Top 10 Finance App Ideas For Startups to Consider in 2023

The blog talks extensively about the top 10 finance app ideas that startups can consider in 2023 to build a cutting-edge app and grow boundlessly in today’s fastest-growing financial market.
top 10 finance app ideas for startups to consider in 2023 | Binmile

Finance apps hold considerable importance for organizations in a data-driven and digitally connected business world.

From ensuring seamless connectivity for users to their bank accounts to frictionless and secure transactions, finance apps streamline everything.

They are the catalysts for FinTech organizations for building long-lasting banking experiences for their customers. So, their relevance in the competitive market landscape today stands undisputed.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the importance and benefits of finance apps and ideas for startups. However, let’s dive into the statistical performance of finance apps, first of all.

Finance Apps –Statistical Report

The value of the global finance app market was reportedly estimated at around $896.7 million in 2020, with projected growth at a CAGR of 11.1% during the forecast period between 2021 to 2028.

us finance app market statistical report | Binmile
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The report above also attributes certain factors behind the increasing growth of the finance app global market. For instance, the increasing demand for asset management apps in the Asia Pacific region is one of the reasons for driving the growth of the finance app market worldwide.

In addition, a demand surge in budget and expense management apps is also expected to fuel the market growth, as reported.

Importance Of Finance Apps For Startups

finance apps for startups | Binmile
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  • A finance app allows users to make and view financial reports easily, as the system automatically records all financial reports
  • It helps you reduce technical errors in making financial statements, as the system features auto-recording of reports
  • Enables startups to track business expenses, make informed financial decisions based on data-backed insights, and achieve their financial goals

Benefits Of Using Finance Apps

  • Startups using finance apps can cost-effectively reduce time and money. It happens by automating several operations, including credit risk assessment.
  • It mitigates the expenses of humans servicing clients.
  • It allows companies to streamline their consumer experience through easy access to financial services and products.
  • Mobile connectivity through FinTech apps ensures increased efficiency in financial transactions and a better baking experience for users.
  • FinTech companies using finance apps can provide prompt assistance to consumers in terms of receiving same-day loan funding. The FinTech software also simplifies a variety of funding choices for startups.
  • Finance apps harness the power of automation, machine learning, and Big Data. Therefore, they come in handy for startups to make informed financial decisions using real-time data-based insights regarding customer behavioral patterns.
  • Startups using FinTech apps can make their offerings more personalized for existing and target consumers. It is possible through better risk management and insightful updates on consumers as facilitated by innovative apps.

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Practical 10 Finance App Ideas That Startups Consider In 2023

New age transformation in the banking and financial landscape is augmenting the importance of finance apps. This means the relevancy of FinTech apps is unquestionable in helping startups and businesses in their commercial growth. Here is our detailed overview of 10 finance app ideas that startups can use to succeed in 2023.

Finance App Idea#01 – Digital Banking

Digital banking, in our analysis, is an instrumental finance app idea for startups. The way it has revolutionized the banking industry by increasing people’s interactions with their banks is phenomenal.

The increasing importance of digital banking can be understood with the report, stating its global market value was valued at $803.8 billion in 2018.

Now, the market size of digital banking is anticipated to grow by $1610 billion by 2027. To be measured in CAGR, the growth rate is 8.9% during the forecast period.

With the phenomenal growth in the usage of mobile banking apps worldwide, adopting digital banking as a finance app idea is an intelligent strategy for startups.

Moreover, the concept of digital banking also gained traction post-pandemic era in terms of serving big online audiences their banking needs.

Finance App Idea#02 – Payment Apps for Peer-to-Peer (P2P)

P2P, as a decentralized communication model is another great finance app idea to consider for startups in 2023. These types of apps, such as PayPal, Google Pay, and Venmo served people’s financial requirements excellently during the pandemic era.

From ensuring secure financial transactions directly to the recipient’s bank accounts to the convenience of use, the virtue of P2P apps is tremendous.

Moreover, they rule out dependence on any intermediaries or transaction-related commission fees for the users. Therefore, P2P is one of the innovative app ideas startups should consider.

You can also consider hiring a FinTech app development company to build a robust, secure, and easy-to-use finance app for your businesses.

Finance App Idea#03 – Personal Finance Management App

A great finance app idea to consider for startups is a personal finance management app. Considering how people are becoming more conscious about their earnings and savings, these apps register their unquestionable relevancy.

