Unique Go Frameworks for Web and App Development in 2023

Go through the concise list of Go frameworks that are best and popular for web app development to build enterprise websites.
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Golang or Go is a modern programming language that is open-source and supported by Google in 2009. Favored by big companies for their projects, Go is an alternative to C and C++. The findings of a Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2020 show Go is the first choice of programmers for scalable and modular coding purposes. It is straightforward to use and implement. Go is a superb choice for building next-gen enterprise applications. That is why some of the established brands that have accepted Golang in their web app development include Google, Dell, HP, Intel, SAP, IBM, Microsoft, Facebook, Walmart, and RedHat. Read the content and find out the concise list of the best Go frameworks for web app development.

Best and Popular Go Web Frameworks

Golang is a popular language in terms of popularity and ranking. The language is primarily used for writing native code and helping developers to develop proficient, simple, and dependable software. It is beneficial for creating strong mobile and web apps as it delivers unmatched performance with lightning speed. Have a look at some of the most popular Golang web frameworks for building web and mobile apps.


Buffalo is a one-stop framework for all web app development needs. It can become your helping hand in your web app development journey. It acts as an integrated framework in your web app development journey from front-end to back-end.


  • Fast and Quick Web App Development
  • Hot Reloading Option
  • Keeps a close eye on.HTML and .go files
  • Large Community
  • Live Changes Possible
  • Strengthen Data Migration


Mango is a quality Golang-based web development framework favored by millions of users. The best part of the framework is that it gets regular and frequent updates throughout. With popular modularity, the framework comes with an assortment of valuable libraries and components. It also reuses modules of HTTP.


  • Popular modularity
  • Active community
  • It is usable by a large group of users
  • Straightforward framework


Martini is a lightweight web framework that is easy to integrate with third-party support. It works well on tasks of routing, exception dealing, and middleware tricks. You can easily blend it with third-party support. It is a popular framework in the Golang community with 20 plugins. It extends support for flexible parameters, regex structure, wildcards, etc.


  • No need to install
  • Easily integrated with 3rd party plugins
  • Small, active, and updated community
  • Support documentation
  • Basic routing, exception handling & serving documents
  • Handlers & middlewares


Gorilla is one of the longest-running frameworks favored by Google. Moreover, it has the largest community among the Golang frameworks. The framework serves as the net/HTTP library’s reusable components. This library makes it possible for developers to save time reusing components. It also has some modular characteristics.


  • Encourage WebSockets
  • Efficient in web app development
  • Large community
  • Minimalistic framework
  • Modularity and scalability

Gin Gonic

Famous as a minimalistic framework, Gin Gonic owns the most needed features and libraries. The thing that makes this framework the first choice of all is its performance. It is 40% faster than Martini. That is why it lets app developers develop faster web apps. So, it is a preferred framework for developers.


  • HTTP router for quick app development
  • Martini-like API
  • Performs REST APIs
  • Simple design rule for documentation

Get the Right Go Experts

When it comes to picking up the unique programming language for back-end app development, Golang makes a big difference. This open-source language allows developers to write native code. Different Golang frameworks enable developers to advance proficient, simple, and dependable software. When you need to have enterprises quality-based mobile apps, Go frameworks deliver unmatched performance with lightning speed. With certified Golang development companies, enterprises can expect strong web and mobile apps.

A Golang development company helps enterprises get large-scaled mobile apps using modern and effective Go frameworks. Using flexible engagement models, a professional App Development Company renders out-of-the-box solutions.

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