How AI-Driven ServiceOps Drives IT Service Innovation at Business Speed

See how utilizing ServiceNow AI capabilities can aid in reducing your operating costs and streamlining your business operations along with proper explanation.
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As the days are passing by, the dependency of businesses is increasing on tech-backed solutions to manage their core operations. Be it a full-fledged eCommerce store, advising and consulting services provider, or production establishments out there, all of them use some sort of software for operation purposes. And where there is inclusion of tech, there is a need to deploy robust solutions to ensure smooth IT infrastructure management. Although integration with third-party applications can also fulfill specific requirements of businesses, it is an all-inclusive cloud-computing platform that can enhance organizational efficiency by streamlining existing workflows. And that’s where the most sought after ServiceNow AI capabilities come into the picture.

Today, we will deeply understand how exploiting AI-powered ServiceOps will contribute to IT service innovation, keeping pace with business expansion. So, let’s dive deeper into details right off the bat.

What is ServiceNow?

What is ServiceNow | Binmile

ServiceNow is a cloud computing platform that helps organizations handle digital workflows for enterprise-level operations. This cloud-based workflow automation platform is such a useful asset that helps businesses improve operational efficiency by streamlining and automating routine work jobs.

What Do You Mean by ServiceOps?

ServiceOps refers to Service Operations, which is the combination of service and operations management data, tooling, and processes. In other words, it unifies IT Service Management and IT Operations at the speed of the business. AI and Automation connect them so well that they can collaborate seamlessly while retaining their individual roles in your entity. Thanks to the use of AI with ServiceNow, both sides are enabled to work more efficiently, resulting in upsurged user satisfaction and the quality of IT services.

In fact, as per EMA’s report from March 2022, 5% of IT firms have accepted that they are planning to take a ServiceOps approach that merges several teams easily.

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What are The Benefits of ServiceOps as per a Digital Workflow Solutions Provider?

There are wads of benefits of ServiceOps if the words of a leading Intelligent Automation service provider are to be believed. Yes, it can ensure increased business flexibility and scalability along with DevOps change management automation, and that too while boosting IT efficiency and cutting costs.

What’s more? Intelligent Automation with ServiceNow also takes user satisfaction and IT quality to the next level. By digging deeper into this topic, you can still place your firm at the forefront of the tech industry and establish your team for ServiceOps excellence today.

Benefits of ServiceOps | Binmile

In short, when you have AI with ServiceNow solution at your disposal, you can experience the following effects:

  • High impact on IT effectiveness and efficiency
  • Business flexibility and innovation
  • Increased cross-functional partnership
  • Maximum value return on investment

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How to Get Started With ServiceOps Leveraging the Most of ServiceNow AI Capabilities?

First up, you need to pick the right solution, for example, Now Platform from ServiceNow. The ServiceOps approach of this particular platform allows you to create a shared set of rules and guiding principles in order to foster trust and guidance in the data and automation offered by the platform. Apart from that, you can also scale your technology services while minimizing costs and improve your processes with just one platform.

Do you want to learn how Binmile can help you automate service operations on the Now platform? Peruse the next text stack outlining the importance of ServiceNow generative AI:

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How Does AI With ServiceNow Fuel IT service Innovation?

AI with ServiceNow | Binmile

In order to make you understand this, we will use a small example here highlighting ServiceNow AI capabilities. One of the prominent airports in Denmark was grappling with streamlining their operations for a long time and they didn’t have a clue how to make this happen. That’s when they approached Binmile and explained the entire problem to get a relevant solution.

During the discovery phase, our team found that the airport authority had too many data sources and they had integrations into each one of them. Due to this, streamlining key operations appeared to be a big challenge. Still, our development team didn’t panic and planned to eliminate those integrations using AI with ServiceNow. The best part of ServiceNow is that it accommodates various IT service types effortlessly and makes it simple for the user to manage and expand from a single place. By integrating airport IoT solutions, we further enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of the airport’s operations.

