A Guide to Healthcare Web Development: With Design, Cost, & Complexity

Learn the right method to approach healthcare web development along with the cost and reasons to invest in medical web app creation.
Guide to Healthcare Web Development Cost | Binmile

Health is the most precious wealth for all the human beings on this planet. Therefore, they prioritize the treatment of any disease they experience post it is identified. And being a responsible business owner, it is your duty to serve them satisfactorily as soon as possible. But what if hundreds of thousands of patients seek your service at the same time? How will you cater to each of them? Well, that’s where “technology” comes into the picture, specifically healthcare web development.

Yes, a website is one of the most important tools for any healthcare organization as it allows them to offer relevant medical services to a massive number of patients simultaneously. As a result, the entity records increased sales and thus, greater revenue down the line. In fact, according to a prominent digital presence booster out there, 80% of folks look for healthcare-related information on the internet. Not just that! Another high-quality statistics and data provider in Europe claims that 20% of EU citizens book an appointment with a healthcare professional online. Hence, it is clear to understand why investing adequately in healthcare app development is imperative for your business. Now, let’s shift to:

Reasons to Spend on Healthcare Web Development

We at Binmile, like asking “why” first, prior to starting the healthcare software development process. So, let’s gain in-depth insights into some reasons to build a healthcare web app for your organization:

Reasons to Spend on Healthcare Web Development | Binmile

1. Get Credibility

Doctors are the most trusted source of medical information for most of the patients across the globe. Still, you will be surprised to know that as per a survey, 47% of internet users look for doctors online. That’s not all! 63% of internet users pick one healthcare service provider over another due to its powerful online presence. Needless to say, you need to establish an online presence if you want to show your target audience that you exist. And opting for healthcare web development is one method to do it.

2. Be Competitive

There is no denying the fact that medical establishments need to provide their services at a lower cost than their rivals or in a better way in order to outperform their competition. And building a user-friendly healthcare website is the first thing you can do to achieve this goal. Showing your online presence is one of the most instrumental things you can do to attract your potential customers to your business. Additionally, healthcare is a fast-growing startup industry in accordance with the volume of investment, thus the market is not just competitive but prospective too.

3. Remain Present 24*7

Sick individuals may need medical help at any point of time, be it in the middle of the night or early morning. This thing is common among hospitals as ill people may need guidance or direction at the earliest. So, if you want to avail healthcare software development services to create a healthcare web app, please make sure to give your customers 24*7 support. It means they should be able to do multiple things without visiting the hospital, such as:

  • Book an appointment
  • Access the information
  • Get consultation services within a few minutes

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Top Healthcare Web Design Trends

Believe it or not, but excellent healthcare web development is not feasible without integrating a top-notch healthcare website design. Many websites have all the fancy features, but they don’t offer value to target patients. What’s worse? Healthcare web design is confusing sometimes.

Here are certain popular trends that you must put in mind when working on your healthcare web design:

1. Data visualization

Showing the test results and the speed of treatment is not optional, but essential these days for every healthcare website. One area where you can differentiate your site from other healthcare websites out there is presenting all this information in a neat, clean, and informative manner.

Binmile Take:

Here are some tips to make data visualization for your healthcare web development right:

  • Display only useful information on your healthcare website. Refrain from cluttering the screen.
  • Keep the visualization neat, clean, and simple.
  • Consider using readymade but functional solutions.
  • Add description to the data.
  • Pay attention to the charts and graphs. The contrast level of different components should be high enough.

2. Bright colors

The biggest advantage of using light colors on your telemedicine app is that it can impact user engagement and conversion rate. Therefore, it is advised to ask your healthcare web designer to utilize high-contrast colors and choose the text that is easy enough to read at low contrast for your web pages.

Binmile Take:

There are certain ways to exploit colors on your healthcare site properly:

  • Make use of 2-3 key colors.
  • The colors should be of a low contrast level.

3. Simple navigation

Although patients can visit your website for multiple purposes, their expectation is that they can find the desired information quickly and easily. A few years back, a study performed by an award-winning online publication revealed that 94% of individuals think easy navigation is the most useful feature in a website.

Binmile Take:

See below how to make the navigation for your custom software solution simple:

  • Include a menu for your most imperative pages.
  • Add evident CTAs.

