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Staying Ahead with React Native App for Optimized Performance

Go for React Native app optimization to improve app performance and solve the issues of multi-threading, navigation, memory leakage, etc.
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In the Internet age, online users expect more from the apps they use in their personal and professional lives. They want a better digital experience that makes them feel comfortable and solve their common issues in the least amount of time. These days, every business runs on apps and software. That is why a slow-performing app can run the party and make the business owners feel lagged in the race of online competition. Here, React Native can solve the issue of non-performing apps efficiently. Read how React Native App Optimization helps business owners optimize the performance of their business apps for a significant competitive edge.

React Native App Optimization for Better Performance

The working capabilities and lives of frontend developers have transformed drastically since React Native came into existence. React Native lets developers achieve a smooth and engaging web app. Let’s discuss how you can optimize React Native app performance by employing some unique solutions. Before jumping to any conclusion, it will be sensible to know common challenges first.

The near-native performance of React is the prime reason why developers prefer to go with React Native for building mobile apps. It lets them build a native app with better output, performance, and speed. Despite some unique features, developers may face some challenges while dealing with React Native.

App Launch Time

When users use a mobile app, the most important issue they face is the launch time to the app. Higher launch time consumed by the app fears users. Generally, mobile apps take less than five seconds to launch. If the app takes more than five seconds to launch, users are likely to leave the app and look for new options. The delayed app launch response happens for lots of reasons. You may face the issue of slow mobile app performance if your app has many in-built dependencies. Using many finalizers can also affect the memory and exhibit out-of-memory errors.

Solving Launch Time Delay Issue

Any delay in the launch time can occur due to React Native’s default implementations. So, it is essential to optimize the app with the Object. finalize element. You know that the finalizers operate on a single thread. Consequently, other objects depend on the finalizers to move ahead. These issues affect the smooth performance of the app.

Simply reduce these dependencies and use high-performance and fast components to get the best out of the app.

Navigation Issues

React Native is known for delivering excellent performance. Sometimes, end users come across some potential issues of app performance when using the app. Navigational performance issues in mobile apps can mar the smooth operations of the app and may mislead the user.

Difficult navigation prevents users from accessing the app features smoothly. Consequently, the user moves out of your app and looks for new options. It is the bad navigation that compels users to move between different screens for finding the relevant information.

Solving Navigation Issues

When you think of improving the navigation ability of your mobile app, React Native comes to your rescue with the following solutions.

  • Use Navigator iOS for building better navigation for iOS apps.
  • Use React Navigation for having smooth transitions between screens.
  • Use Navigator for small apps and prototype development. Note that it is not very useful for complicated app development processes.
  • Use Navigation Experiment to build the navigation of large apps.

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The Large Size of Mobile Apps

Size is a big difference between Native and React Native apps. The latter one is larger. It means mobile application size is larger than the size of native mobile apps. This size of the app increases with the usage of 3rd party libraries and native components. Larger images and media in the app are also responsible for high memory usage and increased size of the mobile app. This inflated size may crash the app. In the same manner, memory overload can affect the performance of the React Native app.

Solving Larger Size Issue

We know the larger size of the app slows down app functionality. So, you can incorporate a few 3rd party apps and components to reduce the size of the mobile app. Moreover, compress images for performance optimization to lessen the app size.

Memory Leakage

Sometimes, React Native developers face the issue of memory leakage. When you don’t know the nature of the issue, you are likely to get a warning sign: Can’t perform a React state update on an unmounted component. When you encounter a warning sign, your app is likely to suffer from memory leakage. You can cancel all subscriptions and asynchronous tasks to fix the issue. Make sure you cancel tasks in a useEffect cleanup function. The same leakage can happen if the API server or the host takes time to respond.

Solving Memory Leakage Issues

Memory leakage can also be a severe issue in React Native. You need to use scrolling lists to end the unnecessary processes that operate in the background. So, you better cancel all the asynchronous and subscription tasks in the useEffect cleanup function.

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React Native developers know that the framework does not extend support to multiple threads. While rendering one component by React Native, other components have to wait unless the first component is rendered. Owing to the issue of multi-threading in React Native app, several mobile apps app may crawl. Even the introduction of new features can also result in multi-threading issues with the app.

Solving Multi-threading Issues

When it comes to getting rid of multi-threading issues, extension code development can do wonders. Customized code creation can help you fix the multi-threading issues in React Native, especially when you have no support available. In addition, extension code can also help you get rid of multi-threading issues.

Summing Up

You can easily optimize the performance of React Native by taking a range of React Native app development services from a leading app development company. Also, try these steps for React Native App Optimization:

  • Leveraging Flipper for debugging issues
  • Leveraging image caching solution
  • Using Hermes
  • Using images of appropriate size
  • Using NativeDriver
  • Utilizing images with WEBP format

You can also get better results with these steps: Skip heavy computation work and unnecessary rendering; avoid console statements in source code, and avoid slow navigator transitions and blank space for images.

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