agents in the market, who can sell insurance products to their customers from all insurance providers in India. Asego wants to deal with all types of insurance like health, motor, travel, life, and general under one platform where agents can easily manage their policies and customer profiles. The insurance giant expects the InsureTech platform solution (system) to be smart enough to increase sales, maintain customer portfolios, and give suggestions for the best insurance products as per customer income and needs.

• Vertical: Insurance Industry
• Technology used: React JS, PHP Laravel, HTML5, and PHP, and MySQL
• Time duration: 6 months
• Team effort: 10 technology experts

A Snippet of case study

Challenge: There is a need for building an intelligent InsureTech platform system to help agents offer the best and suitable insurance products per customer needs. A unique system where Agents can manage their complete CRM and policies sold through different platforms in the past.

Solution: Binmile helped Asego develop a quality and best-featured B2B insurance portal from scratch to fulfill all customer needs.

Benefit: Binmile tech stack and technical acumen helped the client excel well in the insurance market with a unique InsureTech product that is user-friendly and economically suitable for Agents and Asego as well.

Scope of work: Product conceptualization; web portal development; API development and integration; UX/UI strategy and designs, and DevOps automation

Prime challenges addressed

• Safe and secure data storage of end-users
• Scalability with the incremental release of smart features
• Need for numerous API integrations
• Collecting insurance product data from different insurance providers and showing them on a single platform in sync with customer needs.
• Solution design and implementation keeping the product cost in check

Binmile took all challenges and addressed them successfully to deliver the client exactly what it was looking for in the competitive market.

Binmile solutions

• Custom API Wrapper was developed to collect data from different insurance providers and showcased that on a common platform.
• Best and innovative algorithms implemented to show a suitable plan matching customer income and needs.
• Automation for all reminders to track and manage sales and leads.
• DevOps automation for a seamless deployment with time and cost savings.

Overall business outcomes

The InsureTech portal shows the difference between incorporating and managing insurance products along with a fully customized CRM. The portal provides a solution that doesn’t exist in the insurance market under a single solution. It makes a real difference.

• Simplified insurance selling journey
• Lead tracking and management with ease
• Smart dashboards to track goal, leads, earning, and daily work with a hawk eye
• Best insurance sell journey from anywhere
• Automated reminders to close and track Leads
• Manage your roadmap and earnings with the help of a smart wealth calculator

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About Asego Portal

Asego Agent Portal is the best insurance policy selling solution for insurance agents. It helps agents sell policies from different insurance providers under one platform and gives options to manage and track their customer’s policies and leads smartly. The portal comes with the following unique features

• Sending SMS/Whatsapp/call reminders to customers and agents.
• All modes of online payment accepted.
• Integration of IRDA training which is necessary to become an insurance agent.
• A complete knowledge bank that helps Agents to learn and enhance the selling skills of the agent.
• Zero maintenance and 24/7 support
• Best sell insurance journey with ease.
• Tracking of all customer policies and leads and giving solutions to customers on single click.
• CRM management along with policies sold through different platforms.

Asego is a happy client of Binmile Technologies and is satisfied with the InsureTech platform solution.

Binmile likes to go the extra mile with its clients.