4. Website accessibility

Whenever you start working on healthcare web development, you should configure it in such a way that people with disabilities can use it without a hitch. For example, you can add:

  • Size adjustable text
  • Voice readers
  • HTML tag & captions
  • Text transcripts for podcasts
  • Color contrast
  • Alt text on images

Binmile Take:

Follow the below steps to make your healthcare site accessible:

  • Adhere to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, based on your targeted audience.
  • Adjust your website design for mobile phones.

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How to Perform Healthcare Web Development?

Healthcare web development is a complicated process covering all phases of creating the software – from the idea origination to the launch and maintenance.

Process of Implementing Healthcare Web Development | Binmile

1. Business Analysis

Binmile’s business analysts with 4 to 8 years of experience in the medical field begin by analyzing the market and defining a competitive advantage of your healthcare web application. Post that, they collect and define web platform needs depending on your preferences and describe:

  • Scope of the healthcare solution
  • A winning feature set
  • Estimated cost

2. UX and UI Design

To make the custom software for startups engaging and easy to understand for a wide range of professionals, including patients, medical staff, and others, our seasoned UX designers:

  • Analyze your needs
  • Research market and opponents
  • Plan user journey
  • Design interactive UX wireframes
  • Execute user testing

UI designers, then turn the UX wireframes into a catching interface with animated elements and develop a UI kit.

3. Creation of Custom Software for the Healthcare Industry

The best part of working with our software developers is that they can deliver cloud-based healthcare solutions and if required, customized or platform-based content management systems too for ensuring easy updates of healthcare web development’s content. They create solutions following all mandatory compliance requirements, such as HIPAA, and implement suitable security measures, like patient data encryption, user access management, etc.

4. Incorporation with the IT Environment

We plan and implement HL7 integrations with medical software and make sure of:

  • Interoperability with Electronic Health Record and Electronic Medical Record systems
  • Hospitals and patient applications
  • Practice management systems
  • Customer management systems
  • And many more systems as such

5. Quality Assurance of Healthcare Web Development

Binmile’s QA engineers plan and perform functional, integration, accessibility, and security testing of a healthcare web development solution to verify that it is fast, secure, and efficient. Beyond that, healthcare web apps are also checked for HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance requirements and the rest of the relevant regulations.

6. Healthcare Web Software Implementation

Post the resolution of detected errors and defects, healthcare web software is implemented and made ready to use. What else? To facilitate the adoption of healthcare web development, we provide training materials for application use by patients, medical personnel, and medical content contributors.

7. Healthcare App Development Support and Maintenance

Last but not least, Binmile can offer L1, L2, and L3 support and maintenance services if required and make sure of maximum availability and reliability of your cloud-based healthcare platforms. To put you at the forefront of the medical industry, we can also carry out software evolution and enhance the functionality and design of your medical web application.

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How Much Does It Cost for Healthcare Web Development?

The average cost of creating a medical website can start from $5,000 based on:

  • How complicated is the site?
  • How many pages are included in that site?
  • How much time does it take to build?

If you are willing to build a simple site with basic features, be ready to pay around $4,000 while more complex websites could cost more than $20,000 according to a top healthcare software development company.

Healthcare Website Type  Cost 
Basic $5,000
Medium $10,000
Advanced Over $10,000

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What are Some Factors That Affect Healthcare Software Development Cost?

1. Project length

If you are prioritizing quick and easy solutions, be prepared to pay an amount less than required for high-end or customized solutions. The longer it takes to complete your healthcare web development task, the more expensive it will become in the future.

2. Size and complexity

The larger and more complicated your site is, the higher the expenses it will attract. It’s because it takes a lot of effort to build each page and ensure everything works together smoothly from both an aesthetic and operational point of view.

3. Number of pages

The more pages you want to have on your site, the higher your spending limit should be. Since some pages have more features and functionalities than the rest, they will cost more money to build.

4. Look of pages

If you want your web pages to be heavily customized in order to stand apart from other sites, it will cost more than if you wish to have a website built using a standard design template.

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Last Thoughts

These are the things that you need to keep in mind when working on healthcare web development. Please be informed that the better the online presence you maintain of your healthcare brand, the greater the business opportunities you will get down the line, resulting in increased sales, high revenue, and a strong brand image worldwide. Hence, if you loved this content and want to create a web app or website for your medical organization at the earliest, do remember to connect with dedicated representatives of a famous software development company.

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