Driving Business Success with Progressive Web App (PWA)

Like established brands, smartly grow your business using the F.I.R.E features of a unique progressive web app.
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Nowadays, progressive web app (PWA) has become a buzzword while talking about web development. Many online retailers are looking at PWAs as a weapon to accelerate the growth of their business. Many of them place PWAs at the forefront of their digital transformation roadmap. PWAs help consumers buy products and services across devices, operating systems, and connections. The survey also reveals that the financial value of the PWA market will reach $ 10.77 by 2027. This reason is enough to say that the PWA will make a big difference in the IT world. Read ahead how a unique progressive web app can bring drastic changes and help your business grow up in a smart manner.

Progressive Web App (PWA): A Need or Smart Move

Typically, the prime advantage of a PWA design is its platform independence. Platform independence means you can develop an app using a single codebase. You can also deploy the same app on various platforms. Being inherently installable, the PWA makes the app roll out onto many platforms easily. PWA apps are easy to download and install like any native app. PWAs offer the benefits of a modern website design as they are responsive and lightweight. In addition, these apps are discoverable by search engine indexing.

A global October 2020 survey of e-commerce decision-makers conducted by the world’s leading data research agency Statista shows that about nine percent of e-commerce companies strategized on investing in progressive web app (PWA) in 2021. Moreover, about eight percent of them accepted that they already had a PWA strategy. On the other hand, 28 percent of companies admitted to not having any plan to invest in PWA in 2021. Note that major platforms like iOS, Android, or Mac offer some sort of PWA support.

If you can go through the benefits of PWAs, you will find these apps are a growing need and also a smart move to solve different issues of companies.

What Brands Get from PWAs?

Progressive Web Apps are capable, reliable, and installable. That is why these pillars transform PWAs into an experience so that users can have a platform-specific app feeling. There are lots of surveys and findings that show how brands and companies have seen impressive results after launching their progressive web app.

American microblogging and social networking service Twitter witnessed a 65% increase in pages per session. It also saw a 20% decrease in bounce rate and a 75% increase in Tweets. It also reduced the size of their app by over 97% after switching to a PWA.

The PWA switching helped Nikkei, a stock market index for the Tokyo Stock Exchange, witness 2.3 times more organic traffic. It also saw 49% more daily active users and 58% more subscriptions after embracing a unique progressive web app. Television network Hulu saw a 27% increase in return visits after it exchanged a platform-specific desktop experience with a PWA.

Today, every business expects the following ones to make its position stronger. These include:

  • Improved conversion rates
  • More returning visitors
  • Reduced bounce rates for your leads
  • Spending more time on the service by users

PWAs understand how to make things happen by solving customer needs with F.I.R.E features in a smart move. These features include:

  • Fast
  • Instable
  • Reliable
  • Engaging

Summing Up

A quality PWA from a certified progressive web app development company can be a great choice if your product strategy needs a faster market penetration and coverage of many platforms with a single codebase. Startups develop and distribute a progressive web app in the least amount of time and with a limited budget. In-app banners and push notifications are the powerful PWA tools that direct you when you implement a marketing strategy.

When it comes to offering restricted access to high-performance platforms, PWA can be a superb choice.

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