Python vs. Java: Which is the Best One for Enterprises

Find out which programming language makes it to the list when it comes to Python vs. Java for business enterprises.
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In the world of technology, web and mobile development have opened the path for new programming languages. There is a long list of front-end and back-end programming languages that app developers like to use for their mobile app development. Research conducted by Coding Dojo, a programming language trainer, shows that Python and Java are the most popular programming languages used by the world’s top tech companies. Business enterprises are ready to invest in most in-demand languages for their web and mobile apps. The prime thing is to pick up the best one. Here, we are going to distinguish between the top two programming languages: Python and Java. Read the content and know which language gives you a competitive edge when it comes to Python vs. Java.

Python: Reasons for Popularity

Python is an open-source OOP language with diverse applications. The best part of this language is that it is used in web and mobile development. Please look at some of the reasons that make it a strong contender for big brand websites.

  • It is favored by data scientists and AI specialists for deep learning and data analysis.
  • Full-stack frameworks – Django, Pyramid, TurboGears
  • It has special libraries for creating graphical user interfaces (GUI).
  • Micro-frameworks – Bottle, Flask, Falcon, and others
  • Python helps in building cross-platform mobile apps.
  • Python-based mobile apps’ APIs are compatible with all the major operating systems.
  • Simple and highly productive for large companies
  • A strong community that constantly creates pre-built solutions based on this language.
  • It takes fewer code lines to resolve complex problems
  • Pre-built libraries for all application domains – web, desktop, mobile apps, ML, etc.
  • It is a little bit slower than C or C++. It is also not too suitable for multi-threaded applications.

Big Brands using Python

  • Facebook uses Python for infrastructure management, proprietary projects, and 3rd party Facebook developers.
  • JPMorgan uses Python for price monitoring, risk management, and other trade-related matters.
  • Quora developers recorded their websites in Python for an extensive range of code libraries, flexible language, ease of writing, and readability.
  • Instagram and Eventbrite use the Python Django framework for their backend.
  • Netflix developers turned to Python for its libraries.

Why Python Edge for Enterprises?

Python is extensible, scalable, free to use, and easy to use. The efficient communication of Python with other languages and platforms makes it the first choice for business enterprises. It is ideal for scalable web apps, backend development, data science, and app development.

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Java: Reasons for Popularity

In the list of the most popular programming languages, Java has its unique place as it beats its competitors in terms of ratings globally. This object-oriented programming language is fast-performing and used by big brands. Many governmental organizations prefer this language for its safety features. Bob Lee, CTO of Square, says, “The web was on the cusp of a Java renaissance. Java is “the only choice when it comes to the requirements for a company like ours [Square] — extreme performance requirements and extreme scalability requirements. There is no visible alternative.” Have a look at a few reasons why big brands love the Java language for their websites.

  • Ability to scale effectively.
  • Apps perform well when the load increases.
  • Ideal for extreme performance and scalability requirements.
  • Extensive framework-based.
  • Compatibility with Android
  • It is becoming pricier.

Big Brands using Java

  • Twitter picked up Java over Ruby on Rails for posting the number of tweets in one second.
  • Airbnb has its backend part primarily written in Java
  • Java is at the center of Google Web Toolkit.
  • Android-based apps are often written in Java.
  • Gmail also has Java code inside.
  • Investment bankers in high-risk, performance-dependent businesses prefer Java for safety and productivity.

Why Java Edge for Enterprises?

Java is portable, scalable, multi-threading, efficient, and secure. The compatibility of Java app development with Android makes it highly relevant and helpful for the business world. Moreover, it is a preferred programming language for backend applications, Android software development, eCommerce, finance, and app development.

What to do: Python vs. Java

Enterprises, take your time on Python vs. Java. Consider your short and long-term business goals and the right language you’ll need to achieve them. Know what suits your business needs the best. Hire a backend app development company or outsource app development projects. Pick the best one between Python and Java based on your business preferences, not based on surveys and business reports.

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