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Angular 12 Version: Breaking Changes and New Deprecations

Till now, twelve versions of the TypeScript-based open-source web application framework Angular have been released. Angular is a platform and interface that helps app developers build single-page client applications in TypeScript and HTML. Released on May 12, 2021, the latest version of the Angular framework comes with many new features that help developers build mobile and desktop web applications more efficiently. Every time Angular gets an update, it comes with some new features, deleted features, and depreciated items. Read the content and know the breaking changes and new deprecations in the new Angular Version 12.

Unique added and deleted features of Angular 12 Version

The Angular framework is a thorough rewrite from the makers of AngularJS. Developers use Angular as the MEAN stack’s front-end consisting of the following software components: Angular and alternatives, Express.js web application server framework, MongoDB database program, and Node.js server runtime environment.

Angular has now rolled out two versions (12.0.0-next.0 and 12.0.0-next.1), having significant and breaking updates. These changes directly affect the scenario of forthcoming angular version releases. First, Gett-ing the NG create compiler command is now by default. Secondly, the yarn build bundler command is by default to run production builds. Angular Ivy has been the default rendering engine since the release of version 9. The new version is finally deprecating View Engine for libraries. It means Angular users will miss the View Engine in a future major release. Now, apps will no longer make with View Engine by setting enableIvy: false. Ivy apps will still work with current libraries using View Engine. But, library authors should start arrangements to change to Ivy. Check out these unique features.

• Added emitEvent option for AbstractControl class methods.
• Build option named inlineStyleLanguage added in Angular v12 for defining the style sheet language.
• HttpClient in Angular v12supports specifying request metadata.
• Ivy LS will be the default in Angular v12.
• Strict mode is now the default in the CLI.
• Support APP_INITIALIZER added to work with observables.

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Breaking Changes

• Support added for TypeScript 4.2.
• TypeScript <4.2.3 is no longer supported.
• 4.2.3 to 4.2.x is the supported range of TypeScript versions.
• The new Sass module system will be used by Angular CDK and Angular Material.
• Apps will no longer consume Angular CDK/Material’s Sass with the node-sass npm package.
• The Angular tooling now uses Webpack 5, which generate files for lazy-loaded JavaScript file, to build applications.
• Webpack 4 usage and support are discounted.
• Webpack 5 will have web worker support.
• Critical CSS inlining is now enabled by default.
• ng build will now produce a production bundle by default.

Deprecated features

• Angular’s View Engine-based algorithm for generating i18n message IDs
• No support for Internet Explorer 11
• Sass imports from @angular/material/theming (replaced with a new Angular Material Sass API)
• Support for publishing libraries with View Engine

Angular 12 framework for app development

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Despite these deprecated features, you can compile libraries in partial compilation mode to create Ivy-compatible output. You can still build a library using View Engine. New features of the Angular 12 version also include support for adding directives to host elements, improved test times, debugging with automatic test environment tear down, inline Sass in components, and performance with ngc as a tsc Plug-In Distribution. Web app enthusiasts can ask their Angular web app developers to develop their apps with the newest version. It will let them get added benefits for their app improvement and performance.

With enhanced build performance and legacy system removal, the latest version of Angular is all set to give front web developers an edge. Hope this version will be making Angular developer’s life easier.