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Meet Enterprise-grade Requirements with Python for Web Development Projects

Read here why Python for web development is the best way to have performing, scalable, and high-quality apps.
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Python is growing as a popular programming language for building complex web apps with minimal code lines rapidly. Nowadays, Python is increasingly the language of choice for AI, neural networking, machine learning, and data science. It is the first choice of programmers, mathematicians, statisticians, and economists due to Python’s syntax. Interestingly, Python’s syntax is very close to mathematical syntax, programmers do not only use the language, but mathematicians, economists, and statisticians too. TIOBE’s index, Python is the 3rd most popular programming language in 2021 in the world. The massive demand for the language is the outcome of its diverse applications. Companies interested in having advanced apps suiting many enterprise-grade requirements prefer Python for web development projects. Read the content and know why Python induces a big difference when it comes to having performing scalable, and high-quality apps.

A Variety of Python Apps

In the back-end technology world, the Python programming language is behind the making of exciting apps. The programming language has been adopted by global brands like Instagram, Google, Spotify, Netflix, Uber, Dropbox, Pinterest, and Instacart for their business apps. The industry giants quickly went for Python web development to make their apps perform and enhance the experience of their targeted audience. With the Django framework, it is really easy to undertake various types of Python web development projects. The programming language is fit for scientific computing, predictive analytics, statistical analysis, and numerical computation. Python is robust and diverse. That is why software developers and software development companies can use Python to build applications in the following areas –

  • Artificial Intelligence and Desktop GUI
  • Education programs and enterprise-grade applications
  • Game development and image processing
  • Language development and operating systems
  • Pattern recognition and scientific applications
  • Software products

All of the above reasons are enough to say why Python is used in web development. Python developers integrate these apps for building high-advanced projects. When you think of Python for web development, a skilled Python app development company can do wonders.

Why Python for App Development

Business enterprises always search for newer technologies and solutions to serve their customers and get a competitive edge. Hence, Python app development is a unique way to get business solutions that meet IT, market, and business needs. A large number of industry leaders are utilizing the Python web development framework. There is a long list of enterprise benefits that make Python for web development important for web development. Find here some pros of Python web development projects.

  • Flexibility in development
  • Highly powerful for app development
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Scalable language
  • Simple learning curve
  • Wide developer community

ActivePython is the same as core Python. It covers various packages and is confirmed against security vulnerabilities. For developing web and cloud-based apps, ActivePython can save app configuration time and contribute to overall app development production. Interestingly, it can make the most out of popular Python frameworks: Django, Flask, and Tornado. Moreover, ActivePython connects to Amazon Web Services (AWS) services. Testing, security, code quality, and general Python development are also part of ActivePython.

Cloud and Web Application Development

  • AWS SDK (Amazon cloud)
  • Django (web framework)
  • Flask (web framework – microservices)
  • Google-cloud (Google Cloud)
  • Jinja2 (template engine)
  • Requests (web dev library)
  • s3transfer (AWS S3)
  • simplejson (json library)
  • Tornado (web framework and networking)
  • Twisted (asynchronous networking)
  • urllib3 (HTTP w/ connection pooling)


  • Cryptography (recipes and primitives)
  • ecdsa (cryptographic signature)
  • passlib and bcrypt (password hashing)
  • PyCryptodome (PyCrypto replacement)
  • pyOpenSSL (python interface to OpenSSL)
  • requests-oauthlib (Oauth support)
  • service_identity (prevents pyOpenSSL man-in-the-middle attacks)

Big Data, Database Connectors

  • HDFS (C/C++ wrapper for Hadoop)
  • pymongo (MongoDB driver)
  • pyMySQL (MySQL connector)
  • redis (Redis access libraries)
  • SQLAlchemy (Python SQL Toolkit)

Code Quality/Testing

  • coverage (test coverage)
  • flake8 (code quality)
  • nose (testing)
  • pytest (testing)
  • selenium (testing)

Developer Utilities

  • cffi (C code interface)
  • lxml (processing XML/HTML)
  • py (code gen, API control, ini file parsing)
  • pytz (time zone library)
  • PyYAML(YAML support)

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Python Web Development Frameworks

According to software vending company JetBrains, Python is useful for data analytics, web development, machine learning, DevOps, etc. Python is also the highest-demanded programming language as 25.7% are loved and favored by web and app developers. The reasons why Python is superb for web development include being easy to learn and use, fantastic frameworks, flexible and versatile, perfect for building prototypes, and running on every platform. There are lots of Python frameworks that make Python a ruler over other programming languages like Javascript, Go, Typescript, and Kotlin. Let’s check some popular Python web development frameworks.


Django is ideal for developing database-driven web apps. It comes with features like a templating system and an automatic admin interface. Established names including The New York Times, Instagram, and Pinterest are banking upon Python web development.


This simple and lightweight solution helps developers who want to develop single-page web apps. It is suitable for small website development.


CherryPy is the base template that programmers use to build web apps. Web frameworks like Pyramid, Bottle, and Pylons are also popular for Python web development

Business enterprises looking for web and app development solutions can opt for Python for web development services from a competent Python for app development company.

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