Why Businesses Elect Angular for Developing Digital Products

With emerging technologies, business enterprisers prefer to employ a viable technology framework for mobile and web application development. Among frontend frameworks, Angular JS is widely prevalent among business enterprises at the global level. From start-ups to enterprises, Angular is one of the most preferred JavaScript frameworks to develop agile and powerful Single-Page Applications (SPA). The best part of this framework is its ability to make unique digital applications and frontend development easy with superb features. Read the content and determine why Angular JS web development is still the most helpful option for businesses with noteworthy features.

Why Choose Angular for Web Development

Business enterprises of all sizes need to build their online presence with website development. To penetrate the market with effectiveness, it is vital for the business to have a mobile responsive website. Angular has created a lot of buzz in the field of enterprise application development. Nowadays, enterprises are leveraging Angular web development as a feasible choice to facelift incompetent processes and solutions.

Security Optimization

Before the Angular framework, enterprises hesitated to adopt any new technology due to the issue of application security. They had fears of data leakage and data loss owing to security holes in the app. Angular uses RESTful API as an HTTPS interface to connect with servers for data presentation. The framework makes a web application shielded against any unauthorized access or malware.

Seamless Access Management

There are always some restrictions when it comes to accessing business data by employees. It means every employee cannot access enterprise data. But, Angular.JS permits limited access and its management through the implementation of single sign-on through supplemental libraries. That is why the framework makes a big difference.

Faster Development

It is common that responsive web app development consumes lots of time. Angular gives enterprises an edge as it helps developers build apps in less time and effort. And the same is possible with two-way data binding and data saving onto the server using a few code lines. It also performs many of the operations that occurred in jQuery.

Efficient Testing

There are lots of activities that developers do during or after web development for the growth of the business. These include web performance testing, error identification, and error addressing. With supreme dependency injection, Angular makes every component testable in isolation. Moreover, the Angular tutorial depicts many things about testing.

Easy Maintenance

Once the process of web development is over, it is vital to maintain the website, which is a time-consuming task. When developers use the MVC approach of the framework, they think of an object-oriented design convenient to remember and maintain the website.

Critical Features of Angular

Angular is the first choice for video streaming applications, travel applications, social applications, e-commerce and m-commerce, review applications, and weather applications. The framework helps the developer format any number into text, convert a JavaScript object to JSON string, limit an array or string into characters and elements, specify the number as currency, set a specific date format, and convert the strings, and many more. With mentioned below key features, Angular JS web development induces a big difference to business needs.

  • Cross-platform – Progressive web apps, native mobile apps, and desktop apps
  • Speed and performance – Code generation, serve app views on servers, and code splitting
  • Productivity – Powerful template syntax, Angular CLI, and editor and IDEs
  • Full development – Time-saving unit tests, animation timelines, and accessible applications with ARIA-enabled components

It is clear that using Angular is a significant benefit for businesses of all sizes. The framework successfully accomplishes the task of composability, controllers, directives to extent HTML attributes, Even-Handling, data binding to HTML, HTML rendering, routing, scope to control variables, two-way data binding, and unit testing. So, enterprises need to get the right Angular web development solutions and services from web development companies for digital product development.

The Angular framework is available in different versions. Every new version of the framework comes with loads of features and make front end development tasks quite easy for app developers


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