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About Airline Recruitment Agency

Our client is a prominent job-hunting company that helps national and international employers find candidates for multiple roles and positions who can tick all the right boxes easily. They have expertise in identifying specialists for specific companies who can bring terrific value to the organization. In addition to that, they are widely known for providing a result-based strategy to clients and filling permanent and part-time openings with the most skilled individuals out there. As per requirement, the aforesaid firm also offers customized services to interested business owners in order to fulfill their pressing hiring needs and establish a long-term relationship.

Airline Recruitment Agency is a trusted platform for career management, talent acquisition, and networking, meticulously designed for the Aviation industry. Our online solution serves as an all-inclusive job and networking hub exclusively crafted for aviation professionals. With an intuitive interface, our platform seamlessly bridges the gap between job seekers and premier aviation employers across the globe.

aviation web design comopany | Binmile | Aerohyre

Cultivating Career Opportunities: Crafting an Aviation Job Search Platform with Exceptional Features

Airline app development | Binmile | aerohyre

Helping An Airline Recruitment Agency Build a Promising Job Search Portal for the Aviation Industry

The client was looking to create a candidate-hiring platform related to the Aviation industry. The client spoke to Binmile’s representative for full-fledged app development and creating options to onboard reputed employers on the platform. Since it is no easy feat to find employment in the aviation sector, we developed an extremely handy portal for the aforesaid Executive Search Platform that caters to employees and employers from a specific niche only. By doing this, we helped our client discover qualified candidates for other agencies.

Aerohyre Job Portal development | Binmile

Meeting An Airline Recruitment Agency’s Need to Bring Aviation Recruiters and Candidates Under One Umbrella

Although there are several job-hunting portals in the market, only a few focus on the aeronautics department. Post seeing this gap in the job market, our patron decided to come up with an Aviation-centric employment platform that would serve hundreds of thousands of pilots and crew members. They had a word with Binmile’s executives and asked them to develop an all-inclusive platform to help Aviation job seekers meet relevant job providers and vice versa. We did the same and fortunately, the newly-developed application passed User Acceptance Testing as well.

Establishing a Robust Connection Between Job Seekers and Job Providers | Binmile

Establishing a Robust Connection Between Job Seekers and Job Providers For An Airline Recruitment Agency

Previously, there were no or limited options to interact with recruiters or applicants. But, with this job discovery platform, users will also get a chance to communicate with employees or employers with the touch of a few buttons. Binmile ensured incorporating a social connection button into the portal so that recruiters and candidates can gain clarity about skills and roles respectively. This approach will help prevent a lot of misunderstandings that occur while hiring a potential professional, be it about salary, location, working hours, leaves, or something similar.

Integrate CV Builder feature to aerohyre | Binmile

Integrating a Feature-Rich CV Builder into An Airline Recruitment Agency’s Job Search Platform

Not the resumes created for all the jobs have to be the same. Similarly, when our client found that most of the CVs received from Aviation sector candidates don’t align well with the specifications job providers are looking for, they thought of developing an industry-specific CV builder for pilots and crew members. The next moment they got into a conversation with accomplished developers at Binmile and urged them to create an aeronautics-oriented CV builder for their job portal. The talented professionals at Binmile developed an Aviation CV builder with all the bells and whistles that highlighted the education, work history, skills, and experience of applicants. Owing to this, candidates started getting more calls for interviews and ultimately, appointments.

See Below Top Tech Stack Used for An Airline Recruitment Agency’s Website Development

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Project Impact:

90% Number of Visitors Boosted

70% Business Opportunities Grown

80% User Engagement Improved

40% Conversion Rate Enhanced

3X Profits Increased

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