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Grow and Stretch with Progressive Web Apps for eCommerce Business

Read more on how progressive web apps for eCommerce are changing the face of eCommerce Business with its fast growth and expansion.
Progressive Web Apps for eCommerce business

In the modern world of the tech boom, a progressive web app (PWA) is a technology website that carries the best features of native apps and blends those features with website elements to create a web application. Interestingly, the PWA creates an incredible mobile user experience with an app on a website across all platforms. PWAs look like regular websites, but they offer the benefits that were previously available only to native apps. PWAs enable consumers to purchase several products across connections, devices, and operating systems. PWAs offer you benefits like offline usability, hardware access, and push notifications. Read here more about the relevance and utility of progressive web apps for eCommerce adventure concerning their current scenario and benefits on online businesses.

PWA Current and Upcoming Scenario

An analysis by syndicated research and consulting firm Emergen Research shows that the global PWA market will grow by USD 10.44 billion by 2027. Another report on the progressive web app market by global research firm Statista highlighted the share of e-commerce companies interested in investing in progressive web apps (PWA) in Europe and North America in 2021. Through the survey, European and North American e-commerce decision-makers share their views on PWA investment. It reads that

  • About 30% of eCommerce companies will not invest in PWAs.
  • About 28% of them evaluate their plans to invest in PWAs.
  • About 9% of them will undoubtedly introduce PWAs in their eCommerce stores.
  • About 8% of them will have already introduced PWAs in their eCommerce stores.
  • About 25% of eCommerce companies have no idea about PWAs.

With PWAs, users needn’t have to install apps as they can navigate to the site on different browsers simply. PWAs use less data and load more rapidly. They are easy to access and prevent you from replacing native apps. Rich features of progressive web applications give eCommerce players a competitive edge. Smartphone users spend their maximum time and want a hassle-free customer experience. Commonly, complex, slow-building, and implementing apps hamper customer experience. The demand for PWAs increases exponentially because they occupy limited space and run on both online and offline modes.

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Benefits of Using Progressive Web Apps for eCommerce

Progressive web apps offers a long list of benefits to both website owners and consumers. Go through the list of a few benefits that make things easy for all. These include:

Build one PWA that Works Everywhere

  • Pay less and get more
  • Reduced development costs
  • Maximum customer base coverage

Let Your Potential Audience enjoy a Quick and Efficient Installation Flow

  • Lower abandonment rate
  • Improved shareability

Stay Connected with Your eCommerce Customers through Push Notifications

  • Better brand awareness
  • A powerful sales/advertising channel

Make Customers Feel safe with the Enhanced Security Mechanism

  • Consumers feel confident
  • They keep returning to purchase more products

Show Site Visitors Your Catalogs When They are Offline

  • Faster browsing
  • Customer retention
  • Hassle-free shopping experience

Better User Experience with the Fast-Loading Speed of a PWA

  • Glitch-free e-commerce website
  • Attract and retain more customers
  • Higher sales figures

Allow Search Engines to Find your PWA like an Ordinary Website

  • Consumers get excellent performance and speed
  • Google-friendliness boosts eCommerce websites
  • Consumers find your store frequently and easily

How PWAs help Brands Solve their Business-Related Issues?

PWAs have become an excellent tool for eCommerce sites to serve their targeted audience better. Progressive web apps play the role of a problem solver and contribute to taking the eCommerce business to the next level. Have a look at a few brands that have made a big difference to their business after adopting PWAs.

Lyft – Ridesharing Giant

  • Users on older devices take 11% more rides in Lyft’s PWA than native users
  • Users clicked “Install PWA” 40% more often than “Download App.”

Commonfloor – Indian Real Estate Portal

  • Commonfloor group saw a 2× increase in daily active users
  • It saw a 10% increase in overall traffic by moving to a PWA with an app shell.

ZEE5 – Indian Subscription Video-on-Demand (VoD) and Over-the-Top (OTT) Streaming Service

  • ZEE5 launched a PWA to expand its reach.
  • The PWA is 3× faster and reduces the buffering time by 50%.

Starbucks – American Multinational Chain of Coffeehouses and Roastery Reserves

  • The Starbucks PWA has increased daily active users 2×.
  • Orders on the desktop are at nearly the same rate as on mobile.

Thomas Kent – Clockmaker

  • After launching its PWA, Thomas Kent lowered its bounce rate by 57%
  • It increased the revenue from organic traffic by 79%.

Butcher of Blue – Fashion Brand

  • The brand’s PWA increased mobile users by 154%
  • It increased monthly active users by 154%
  • It increased conversion by 169%
  • It made pages load 85% faster

Kubota – Japanese MNC

  • Kubota launched its e-commerce PWA
  • The PWA resulted in a 192% growth of daily visitors
  • The PWA resulted in a 26% growth of average monthly visits

Rooted Objects – Fashion Brand

  • The PWA launching helped the fashion brand register an increase in conversions of 162%.
  • Page load times decreased by 25%
  • Average redirection time decreased by 80%.

Tajawal – Travel Deal Provider

  • Tajawal and Almosafer saw an increase of 3× in conversion rate from 0.3% to almost 1.2% within two weeks.
  • Page load time decreased by 3× from 13s to 3.6s for time to interactive.

Debenhams – British Department Store Chain

  • Debenhams found that the user journey from browsing to purchase was 2× to 4× on its PWA.
  • The PWA delivered a 40% increase in mobile revenue and a 20% increase in conversion.

Summing Up

PWAs are robust, Google-backed solutions that help any e-commerce business get a competitive edge over rival eCommerce stores. They mix the benefits of mobile apps with ordinary websites to offer an unrivaled user experience with perfect search engine visibility, lighting-fast loading speed, and better security. They are quick and easy to install. Moreover, they are comparatively cheap to build. PWA app development companies can help eCommerce website owners get smart web development solutions.

A significant number of e-commerce business owners have identified the great potential of PWAs. Many companies also reported higher conversion rates after adopting the new technology.

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