People using these apps can do real-time monitoring of their spending and income and get data-driven insights into managing their money wisely.

Finance App Idea#04 – Trading and Investment Apps

Trading and investment apps offer on-the-go flexibility. They enable users to check the performance of the stock market, buy and sell assets, and execute trades instantly from anywhere.

Startups can also go for a mobile app for cryptocurrency trading and investment. Consider these apps based on their two-factor authentication & encryption, intuitive user interface, great functional features, etc.

Finance App Idea#05 – Loan and Credit App

A great finance app idea regarding loans and credit apps is good to go for startups. These apps facilitate seamless loan disbursal for users and so are considered an incredible startup concept in the FinTech market.

They are also functional as a medium for P2P lending apps between borrowers and lenders. Using these apps also means users can avoid relying on financial institutions to carry out credits.

Borrowers using these types can also set the limit of loan rates. They can negotiate with the lender on interest rates against loans, such as personal loans, home loans, car loans, etc.

Finance app idea#06 – RegTech Apps

RegTech or regulatory technology serves the objective of enhancing regulatory and compliance processes. Therefore, RegTech can be considered one of the greatest finance app ideas for startups in 2023.

Using these apps would mean avoiding contumacy with regulatory compliances. These apps come in handy for organizations in automating a large portion of their business procedures, such as the collection, compilation, and submission of reports.

They also facilitate the identification and authentication of customers, apart from monitoring and reporting transactions. One of the biggest upsides of these apps is improving customer retention rates.

Finance App Idea#07 – Insurance Apps

A great finance app idea for startups, insurance apps are best used to streamline the customer experience.

Investment in these apps by many insurance companies is a viable endorsement of the efficacy of these software products for startups.

For instance, they help businesses offer personalized services to their customers, thereby gaining a competitive advantage in the market.

Insurance companies using innovative apps stand far more productive in streamlining their internal business processes compared to their traditional counterparts.

From better risk assessment to improving decision-making approaches, cutting-edge apps help businesses in the insurance industry effectively. Using these apps means companies can make effective promotional plans for their products and services to serve consumers better.

Finance app idea#08 – Blockchain App

blockchain app | Binmile

The impact of blockchain on FinTech is spectacular. It is already considered a million-dollar technology in the FinTech market. That’s because it facilitates unbreachable security and anonymity in transactions.

Obviously, blockchain emerges as one of the best finance app ideas for startups to help their target users transfer cryptocurrencies without third-party regulatory dependence.

In other words, blockchain apps come in handy for users who trust the viability of a decentralized autonomous system promising secure transactions of funds.

Finance app idea#09 – Financial Advising App

One of the best finance app ideas for startups in 2023 is the financial advising app. The viability of these apps for businesses is tremendous. For instance, by building one of such apps, you will help your customers (especially Gen-Z and millennials) with a better understanding of finance, stock, and trading.

By harnessing the latent power of AI and machine learning, these apps analyze the better outline of spending habits of users and income. Financial advice generated by the apps helps users manage their finances and expenses. They cater insights into a user’s finance-related activities.

Finance app idea#10 – eWallet apps

eWallet apps are significant in today’s market in which speedy and risk-free transfer of funds matters. These apps facilitate the seamless transaction of funds without relying on credit cards, debit cards, etc.

Payment done through eWallet apps also earns users some discounts or vouchers. Note that the global market size of digital wallets was expected to be around $1,043.1 billion in 2019.

The expected growth for the year 2027 is $7,580 billion. The statistics reveal why the market of digital wallets has considerable momentum. Therefore, considering it for your next finance app idea would be an intelligent business strategy.

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With the FinTech market growing considerably higher, and its global market size being valued at $896.7 million in 2020, it clearly indicates that its future is promising. It also offers great business opportunities for startups to stay competitive in today’s growing FinTech market.

Among many things they require, developing a FinTech app is one of the most important ones. Companies in the FinTech industry using finance apps experience improved customer experience. In addition, they also experience profitable growth of their ventures while staying competitive and relevant in their niche.

A list of finance app ideas discussed above will come in handy for you to choose the best app idea and materialize it into an innovative product.

However, building a FinTech app is not at all simple. It goes through meticulous planning. From the ideation to the launching phase of your MVP, the processes are delicate. It, therefore, warrants assistance from an experienced software development company to help you build an innovative FinTech app.

Grow boundlessly in the FinTech market with Binmile!

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