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AWS For Startups – The Right Platform To Grow In A Secure Cloud Environment

Learn to know why Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the right Cloud choice for new businesses to smoothen their Cloud Adoption Journey.
making cloud adoption journey cost effective on the solid foundation of aws | Binmile

When data avalanche lay the solid foundation for the growth of today’s digitally-driven business, startup founders and co-founders naturally grapple with a poignant question, like how to choose the right platform delivering the best Cloud-based solutions for every invested dime.

While there are plenty of options to choose from, including Google Cloud and Azure platforms, we are covering another platform called Amazon Web Services (AWS) that we believe is the smartest choice for new business founders in their Cloud adoption journey.

It is well-known that the solution offered by Cloud computing is relatively more affordable, customizable, and productive than what businesses get from their in-house servers.

Obviously, companies are prioritizing Cloud computing solutions, believing that the migration to Cloud-based operations would result in many benefits for their business, including scalability and accessibility to a secure Cloud environment.

By the way, adopting the Cloud-based solution of AWS is considered a leaner, and cost-effectively more efficient business approach to grow and stay competitive in the market.

Key Facts of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • As a lead Cloud computing platform, it is a main profit driver for Amazon
  • It offers services, such as servers, storage, networking, remote computing, email, mobile development, and security
  • It generates 13% of the overall revenue of Amazon as of Q2 2021
  • It dominates more than a third of the Cloud business market, nearly twice its next closest rivals, like Microsoft, IBM, Google, and Alibaba
  • It generated revenues of 80 billion U.S. dollars with its Cloud services in 2022
  • It captured 32% of global Cloud infrastructure spending in 2018

Why AWS? What makes it Valuable for Businesses?

AWS predominantly drives the Cloud customer momentum of Amazon. For instance, it was recently selected by Southwest Airlines Co. LUV as a preferred Cloud vendor, thus accentuating the efficacy and trust of AWS’s robust portfolio of Cloud technologies and global infrastructure.

The rapid growth of AWS and how companies around the globe are adopting its innovative Cloud products and services is a testament to the fact that its viability is unmistakable. It boosts the digital transformation efforts of its adopters, helping them streamline customer support experience, and operations and explore advanced digital solutions.

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Benefits of AWS Adoption for Businesses as A Solid Cloud Platform

1. You Only Pay for the Service you Use

Organizations that rely on private servers have to experience expensive upfront costs in hardware and installation, along with incurring costs on timely maintenance and physical storage. For startups looking for budget-conscious solutions, private servers would mean counterproductive to their quest in terms of quantifying their costs on hardware installation and regular maintenance.

On the other hand, adopting AWS means having an intelligent approach to cut costs on a monthly bill as it will reflect on the portion of Cloud solutions you have used as a premium customer.

To say otherwise, if you, for instance, want to modernize your legacy data infrastructure but don’t want to opt for ML solutions for now, AWS will let you choose a host of applications related to your needs. Moreover, if you have limited information on the technicality of apps and want to know more about them through use cases, AWS will serve you accordingly. You can search queries by category and use cases to gain actionable insights that you can use for a targeted solution.

In addition, AWS offers custom-tailored solutions that give you can customize based on how your needs evolve in due course of time. AWS integration, for instance, offers solutions for your problems with customer analytics. It allows you to gain new data-based insights, better engagement, and streamline data management. Moreover, you can also expand the platform further if you choose to add some additional features to your new infrastructure.

2. Cost-Efficient, Low-Cost Migration, and Better Security

AWS is relatively more cost-effective and affordable in terms of offering you a large amount of storage space to store your invaluable data in the Cloud. The catch is, you don’t have to pay for the entire space, but rather the one you have used, and it scales the costs according to the consumption.

For startups with budget-constraint issues, this is incredibly helpful to enjoy the Cloud storage service of AWS only for the portion of what has been used. Moreover, migration to AWS-hosted Cloud-environment is a low-cost investment for companies, enabling automated efficiency to smoothen their operations.

Early adopters of AWS, like Nokia, experienced tremendous performance boosts in their business, such as running queries twice faster than before, saving up to 50% of costs, and utilizing business intelligence tools for mining and analyzing Big Data.

AWS platform comes equipped with multiple layers of operational safety in its servers and data centers. Companies, therefore, can leverage the security impregnability of AWS to carry out infrastructure evaluations and be vigilant on security loopholes with enhanced transparency.

Moreover, the platform’s data centers and encrypted network architecture protect the user identity, devices, apps, and sensitive data. It allows customers to take advantage of its compliance and core security features.

3. Flexibility and Scalability

AWS platform is known for its flexibility that allows customers to choose various services based on their preferences, such as operating systems, programming languages, databases, web application platforms, etc.

The virtual platform of AWS enables users to take advantage of services and custom software solutions, including a flexible data migration process. Elastic Loading Balancing and Auto Scaling tools of the AWS platform deliver high performance and smooth scaling. Companies can use the auto-scaling feature for building a self-managing infrastructure, depending on traffic or resource utilization. It also helps companies improve their services by optimizing their Cloud costs.