Previously, the aforesaid airport had five different integrations to feed data into the Configuration Management Database. But once Binmile implemented ServiceNow, the airport administration can refer to just one source for every need. What else? After ServiceNow implementation, their CMDB is powered by an automated process, warding off the need to do manual work that they used to perform before. This way, Binmile made it a breeze for the client to manage their IT infrastructure, where ServiceNow AI capabilities played a crucial role. Now it has become a walk in the park for them to maintain their Configuration Management Database while enjoying an optimized IT infrastructure.

To acquire more information about how we approach ServiceNow projects, you can read a relevant case study here.

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In a nutshell

Now that you have finished reading the entire content, you must have learned some solid advantages of tapping AI with ServiceNow. Right? So, everything boils down to the point that it is pretty important to adopt emerging technologies these days if you really want to facilitate, automate, and accelerate your organizational operations. And since ServiceNow is a widely-known, globally-accepted, and tried and tested cloud computing platform, you should not hem and haw to give it a shot for your business.

In case you are finding it an uphill battle to get started or don’t know how to take a step towards ServiceNow implementation, it is always a wise idea to connect with professionals having expertise in deploying ServiceNow AI capabilities. Only then you can feel confident about your decision and be informed about the major transformation that you will see ahead. Sooner or later, you will see operational costs coming down and organizational efficiency going up, which will create a golden opportunity for scaling your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Be it customers or employees, all of them wish to get whatever they need as soon as possible. They barely have the patience to navigate portals and find the desired thing. Even if they do it, it leads to frustration and a need to seek help from other colleagues. What else? It hampers work and leaves personnel burdened with repetitive and monotonous jobs. Fortunately, using AI with ServiceNow comes with multiple advantages.

Yes, ServiceNow AI Search offers next-level search experiences to workers and customers and lets them receive self-service answers and actionable information. This type of search relies on the combination of Natural Language Understanding and Machine Learning to recognize user intent and provide relevant outcomes that users can take action on from the search result window.

Just so you know, the Now platform comprises generative AI, natural language understanding, machine learning frameworks, search and automation, and analytics and process mining that work together to improve ServiceNow AI capabilities for customers and workforce.

1. Purpose-driven AI for the Now Platform

Having a Now Platform with AI at your disposal, it will make a breeze to render ServiceNow AI capabilities, security, and analytics you need to help professionals get things done easily, quickly, and smartly.

2. Quick AI improvement

Now business owners can make the most of AI abilities without the need for data science expertise. They can leverage advanced solutions that:

  • Classify new records automatically
  • Discover the imperative connections in the data
  • Expose the biggest opportunities for enhancement

3. Protection and control over enterprise data

Every solution is trained using existing organizational data so you get suggestions and predictions that are designed for how your business operates. And the best part is that your data always remains in the AI with ServiceNow cloud that you already trust.

4. Boost productivity

Take advantage of new opportunities to increase productivity in your entity with Generative AI that will be accessible to everyone. Grow every product, solution, and workflow so that you can concentrate on the job that’s most important.

5. Make wiser business decisions

Join AI with analytics along with real-time insights that will provide the visibility you need to ensure the accuracy of each prediction and show the enhancement driven by AI with ServiceNow. In addition to that, visualizing trends and patterns across every service will allow your team to make faster and better decisions.

Artificial Intelligence and Automation techniques can be used in IT service management in several ways, including:

  • Incident categorization
  • Intelligent ticket routing
  • Creating a knowledge base

Apart from that, some advanced solutions, such as Freshworks Freddy AI can even convert your knowledge base into a customer service chatbot.

ServiceNow AI capabilities also come in handy to process wads of information to identify categories and patterns in the data. It helps in enabling new methods to search, find, utilize, and handle information and add automated workflows to document management processes.

Binmile is a worldwide ServiceNow implementation partner delivering implementation, enhancement, and consulting services for the Now Platform to tech entities and enterprises around the world. We help organizations leverage ServiceNow solutions in the best possible way and create digital workflows to customize, support, and implement various solutions on the Now platform, like:

A few business benefits of using AI with ServiceNow that you can expect to reap are:

  • Centralized work processes
  • Personalized business solutions
  • Faster delivery speed
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Improved work productivity
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