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Angular vs React: Pick the Better Framework for Frontend Development

Read here a detailed discussion on React vs Angular so that you can decide on using the best framework for your next app development.
Angular vs React concept

Developed by Facebook, React is a Javascript library that facilitates the creation of interactive User Interfaces and lets you build UI components. This framework makes code easier and uses server-side rendering to offer a flexible, performance-oriented solution. On the other hand, the Angular framework is ideal for developing dynamic web apps. This fully-featured JavaScript framework lets you develop dynamic, single-page web apps with better support for the (MVC) programming structure. It also allows developers to use HTML syntax. Angular vs. React has been a great subject of debate among developers when picking up the best and most useful framework for front-end development. Read here a detailed discussion on Angular vs. React so that you can decide on using the best framework for iOS or Android app development.

React Framework for Frontend Development – Key Features

  • Allows developers to use 3rd party libraries
  • Better user experience with fast performance
  • Code stability with one-directional data binding
  • Faster development
  • Fully supported by Facebook
  • React components
  • Simplicity and composable
  • Time-saving

React Pros

  • Codemod feature to automate the process
  • Combined with ES6/7, ReactJS is perfect for managing heavy loads
  • Developers spend less time worrying about framework-specific codes
  • Developers spend more time writing modern JavaScript
  • Easy to learn due to its simple design
  • HTML-like syntax for templating and highly detailed documentation
  • Migrating between versions
  • React enhances support for server-side rendering
  • React is a robust framework for content-focused apps
  • React skills can be applied to Native development

When to Choose React

React native framework can be an ideal choice for your app in the following states:

  • Use React when your needs demand a personalized app solution
  • When it comes to creating shareable components in your app project
  • When you need an app with multiple events
  • You have expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Angular Framework for Frontend Development – Key Features

  • Built-in support for AJAX, HTTP, and observables
  • Cleaner and crisp coding
  • Consistent with the technology
  • Enhanced support for error handling
  • Forms and validation
  • Large community support
  • Seamless updates using Angular CLI
  • Shadow DOM / local CSS
  • Typescript offers efficiency
  • UI and Business Logic Separation

Angular Pros

  • Higher Performance
  • It takes care of routing for easier movement
  • Material Design-like Interface
  • Offers clean code development
  • Seamless Updates using Angular CLI

When choosing Angular

The angular framework can be an ideal choice for your app in the following states:

  • App complexity remains Low to Medium level
  • When the development team has previous versions of Angular
  • When you need large scale feature-rich apps
  • When your development team has experience with Java and C#
  • You need higher productivity with ready-to-use solutions

Angular vs React: Statistics

According to a survey conducted by leading research firm Statista, React.js will be the most used web framework among software developers worldwide in 2021. The survey reveals that 40.14 percent of surveyed software developers use React.js, while 22.96 percent use Angular. JQuery (34.43%), Express (23.82%), and Vue.js (18.97%) are also other popular web frameworks that developers use globally.

Another finding of the stack overflow survey also shed light on how developers prefer different frameworks for developing apps in 2021. These include:

  • Loved – Svelte (71.47%), React.js (69.28%), Vue.js (64.41%), Angular (55.82%), and Angular.js (23.18%)
  • Popularity – React.js (40.14%), Angular (22.96%), Vue.js (18.97%), Angular.js (11.49%), and Svelte (2.75%)
  • Dreaded – Angular.js (76.82%), Angular (44.18%), Vue.js (35.59%), React.js (30.72%), and Svelte (28.53%)
  • Want – React.js (25.12%), Vue.js (16.69%), Angular (8.47%), Svelte (6.57%), and Angular.js (5.8%)


Comparison Between Angular and React

Although much has been discussed on Angular vs. React in the above lines that is enough to understand both frameworks, the following comparison between Angular front-end web development and React front-end web development will help readers make a decision. Many front-end development companies can help you get the most out of both frameworks for your front-end development needs.

Application Types – React is suitable for developing native apps, hybrid apps, or web apps. Angular is suitable for developing a Single Page Application (SPA) and mobile apps.

Best feature – React gives you the freedom to choose tools, architecture, and libraries for app development. Angular offers restricted freedom and flexibility.

Community support – React does not offer much support. Angular has a viable and dependable community support system.

Companies Using – React is used by Facebook, Uber Technologies, Instagram, Netflix, and Pinterest. Angular is used by Wepay, Beam, Auto Trader, Mesh, and Streamline Social.

Data binding – React language uses one-way data binding, but Angular uses the two-way data binding method.

Ideal for – React is ideal for developing native apps for Android and iOS devices. Angular is ideal for developing large-scale, feature-rich applications.

Installation time – React takes longer to set up, but Angular is easy to set up.

Learning curve – React is easier to grasp but difficult to learn. It is not easy to learn Angular.

Model – React is based on Virtual DOM, whereas Angular is based on Model View Controller (MVC).

Restriction – React gives options to choose from with no performance penalty. An angular framework is very sensitive.

Testing & Debugging – React needs a set of tools to perform testing. Angular is useful for a complete project with a single tool.

Type – React is an older JavaScript library. Angular is a complete framework.

Updates – Updates in React are simple. Angular updates are regular.

Use of code – React allows developers to manage codes as per desired formats. Angular comes with many ready-to-use elements.

Use of libraries – Angular is a complete solution and React js can be packaged with other programming libraries.

Written in – React is written in JavaScript, and Angular is written in Typescript.

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