4. Best-in-Class Performance

AWS platform gives you the biggest advantage of securing your data infrastructure on the world’s largest redundancy system, at both local and international levels. Imagine you have traditional hosting services for hosting your data. What if your server crashes? What will happen to your data? For sure, the server crashing down would mean your site or application getting lost for good.

To avoid encountering such an unsavory situation in the future, choosing AWS would mean your data is safely hosted on an extremely safe and secure Cloud platform. The Auto Scaling feature of the platform is quite helpful as it monitors your apps and automatically adjusts capacity to maintain steady, predictable performance at the most reduced cost possible. Using this feature would allow you to set up app scaling for various resources across diverse services faster.

5. Continuity of Reliable Cloud Services

One of the best things about the AWS platform is that it performs with a Cloud continuity attitude. Meaning, it rules out any gap in service and ensures its continuity to make for a faster, smoother transition of your business. For instance, AWS CodeDeploy is a fully managed deployment service that automates code deployment. It technically rules out any chance for error-prone manual operations.

aws codedeploy | Binmile
Source – aws.amazon.com

6. Extensive Range Of Features

AWS platform comes equipped with more than 200 fully featured services for a broad range of technologies, industries, and use cases. Your team can use a broad range of specialized tools that it offers, including databases, data management, developer and manager tools, computing, analytics, networking, mobile access, IoT, security, and enterprise applications.

One of the most notable features called Fault Injection Simulator allows your team to simulate the errors in the sequence of their occurrence that would otherwise be difficult to be identified until launch. It is a fully managed service designed to improve an app’s performance observability and resiliency.

aws fault injection simulator | Binmile
Source – aws.amazon.com

Should you go for a long-term Cloud plan with AWS?

You are advised to go for a trial run before you make a decision to go for any long-term Cloud plan in the future. Thankfully the platform allows you to get hands-on experience with its services cost-free, and a golden chance to explore more than 100 products that come with AWS Free Tier.

For instance, you can go for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) on a monthly trial basis. Enjoy field-testing the platform to evaluate its potential benefits for your new business. Make decisions based on the subjective experience with the trial version of the AWS Cloud solution.

Why is AWS better than most Cloud platforms?

When it comes to choosing the right Cloud platform for your business, there is no dearth of options in the market today. From Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud to IBM Cloud, RedHat, Alibaba Cloud, and Rackspace, the options are aplenty.

However, what makes AWS better than its competitors is how effectively it has dominated the Cloud market in recent years. Reportedly, the platform dominates over 33% of the entire Cloud computing market, making it the most mature and sought-after Cloud provider, thanks to its sophistication of resources.

Take the example of AWS container services. Using them will help you manage the underlying infrastructure, be it on Cloud or on-premises, thereby allowing you to focus on innovation and on your business. Top companies like Samsung, Expedia, GoDaddy, and Snap are using AWS to run their containers for security, reliability, and scalability.

Ask any DevOps engineer and you will have the answer that AWS intuitively serves customers by offering tools that streamline container optimization without causing inconsistency to the core scalability, leaving more time for application development. Moreover, AWS is creatively productive in terms of simplifying diverse deployment options.

AWS – The Best Cloud Option On The Market For Businesses

What makes AWS Cloud the preferred choice of businesses is largely attributed to its features, such as ease of access, competitive pricing model, best-in-class list, and of course unbeatable range of services.

However, it doesn’t mean downplaying the viability of other Cloud service providers in the market.

The reason we are siding with AWS is that the platform is an ideal choice for ambitious startups. It is the nimblest Cloud platform, making it an ideal choice for startups. The prospect of scaling fast and the demands of adding new features and apps faster constitute the efficacy of the platform.

Aside from being adaptable, AWS is trustworthy. As a user, you don’t have to latch onto the technical restrictions of the platform when you need to grow your business, evaluate your strategy, and perform at the highest possible level.

Concluding Statements

No doubt, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most dominating Cloud platform on the market today. It is trusted by top companies around the world as a preferred Cloud service platform because of its trusted security, high flexibility, adaptability, etc.

We have talked about the efficacy of AWS and highlighted its values for startups. Compared to other Cloud service providers in the market, AWS has a competitive edge in the Cloud market worldwide. It signals the growing efficacy and productivity of the platform for businesses looking for cloud-based solutions at the most competitive price.

Are you looking for an intuitive AWS Cloud-based solution for your new business?

Partner with us for futuristic AWS Cloud solutions to make your Cloud-adoption journey smooth and cost-effective. Binmile is the world’s leading software development company offering a comprehensive suite of development services, as well as AWS cloud consulting services. The specialized development teams of the company are highly experienced in delivering end-to-end AWS Cloud-based solutions to result in competitive differentiation in your business.

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