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Find how you can make a big difference to your testing project needs in sync with manual vs automation testing.
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Every business enterprise likes to launch mobile or web apps that cater to its exact business needs. It means the app product should follow all quality measures and make end-users feel comfortable. An app development project consists of many processes in which testing also matters the most. The prime aim of testing is to make your app or website site optimally developed. Acceptance testing, compatibility testing, end-to-end testing, functionality testing, graphic user interface (GUI) testing, integration testing, regression testing, and system testing are the most common software testing service types. Both manual and automation play a vital role when it comes to testing. Here, the question of choosing between manual and automation testing induces a big difference. Let’s discuss when to use manual vs automation testing for your next app testing project.

Manual Testing vs Automation Testing

The process of software testing evaluates the functionality of a software app to find if the developed app software match specified requirements or not. It also identifies the defects so that end users can get a defect-free product with 100% quality.

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Manual Testing

Manual testing does not involve any automation tool to execute the testing process. Here, testers make test cases for the codes to evaluate the software and render the final reports. The only thing against this testing type is that it consumes time and involves chances of human errors.

Types – Black box testing, white box testing, unit testing, system testing, integration testing, and acceptance testing

Automation Testing

As its name suggests, automation software testing is done by testers through automation tools. It definitely misses the manual process, and it is faster and shows rare chances of errors.

Types – Regression testing, load testing, integration testing, performance testing, unit testing, system testing, and acceptance testing

Both types of testing are popular and make things happen in favor of app and web owners. Before jumping to any conclusion, look closely at the significant difference between the two.

Basis Manual testing Automation testing
User-friendliness Checks the user-friendliness No guarantee of user-friendliness.
Observation Allows human factor It does not allow the human factor
Investment Humans resources test software instead of any software tools Investment needed for automaton tools
Time Time-consuming as done manually It doesn’t consume time as done by some software tools
Error probability Yes Very rare
Exploratory testing Possibility No possibility
Programming knowledge Not required Required
Framework use Not required Required
Nightly execution Can’t be batched Can be batched

Automation Testing Over Manual Testing

  • More testing in less time with fewer manual tasks
  • Advanced testing option with more test coverage
  • Handling repetitive and time-consuming tasks
  • When you need flexibility
  • When you need parallel testing
  • Suitable for non-functional testing such as performance, load, and stress testing
  • When you need to avoid human errors

How-to Guide: Continuous Delivery with Automated Testing

Manual Testing Over Automation Testing

  • You can’t automate exploratory testing like user interface (UI) testing and ad-hoc testing.
  • When testing project lies in the initial app development stage.
  • When you focus on testing user interfaces, especially their visual aspects.
  • When the project is short-term, and writing scripts consume time.
  • When you can’t automate the test case.

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Test Everything with Binmile

Whether you search for manual or automation testing solutions, software testing expert Binmile Technologies ensures you get an edge with the following aspects as per your exact product testing needs. These include 24/7 technical support; agile software development with adequate backing; efficient error fixing and rapid feedback; fast testing with accurate outcomes; faster cross-platform deployment; increased collaboration between QA and operations teams; innovative tactics and high-end tools; a qualified team of highly-experienced testers, and professional automation QA experts. The company helps you get superb testing outcomes with end-to-end QA and software development services.

Summing Up

The real potential and value of automation and manual testing occurs when you apply the right type of testing in the right environment. Manual vs automation testing is always debatable. Remember that software testing experts offer both types of testing options. It is up to you how you perceive things and decide based on your custom needs and testing preferences.

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